Monthly Payment plan dates

Payments begin 3/5/2015 and are on 5th every month.

Message #1

We can feel how much this year is going to transform all of us into being even more of the gifts we came here to be. Can you feel it too??

We want you to see just how much you expand and receive this year, so we've planned a fun exercise for you all!!

We would love for you to create a simple, short video describing where you feel you are in business and life in general at this point in time. This will create a "time capsule" of sorts that we can look back on one year from now and see just how much magic has occurred for each and every one of us!! We are looking for something short - like 3 minutes. Here are some questions you could use to guide you:

• What is your name and where are you from?
• What challenges are you facing in your coaching business and/or life currently?
• What would you like to receive and achieve this year?
• Where do you see yourself one year from now?

We invite you to use whatever video technology you have access to - a smart phone video camera, your desktop/laptop computer webcam, a digital camera, a friend's camera, etc. We would love for you to email us this video. Try to simply email it to [email protected] and if the file size is too big (as it likely will be), you can use a simple, FREE, large file sending service at to send the file. If you keep it under 3 minutes, this service should work fine to send us the file.

We realize that many of you may have never created a video and that this will be a lesson in itself. Have fun with it! If you have too much trouble recording and/or sending the file to us, we will have an opportunity for you to record a video using our equipment in Costa Rica. Obviously, due to the size of class, we would rather have a majority of your videos completed in advance.

We love you!


We now have a class website with all sorts of resources!  Please log in and check it out as we've added things since last week. We have a complete schedule for the YEAR under the resource tab. This is where we will post your transportation to Sueno Azul information later this week.  We have compiled a fantastic list of information about Costa Rica. This website will continue to grow and evolve as we do!

Also, if you’ve missed one of these emails we have archives on the website! AND it's now easier to remember how to get to our class website because you can simply find it at :
Password: LTmember

Message #2

Please take 15-30 minutes to complete the exercise on the PDF attached. You can print it out and do it on the airplane if you desire. It is a values exercise that is important for the business sessions you will have with Meghann in Costa Rica. Thank you everyone!