Private Sessions

You can book your BONUS SESSIONS with Nikole and Zach!

As part of this program you have one hour total with each of them.
You may select (2) 30-minute sessions or (1) one-hour session with each one of them.

You may use these sessions whenever it works for you throughout the year. However, we recommend you don't wait until the end of the year. Nikole and Zach both have a limited number of sessions available each month and if you wait until the end of the year you may have to forfeit your sessions if there are no appointments available.

Nikole is offering two types of sessions. You may select a distance healing session that you receive at a scheduled time or a phone session (or a combination of both.)
Book with Nikole:

Zach's sessions are by phone and you will receive the recording afterwards.
You can book here:

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*These sessions are to support you throughout the year while you are at home and are not valid at the live Denver and LA classes.

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