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“The divine key for wealth expansion”

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Abundance Challenge Tool #3:

Be grateful for everything.  Ask this question, “What am I grateful for here?”  With every part of your life.  Open your heart, bring your awareness up take a deep breath and feel how grateful you are as you interact with money, bills, and even your credit card debt.

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Check out the Success Stories from students that have begun Rikka's Money Mastery Coursework!

Reba V.

Reba V. started the Money Mastery Course Work and she says money is showing up everywhere she turns! $6,000 so far!

“Wow, after signing up for the Money Mastery Course when Rikka presented it on Beyond The Ordinary, things have really begun to shift. I’ve been doing the VIB calls and I’ve noticed money starting to show up everywhere I turn …. $6,000 so far! It’s amazing. And I’m recognizing wealth where I didn’t even see it before; so very fun!I really looking forward to this course and participating with everyone. Loving all your posts … so full of Light and Love. And JOY!”

Reba V. California

Mindi B. from California registered for the course and the next day began an account that is now paying her three times her current salary!

“It came down to the choice to purchase the Money Mastery Course. I said YES on a Saturday night. Sunday, I was surprised with an unexpected $28.00 in cash, and strongly guided to apply for considerably higher-paying positions in my line of work as a nanny, which I also said YES to. On Monday, I got a call from a placement agency interested in my application, and on Wednesday, I went to Beverly Hills for an interview with the agency that was excellent! They are now running background checks and calling work references, and then I will be submitted to three families who are paying 3 times my current salary! I expect to be placed in my new position before the end of May! I will keep you posted on my success! The power of saying “YES! WOW!”

Reba V. California
Debbie E.

Debbie E. from California started the Money Mastery Course received a promotion the next day!

“I just had to tell you that I am so excited.   I just started the money mastery program a few days ago and my first call was the Wednesday VIB call. It was amazing and guess what? The very next day I received a promotion at work.   However the best part is someone was trying to pass judgment on me and usually I would be so quick to fight back. Not this time! This time I was in so much love in my heart that I just said ok. Thank you and wished them lots of love and light.   This is huge for me and I am so incredibly grateful for the love I am feeling for myself and others. Thank you so much Rikka for your presence in my life.  I am so open and ready for what the future holds.”

Debbie E. California
Suzanne P.

Suzanne from Colorado used one of the money mastery tools and immediately checks started flooding in!

“Tuesday I set up an abundance account for our business. The next day the contractor that had owed us for 6 months out paid us!!!!! Whohoo!!! Then Thursday 2 more checks came in and today 3 more checks!! What is so awesome is the way Rikka so beautifully delivered the message about honoring ourselves FIRST! I have always put aside 10% but never for me. It feels so spacious and different in this present moment. So much Love and Gratitude!! Oh yes, my husband and I paid our first double digit personal tax bill….yippee!!!!!”

Suzanne P. Nebraska

Wendy from Wyoming used a money mastery process and is in escrow to sell her house for way more money than she expected!

“I used one of Rikka’s Money Mastery processes and I sold my house instantly! It was easy! The first potential buyers walked in and paid more money then expected!”

Wendy Wyoming

Stephanie says she chose the class and the money showed up to pay for it and more!

“My heart was saying yes to buying the Money Mastery Course and I was juggling how to pay for it.  I went to my PayPal and my account was increased to $1,000 her limit!!  I realized that the money wasn’t the issue at all, it was the choice that created the possibility!!”

Stephanie South Carolina

Irisha from North Carolina received an unexpected $10,000 gift from a friend!

Irisha North Carolina

Jenni L. has received a flow of customers booking new appointments!

Ok, this is great! I am HOT STUFF! I have received a flow of customers into my organic salon, customers booking new appointments, buying my products and it really feels like everything is lifting right now! I have much clearer vision and now I just need to allow myself to relax and enjoy the ride!

Irisha North Carolina
Bonnie W.

Bonnie had two more customers book her upcoming retreat!

“This is so much fun! I love how magically money is showing up in my experience of it! Grateful to vibrate in love with it ~ Today I received 60% off some AWEsome product that I was prepared to pay full price for AND when I asked my li’ Universe who else would like to give me money today, poof! (2) more registrations for my upcoming workshops were just confirmed. YES! To my yes to my yes AND more please & thank you Universe!”

Bonnie W. Canada

 Regina from Nevada said “Yes!” to the life of her dreams and is moving to Hawaii!

Regina Canada

Wow, wow, wow. After receiving $6,000 cumulative from several sources after signing up for the Money Mastery class, I’ve just received another $6,000 from a friend who offered $6,000 to help me start a new business! How awesome is that?!*

Reba V.

What do you feel is keeping *you* from attracting wealth and abundance in your life?

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