World Puja Thank you

Dear beautiful World Puja Network friends,

THANK YOU for being one of the thousands of listeners around the world who tuned in to my weekly radio show on the World Puja Network!

As a thank you gift, I have a very special Live Stream recording for you entitled “Vibrational Elevation – Energetic Life Makeover” taped in Los Angeles in January of this year. It’s sure to ROCK YOUR WORLD!
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Also, as you may have heard, my time on the World Puja Network has come to a close. As we all know, when one chapter in our lives ends, a new one begins!

Our time together on the WPN has been a magnificent Adventure in Oneness, hasn’t it?!

We have laughed together and cried together. We have let go of the limitations of the past and the illusions of reality!

We have opened up universes of possibilities for ourselves and the world, energetically moving into the fullness of who we came here to be! Each week we have ushered in the expansion of love, light and consciousness together!

You have been my friend, my confidant, my energetic playmate, my teacher, my family, and my fellow leader in consciousness.

We have spent magical times with one another and I am filled with gratitude for every moment with you on the air!

Maureen Moss, founder and creator of the World Puja Network, has been the heart, soul, integrity and energetic body of WPN since it’s inception. As you may have heard, Maureen has been called in consciousness to let go of the WPN and begin a new chapter in her life. If you would like to stay in contact with Maureen and receive an amazing selection of free audio downloads from her, click HERE.

You can contact the new World Puja Network director, Cynthia Torp, at [email protected].

Even though I’ll miss meeting up with you every week on the WPN, not to worry, sweet one!

You can go to where you’ll find a multitude of ways we can continue to play together, including: weekly membership live streams, telesummits, teleclasses and live classes!

Let’s stay in touch via social media too!


My team and I are extremely excited about the many possibilities we are being presented with to reach millions of brilliant beings worldwide, including YOU, providing a beautiful bridge for all of humanity to come home to themselves!

Thank you for YOU! I am absolutely honored to be in your life!

My heart is overflowing with infinite love and gratitude for you,

xoxo Rikka

Let’s Be Friends