Hello Amazing Money Mastery Community!

Final Class Tonight, 12-1 at 6pm Pacific with Rikka Live from Bali!


Tuesdays at 6 pm Pacific

Class #1 with Rikka was in May
October 6th Class #2 with Rikka
October 13th Class #3 with Rikka
October 27th-Class #4 with Rikka
November 3rd-Class #5 with Rikka
November 10th- Class #6 with Rikka
November 17th-Class #7 with Rikka
November 22nd- 3-Hour RMM special 10am-1pm Pacific time
November 24th- Class moved to December 1st
December 1st- Class #8 with Rikka


Call-in number: 425.440.5100 Conference ID: 490694# Password: 3273# (Spells ease# on your keypad)



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