Permanently shift from lack to abundance and receive the wealth that YOU so richly deserve

Discover Rikka’s proven system to remove your 5 financial anchors, raise your vibrational frequency platform and permanently move into your Abundance Mastery Vibration

Dearest Future Abundance Rockstar,

Are you receiving the money, wealth, and abundance you so richly deserve, right now? Or, does this sound more familiar...

  • You feel sick and tired of struggling and worrying about money. You think if you just hunker down and keep working hard, everything just has to turn out okay… but no matter how hard you work, your financial situation never improves.
  • You live life as you “have” to, not as you want to. You feel you have to work in order to survive, instead of spending time with family and friends and truly enjoying your life.
  • There’s just never enough money to go around. Even if you receive “extra” money – maybe through a gift, inheritance or a bonus at work - something always happens that requires you to spend that money, and you just can’t get ahead.
  • You can’t figure out why you can’t make money work for you – so it turns into feelings of failure. Deep down, you feel like you don’t deserve money – like you’re unworthy of having it, or you feel selfish for wanting more than “just enough.”
  • Your credit card debt makes you feel like you’re trapped and you can’t escape. Maybe you secretly (or not so secretly) resent - or feel angry toward - money and the situation you’re in.

Sound pretty accurate? Over the last decade, I’ve heard these thoughts and feelings around money from the majority of my students. In fact, I used to feel this way too!

Are You Inadvertently Blocking Yourself From Receiving Abundance?

So many of us (including myself at one point) stumble through life, operating on belief systems from our past, wondering what we’re doing wrong and why it’s so hard to create the change we so badly want and need.

The truth is, sometimes the most talented, amazing, beautiful, gifted beings (like you!) don’t allow themselves to have wealth.

I know – it sounds a bit silly, right? But I promise you, it’s true. Many people inadvertently block themselves from receiving what they want most.

But the good news is--you don’t have to be stuck, frustrated, and in lack ANY longer!

Abundance CAN be yours!

There are secrets to creating wealth that only the ones who have already walked that path know and I am going to share these secrets with you!

IMAGINE....Learning how to master money, as you permanently shift from lack to abundance, and receive the wealth YOU so richly deserve!

If you want to move out of lack or into greater realms of abundance then you must Raise your Vibrational Frequency Platform. When you do, you’ll no longer struggle. Instead, the money you so richly deserve will flow right to you!

When you move into your highest vibrational frequency platform you will:

  • Receive, give, and save money in ways that feel amazing and expand your heart and being.
  • Sit back and watch as money works FOR you, instead of you working hard for it.
  • Allow money to flow into your life – easily and effortlessly
  • Build the life of your dreams – and have the abundant wealth to support those dreams.
  • Never have to worry about money again!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? I promise you, it is!

I used this very same process and went from being $80,000 in debt to making my first million dollars in 2012. Trust me--it worked for me, it has worked for hundreds of others, and it will work for YOU!

Introducing Rikka’s Money Mastery Class

Are You Ready To Have All the Money, Wealth, and Abundance You’ve Always Wanted?

Permanently shifting from lack to abundance requires you to raise your vibration through 3 Platforms of Vibrational Frequency.

During this very specialized 8 week live online training course, I will guide you to release all of the old vibrations, limited beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Through our 8 livestream class modules, you will move through the following three vibrational platforms, and into your highest mastery vibration! By the end of the class you will be vibrating at the highest frequency for creating and receiving wealth!

I Can't Wait. SIGN ME UP NOW!

The Three Abundance Frequency Platforms

First Abundance Frequency Platform

Resonating between 20-528 Hertz

During this phase of your vibrational awakening, you will release the lower vibrations, limited beliefs and past experiences that bring your frequency down and limit your possibilities. This frequency keeps your past active and alive as it “re-cycles” into your present.

  • 528 Hz - Transformation and miracles (dna repair)
  • 417 Hz - Undoing the past and facilitating change
  • 396 Hz - Liberating fear
  • 285 Hz - Healing Wounds
  • 174 Hz - Removing pain and opening to safety
  • 20 Hz - The vibration of fear in the body

Second Abundance Frequency Platform

Resonating between 528-741 Hertz

This is where you will embrace and receive the new YOU! Lack and scarcity will feel like a dream you’ve awakened from. You’ll vibrationally embody a totally different energetic state that will shift your thoughts, energy, and experiences into abundance magnets.

  • 741 Hz - Expression of divinity and instant solutions
  • 639 Hz - Connection with love and relationships
  • 528 Hz - Transformation and miracles (dna repair)

Third Abundance Frequency Platform

Resonating between 741-1122 Hertz

This is where you begin to move into money mastery. You will open up your capacities for higher dimensional magical creation with money. Creating a future that’s better than you even imagined! Using these higher dimensional talents and abilities, you’ll enjoy instant manifestation of clients, money and wealth as you begin to master manifesting the life of your dreams.

  • 1122 Hz - Awakening mastery frequency
  • 963 Hz - Awakening a state of perfection
  • 852 Hz - Returning to spiritual order
  • 741 Hz - Expression of divinity and instant solutions
Sarah S.

“Everything has changed since my class experience with you … all worry and fear has dissolved, the peace and understanding for myself and others has been flowing freely, and my Yoga TV program has taken off and is airing on Network as well as in other countries… my husband’s career has flourished… more information keeps flowing through and we have created more income in one month than I did in 6 months last year!!!

Sarah S. Wisconsin

Class Outline

The 8-week Money Mastery class is divided into 8 modules which include a weekly 90 minute interactive livestream call. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized vibrational clearing, live!

Modules 1-3 will focus on moving through the 1st Abundance Frequency Platform.

Module 1 (week one)

Locating and Unraveling the Deep-Seated Patterns That Are Keeping You from Receiving Abundantly

There are patterns and vibrations - energetic ties – that are keeping you anchored to your past. Think of them as “stuck” information from your past or childhood that continuously loops limiting patterns into your present.

In Module 1 you will:

  • Discover when these patterns became active in your life.
  • Diminish the impact they continue to have on you NOW, by releasing them.
  • Learn how to quiet your mind and stay in your heart.
  • Experience newfound freedom as you realize that your future is (to put it simply), your choice. So why not choose the most mind-blowing magnificent one?

Module 2  (week two)

Releasing Trapped Vibrations of Fear That Are Keeping You Stuck

Each limiting pattern is held in place by fear – and that fear is trapped in your vibrational field, keeping you from being at ease with money. During this class, we dive even deeper into clearing these vibrational frequencies from your field, at their vibrational core.

During Module 2 you will:

  • Experience the lightness of no longer being controlled by worry and fear.
  • Receive the tools you need to stop limitation in its tracks, so you can embody the abundance you were born to enjoy.
  • Feel supported and loved in your life, as you begin to receive the clarity that allows you to create abundance easily and effortlessly.

Module 3  (week three)

Healing and Repairing Your Relationship with Money

Now that your money slate is clean, it’s time to begin moving into receiving the new platform for your new life!

In Module 3 you will:

  • Build the foundation of your new relationship with money.
  • Energetically raise your vibration into the elements of your new life, enjoying an honoring, loving, supportive, and contributive relationship with money.
  • Practice using a new set of tools to function abundantly within your new life.
  • Learn how to embody your God-given birthright of a truly deserving and beautiful life - and to have money be EASY, and EFFORTLESS.

Modules 4-6 will focus on moving through the 2nd Abundance Frequency Platform.

Module 4  (week four)

Unleashing Your Capacity to Receive

Now that you have released the five limiting beliefs that have been anchoring your vibration, and begun to master the elements of an expansive relationship with money, it’s time to open the floodgates to receiving! (Woohoo!)

In Module 4 you will:

  • Understand the true God Nature of receiving fully to allow each act of receiving to bring you into more Love.
  • Move beyond guilt, shame and other common blocks to receiving.
  • Learn how to open and receive all the wealth the Universe wants to pour into your life.

Module 5  (week five)

Activating Your Golden Thread & Energetic Destiny

The next step beyond receiving is to awaken your energetic destiny and get you on path with your "Golden Thread." Have you ever met someone who was truly on path, and they were so in love with their career that they were happy and joyful to be working? This is your "Golden Thread" when you are doing what you love (and you allow yourself to receive money from it) everything you touch will succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

In Module 5 you will:

  • Get in touch with your Golden Thread and begin living your life on path and purpose.
  • Experience a whole new level of fulfillment, joy and passion in your life.
  • Embody your "Golden Thread" and have everything you touch succeed effortlessly.

Module 6  (week six)

Activating Your Magical Talents & Abilities For Wealth Creation

If you took away all of the training from this reality about how money is hard to get, and there’s not enough of it, and all of the meaning that is placed on money, you would remember that your heart and soul have a very different relationship with money. Money can be a FUN and EASY game for you!

During Module 6 you will:

  • Realize that money is not real, and that it’s effortless to create massive wealth.
  • Reclaim your unique talents and abilities with wealth creation and allow yourself to have fun with money.
  • Uncover your magical capacities to make massive amounts of wealth with ease.

Modules 7-8 will focus on moving through the 3rd Abundance Frequency Platform.

Module 7  (week seven)

Awaken Your Heart Centered Millionaire Self

Have you ever wondered what secret energy heart-centered millionaires possess? Why they are able to create and receive such a huge amount of wealth with such ease? During this module, you’ll come to see how you, in the core of your being, ARE a millionaire!

During week 7 you will:

  • Reconnect with your millionaire gene.
  • Reclaim the freedom to invite the millionaire part of you back into your life.
  • Clearly identify – and make - the necessary shifts to begin building the wealth that is waiting for you!
  • Discover how to move from worker-bee to the Heart Centered Millionaire CEO of your life and financial world!

Module 8  (week eight)

Creating Your New Life and Business from Your New Heart Centered Millionaire Self

Welcome to the higher dimensional awareness of money! Here, you’re free from the five financial anchors that lowered your vibration, and you move into accepting and receiving the new limitless you, and your new limitless life!

During Week 8 you will:

  • Open up your higher dimensional awareness with creation techniques that are only accessible from these higher dimensions.
  • Awaken your unique higher dimension manifestation capacities.
  • Intuite how to build your millionaire future (even if you have $10 in the bank right now!)
  • Create any life or future you want - with total ease - with these new higher dimensional creation tools!

And, believe it or not, that is just a fraction of what you’ll experience during our 8 weeks together!

In short, you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to let go of the limited patterns – the ones you’ve been holding onto since childhood that are keeping you stuck, frustrated, and broke--even if you don’t realize It! This class will show you how to FINALLY elevate your vibrational platform and receive money with ease, excitement, and joy!

I’m completely committed to your success. I want nothing more than to guide you toward the massive wealth and abundance I know you deserve. Consider me your partner on this journey; I’m with you every step of the way!

Let me guide you into your Dream Life – with more than enough money to go around!

I'm Ready. SIGN ME UP NOW!

  • Gina B. Gina B. Nebraska
    “I have been a VIB member listening to Rikka for about 9 months now, and so much has changed in my life. I have gone from being fearful and struggling through life to starting a heart-centered business with my sister, creating a new, happy relationship with my parents, losing 10 pounds and having a new relationship with food, and remembering what it’s like to have joy in life. And, the universe brought me a magnificent job! Where I used to just want to hide from the world now I welcome new experiences and so many opportunities have been showing up to meet me! Magic can happen!”
  • Barbara B Barbara B Calgary
    “I have been working with Rikka since 2011 and my life financially has completely transformed. I have gone from living on my limited savings with no income, to being financially secure for the rest of my life. I literally never have to work for money again. Most recently I spent a week with Rikka in Costa Rica and within 30 days of returning I received an unexpected cheque for $20,000. I know this all sounds too good to be true but it is my Truth and Rikka has been the energy and guiding light that supported me through this. Somewhere inside my being there was a big “yes, I’m having this” and it is my greatest wish that you will choose it for you. May the universe shower you with infinite abundant blessings!!”
  • John W. John W. Georgia
    “I have worked with Rikka for years now and her work truly gets more and more powerful. Her facilitation on abundance was not only life changing but a game changer for my business.  After doing this activation in November my holiday sales went up over 100% from what they were last year!”

When You Enroll in Rikka’s Money Mastery, You’ll Also Receive:

9 Vibrational Sound Healings

These incredibly powerful sessions support you in fully removing old energies and patterns from your body and being, and ushering in new frequencies of light and love! They harmonize any energies that are keeping you from resonating with the abundance that you deserve. These scientifically-tested, divinely-calibrated tonings lower stress levels, balance energy, unlock and release “stuck” energy, and clear emotional patterning, amongst other benefits.

9 Homeplay Assignments

These assignments are designed to help you implement what you’re learning between classes and fully integrate these tools and higher vibrations into your life! They also give you the personal attention you need to integrate the processes from class into your life.

MP3 Recordings Of Sessions

Each class will be recorded for your convenience. Whether you missed the live call, or just want to hear it again--the class sessions will always be at your fingertips! To deepen your practice, can practice the activations multiple times and circle back to your favorite modules whenever you feel inspired.

Access to an Exclusive Web Community

This online community is a place where you can meet new friends, and have ongoing access to all the livestreams & audios. Plus, this is the perfect place to give and receive support and advice amongst your classmates throughout your entire journey toward unlimited wealth and abundance!


Tuesdays, March 28th through May 16th at 6pm PST
Final Half-Day Money Mastery Integration
Saturday, May 20th from 10am – 1pm PST

PLUS, to enhance your journey even more …

When you enroll in Rikka’s Money Mastery Course, you’ll also receive AMAZING BONUSES!

These bonuses are designed to give you a platform of understanding, awareness, and vibrational clearing that will help you receive the absolute most out of this class.


Half-Day Money Mastery & New Future Integration

Move into your future, define your new life, and bring it into existence!

This half-day training will take place directly following Module 8. The training will be held on Saturday May 20th and will be recorded for your convenience.

During this half-day training, we will raise your vibration to the absolute highest level and return you to the capacity that you have to co-create your future with God! You are not alone – not ever. You can and DO have a legion of angels and guides at your service at all times to assist you in creating your most magnificent life.

This interactive livestream will integrate all of the information you’ve received so far and bring you into a whole new echelon of having and receiving the life and wealth of your dreams!


One FREE Ticket to Rikka’s Upcoming L.A. Workshop

Awakening Heaven on Earth: Global Celebration Event

Join Rikka LIVE in LA in the Summer of 2017

Are you ready to evoke your true potential and help bring the consciousness of Oneness into your own life and the world at large?

Is the deepest part of your heart shouting, “It’s time to awaken your talents and abilities, be who we came here to be, and ignite the Light Leader within to guide the planet into a frequency of Love.


We have the capacity within us to transform anythingWe are the creators.

Where two or more are gathered we create miracles.  We can collapse the timeline of separation and activate the magic of living in love once again.

It’s time for us to stand together as a representative of the collective consciousness and choose to awaken the world that we know is possible.  Where only love is real.  Where no human has the capacity to harm anyone or anything.  Where there is no hunger, no war, no pain, no destruction.  Where all of our hearts beat as one with the heart of love.

Will you stand with me and awaken heaven on earth?

This will be like nothing you have ever experienced.  During this event we are not going to “talk” about transforming the world.  We are actually going to do it!

There will be music, dance, chants, activations, and ceremonies.  This is a Soul gathering that we all planned before we came here.  If you have always known that you were meant to stand for love and awaken heaven on earth, then you are meant to be there.


Intuitive Prosperity Activation

Are you ready to have your finances and money be easy? In this powerful 3 hour Livestream Activation with Rikka Zimmerman, we will invalidate every struggle or hardship you’ve had with money by banishing the illusion around money, and opening the channels for free-flowing abundance.


Activating Your Greatest Future

What if your life is destined to be greater than you could ever imagine? During this 3 hour Livestream Activation with Rikka Zimmerman, we will tap into your future as it is right now as lines of infinite potential that take form in order to serve your vibration and reality. What future do you forecast yourself in?


30 Day VIB Trial Membership

Your VIB (Very Important Being) 30-day Trial Membership gifts you a library of transformational sessions, audios and videos,  plus participate live in four 60-minute interactive livestream sessions with Rikka AND a 90-minute coaching call. You will also be part of an adored spiritual community who love and support one another! Your Trial Membership begins at the completion of your Money Mastery program, so you can continue to receive support on your path towards unlimited abundance!

***Before the end of your 30-day Trial Membership, you will be invited to join our community as an ongoing member with our Full Membership.

Full Membership will give you access to the complete Livestream and Audio library. This membership gives you the ongoing support and contribution you need to enjoy lasting permanent transformation!

*30-day VIB Trial Membership offer only available for new members – note that a credit card is required for registration*

That’s $2,100 in Bonuses Alone!

In Other Words, You Get Absolutely EVERYTHING You Need to Transform Your Life as You Master Money!

Right now, I’m offering the life-transforming course plus all the bonuses for only $497!

I'm Ready. SIGN ME UP NOW!

Check Out These Success Stories From Past Students!

Debbie E.

Debbie from California started the Money Mastery Course received a promotion the next day!

"I just had to tell you that I am so excited.   I just started the money mastery program a few days ago and my first call was the Wednesday VIB call. It was amazing and guess what?   The very next day I received a promotion at work.   However the best part is someone was trying to pass judgement on me and usually I would be so quick to fight back.   Not this time!   This time I was in so much love in my heart that I just said ok. Thank you and wished them lots of love and light.   This is huge for me and I am so incredibly grateful for the love I am feeling for myself and others.   Thank you so much Rikka for your presence in my life.  I am so open and ready for what the future holds."

Debbie E., California
Suzanne P.

Suzanne P. from Colorado used one of the money mastery tools and immediately checks started flooding in!

"Tuesday I set up an abundance account for our business. The next day the contractor that had owed us for 6 months out paid us!!!!! Whohoo!!! Then Thursday 2 more checks came in and today 3 more checks!! Talk about opening the floodgates to receiving  What is so awesome is the way Rikka so beautifully delivered the message about honoring ourselves FIRST! I have always put aside 10% but never for me. It feels so spacious and different in this present moment. So much Love and Gratitude!! Oh yes, my husband and (made so much money) I paid our first double digit personal tax bill....yippee!!!!!"

Suzanne P., Colorado
Wendy P.

Wendy from Wyoming used a money mastery process and is in escrow to sell her house for way more money than she expected!

"I used one of Rikka’s Money Mastery processes and I sold my house instantly! It was easy! The first potential buyers walked in and paid more money then expected!"

Wendy P., Colorado
Stephanie A.

Stephanie says I chose the class and the money showed up to pay for it and more!

"My heart was saying yes to buying the Money Mastery Course and I was juggling how to pay for it.  I went to my PayPal and my account was increased to $1,000 her limit!!  I realized that the money wasn't the issue at all, it was the choice that created the possibility!!"

Stephanie A., South Carolina
Irisha P.

Irisha P. from North Carolina received an unexpected $10,000 gift from a friend!

Irisha P., North Carolina

Regina from Nevada said “Yes!” to the life of her dreams and is moving to Hawaii!

Regina, Nevada
Jenni L.

Jenni has received a flow of customers booking new appointments!

"Ok, this is great! I am HOT STUFF! I have received a flow of customers into my organic salon, customers booking new appointments, buying my products and it really feels like everything is lifting right now! I have much clearer vision and now I just need to allow myself to relax and enjoy the ride!"

Jenni L., Sweden
Bonnie W.

Bonnie had two more customers book her upcoming retreat!

"This is so much fun! I love how magically money is showing up in my experience of it! Grateful to vibrate in love with it ~ Today I received 60% off some AWEsome product that I was prepared to pay full price for AND when I asked my li' Universe who else would like to give me money today, poof! (2) more registrations for my upcoming workshops were just confirmed. YES! To my yes to my yes AND more please & thank you Universe!"

Bonnie W., Canada
Gia B.

Gia B had a revelation on the “Unlocking The Hidden Code to Your Financial Reality” call!

"My relationship with money has always been that I have enough (and a little extra), but not an abundant extra. I related to the concept expressed in last night's call of money being "measured." During the call, I realized that I was just recreating my childhood -- we always felt taken care of, that there was always enough, and we also enjoyed some moderate extras, but there were the underlying beliefs that "money doesn't grow on trees," "you have to work hard for what you have," and that "in order to be successful, you have to do things you don't want to do." There was always a seriousness and responsibility connected to money, never the fun, joy, or magic that I've always wanted to have with money. I've carried that forward -- my adult life continued to be that I feel I'll always be taken care of, that there's always enough, and I enjoy some moderate extras, but that there's a limit, a seriousness, and responsibility connected to money. Last night I had the revelation that this was my comfort zone -- this is what I had as a child, and it's what I'm comfortable with. Before last night, when I would think about being wealthy and abundant, I would tune into the energy, the vibration, but I couldn't stay there, because it wasn't comfortable. Last night, after the call, I tuned into that vibration of being a multi-millionaire and it DID feel comfortable for the first time! It felt like a higher vibration, light, and freeing, and like something I could stay in with comfort. WooooHoooooooooo!!"

Gia B.

Christine from Nebraska got a new job, is getting paid more and doesn’t have to work nights anymore!

"04-01-15, (my birthday) I listened to the call with Rikka and was allowed to ask a ? about my current employment.  I was very tired all the time, dreaded going to work and disliked working overnights. Rikka helped me so much!  I decided to follow her suggestions and I applied for a different job and today was notified that I was hired at $1.50 more per hour!"

Christine B., Nebraska


"EVERYTHING has CHANGED... Today I opened my savings account…. and my body is deeply and profoundly sounding those words… I AM BELOVED. I am … in gratitude for every blessed event, person and thing that prodded me on this journey!I!"


Faythe M.

Maybe you still have a few questions...

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the choice that serves your highest truth

  • q-iconQ: I’m struggling with money right now. How can I justify this investment?

    A: Your money issues are related to the deep-seeded patterns created by trauma and pain from your past. Only by releasing the old patterns, trauma and pain – and the anchors they created — can you solve your money issues. Did you know that 85% of lottery winners spend the money and end up in a worse financial situation than before they won? That’s because they didn’t raise their vibration to be able to receive that level of wealth. If you don’t take action to repair your relationship with money – and raise your vibration – even if you win the lottery, you’ll continue to have money issues indefinitely. And I want you to have tons of money, so that we can create a huge impact the world together!

  • q-iconQ: I am really busy. How can I justify this time investment?

    A: First, ensure you’re not using “busy-ness” as an excuse or a way to limit yourself. When I was stuck in my worst financial moments, I too had the excuse of “I don’t have the time to get clear on my finances and unravel what is creating this. I’ve got to keep working.” And no matter how long or hard I worked to make money, nothing changed. I had to make my relationship with money a priority in order to change it. If it is time for you finally change your financial situation, you will make the time. Although I always recommend you attend the livestreams live because you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, I understand that life gets busy. That’s why you receive recordings of everything: so that if you can’t make a live session, you can catch up on it later! You’ll be able to experience the energy and clearings as if you were live with us on the call.

  • q-iconQ. Will this really work for me? I feel like I’ve already tried everything!

    A. I understand. I too felt like I had tried everything and it hadn’t worked. I studied Internet formulas for success, tried to create the right marketing, and do everything I could to finally attract wealth – but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I raised my vibration (through the Three Vibrational Platforms) that my finances began changing. When you know how to claim your birthright of Abundance, and vibrate at the highest levels, you’ll have everything you’ve always wanted in life gifted to you – and more!

  • q-iconQ. What is a Vibrational Sound Healing and how does it help me achieve abundance?

    A. When you experience one of my Vibrational Sound Healing tracks, you will literally feel your energy shifting. Lack and scarcity is created in our lives based on our beliefs and our vibration. These are lower vibrational “stuck” patterns in our system that the sound healing actually dissolves! The vibrational sound healing tracks are proven to erase past emotional content – and all you have to do is listen to have them work.


By now you may be thinking, “Wohoo Rikka! This is fantastic! This is just what I’ve been searching for and I can’t WAIT to raise my vibration to abundance, and finally be able to have an easy, joyful relationship with money! So tell me, is it really worth it?”

Before I get to that, I’d like you to think about the cost of NOT enrolling in Rikka’s Money Mastery Course:

  • You will stay “stuck,” exactly as you are now, with the same financial anchors and patterns that have been causing you stress and heartache for years.
  • You will continue to feel overwhelmed by money – constantly feeling the fear, pain, and stress related to debt and lack
  • You will remain in a place of non-progress – waiting, always wondering if your life will ever shift or change for the better
  • You will continue to struggle and miss out on something so transformative, that you can begin to experience right now: a life where you’re supported by money, where you can build the life of your dreams!

Right now, I’m offering the life-transforming course for $497!

That doesn’t seem like much to completely transform your life, does it?

If you’re ready to experience the magic of a life filled with money – and the ease of creating it – then this is a small investment that will change your life forever!

Yes, Rikka!!

I’m ready to live a life of infinite wealth – with ease and joy – and finally receive all the money the Universe can provide!

It’s waiting for you, you know… a life where money comes easily, where your life feels like a dream come true, and where you no longer struggle … all you have to do is claim it!

I understand that for my investment of $497, I receive:

  • 8 life-changing 90 minute Interactive Livestream Sessions that will raise my money vibration!
  • 1 half-day Money Mastery & New Future Integration that will LOCK the changes into my life
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions
  • 8-10 Vibrational Sound Healing Tracks
  • Access to an exclusive web community of classmates
  • Nearly $2,100 of FREE BONUSES!

Class begins in just a few short weeks on March 28th!! But enrollment ends soon so don’t wait--this is your chance to become a Money Master!

Register Now for the incredibly low investment of


I'm Ready. SIGN ME UP NOW!

Or click here to split it up into 2 payments of $277

Adventure in Oneness® does not offer program refunds for any reason. There is no drop-out option. To protect the integrity and quality of the Rikka's Money Mastery experience for all participants, participation in the program is nontransferable.