Costa Rica Info

Alphabetical Costa Rica information and packing suggestions

When Arriving in Costa Rica:

For ease entering the country this is our recommendation for what to say. ‘I’m on a personal vacation and I am traveling alone. (meaning not with a group) I’m staying at Sueno Resort Azul in Sarapiqui and a driver from the resort is picking me up.

Saying you are on vacation and not using Rikka Zimmerman’s name or Adventure in Oneness name will help things process much faster and with fewer questions.

Sueno Azul Resort
Horquetas, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica.
Hotel phone # (506) 2764-1000 & (506) 2764-1500

Sign Up for Private Healing Sessions and Morning Breathwork Sessions

The resort has extra outdoor adventures available. We will have some time built into the schedule you can plan these events. Examples: Canopy zipline $30, Tubing $15. See also the note about “horse rides” below.

Airport Departure Tax:
You will pay this when you leave.  $28. Can use local currency if you have some left over.

Bathing Suits:
Bring 2 at least if you plan in being in water a lot.  The classical wear one/dry one approach.

Cell Phone Use:
If you do not have an “unlocked cell phone” please check with your local carrier to see if your service works in Costa Rica.  There is a Roaming charge that can be quite expensive if you use your local carrier in Costa Rica.
At the San Jose airport you can purchase a $5 ICE SIM card from Kolbi at the San Jose airport upon arrival.
Ask them to put the SIM in & get your phone operating.
You can pay approx $1 extra a day for data as well so the internet works.

BEST OPTION: **Anyone with a SmartPhone can download Viber, WhatsApp, Line, & Skype allow you to make free calls whenever you have WiFi. This is the recommended method and turning off your “cellular data” all together.

 Changing money:
Dec 27, ’14 the rate is around 540 Colones to $1 US.  The downstairs money change counter as you exit the airport is known for giving a very low rate of exchange. Option also is to use an ATM Machine and get $100 in Colones. ATM machines give a fair rate in both US and Euros. Bring some small US $ bills $5-10-20.  Euros sometimes harder to change or lower rate when in countryside.

Quick drying clothes are a good idea.

Costa Rica Airport Arrival Process:
Once you land in San Jose proceed to immigration.  There you will present your documentation (passport).  Depending on the number of planes landing at the same time, this process can be 10-20 minutes or over an hour.
You will next go to baggage claim where your luggage is there waiting for you.  In reality, this seldom happens.  You will likely have to wait for another 10-15 minutes for everything to arrive.
You then take your luggage (carts are provided) and walk to customs... maybe 200 feet or so.

The red/stop green/go system will tell you if you are going to be inspected or questioned.

Do NOT bring any drugs, firearms or illegal substances with you.  Costa Rica takes a dim view of this, & if you go to jail here, your rights are minimal.  The Costa Rica legal system is MUCH different than US or other countries.  You will then proceed down another corridor where you will exit the airport.  Look for the sign that says AIO held by our Sueno Azul Representative. (We will send an email about this with your specific transfer information and additional guidance as we are closer to the arrival date)

Credit Cards
Use your credit card as much as possible for purchases as you will always get the correct exchange rate. Use your ATM card if you need cash funds in colones. Don't do a cash advance thing unless you wanna pay silly interest rates. Finally, and VERY important, TELL YOUR BANK you are going to CR. Tell your credit card companies too. Many will block your credit cards, especially for cash withdrawals. Also, set a realistic daily withdrawal limit that fits your needs.

Voltage 120 same as USA
Same Voltage as USA: You will not need any voltage adapter (they are always big, weights a lot, can't handle too much energy, etc.).
Plugs Type  Same connectors: Ideal situation, all the connectors used in United States of America are also used in Costa Rica. Congratulations!!!

Adapters: No Adapter necessary.

**If you are NOT from the USA the same info applies to what is required in Costa Rica, so look at the diagram and info and you will know what you require depending on where you are coming from.

Emergency Contact Info for family and friends:
Sueno Azul Resort
Horquetas, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica.
Hotel phone # (506) 2764-1000 & (506) 2764-1500
San Jose # (506) 2253-2020
[email protected]

Exit Dues
When you leave Costa Rica, you will need an exit visa... $28.00 per person. You get them inside the airports or at the immigration buildings at the frontiers if you are driving or taking a bus. They accept dollars, VISA (only) or colones. Great way to get rid of the extra colones as you leave.

Fees not included in your pre-payment:
-Alcoholic beverages are available at the retreat center, but you must pay for your own drinks
-Laundry service
-Adventures such as horseback riding and tubing
-Spa treatments
-Tips for resort staff

Flashlight or headlamp:
Dark trails at night, etc.

(Costa Rica in general) You can eat the food here. It is quite good and some of the best spots are the little roadside restaurants and 'sodas'. There is often some little old abuelita (grandmother) working in the kitchen and she likely makes a truly excellent meal.

The food at the resort will be buffet style and you can select the items you’d like for each meal.

Hair Dryers:
The rooms have their own hair dryers.  If you bring your own:
Hair Dryers are famous for blowing out electricity, especially the high powered ones. Bring a low powered hair dryer or make a wise decision that you will go native and let your hair blow with the wind.

Horse Rides:
Horseback riding will be available every morning starting 2/2. You must sign up with us/pay the day before.
This is the only adventure that is CASH ONLY! $20 a ride. Bring closed toed shoes & no shorts/skirts. Long pants that are not too thin to avoid chafing.

You do NOT need typhoid, malaria or any other shots when you visit Costa Rica.

Internet is available in the main building and depending on weather can be sporadic, up and down.  Do not expect the luxury of US or European Internet.  Important to bing along your computer I Pad/Tablet or Smart Phone such as I phone and you will be able to connect once you are there.

Bring something to take notes, do exercises, and jot down insights

Laundry service:
Sueno Azul has laundry service and do not expect same day service.  Could be 2 days or more.

Long car rides on windy roads:
Bonine is a great option if you get car sick.  Dramamine as well.  Bring with you and have in your daypack and take an hour before the ride.

Meds/Personal Items you normally use:
We are in the far countryside, 2.5 hours from San Jose.  Please bring along any and all meds you normally use, menstrual products, extra contacts or glasses and personal items.

Men Packing:
Lightweight quick drying clothes.  A couple or more pairs of lightweight shorts.  4-6 T shirts/short sleeve shirts. Thicker long pants for horseback riding.  Extra underwear.

Money Facts
“Oh, they accept dollars and credit cards everywhere in Costa Rica". No, they do NOT. Hotels and many restaurants take credit cards of course, and many will accept dollars, but there are MANY places where nothing is accepted except the colón. This includes some fine restaurants. And here is a hint... some of the best stuff you can buy at great prices is in the more remote areas... and they will happily accept colones, but will never take credit cards or dollars. The good news is that CR is full of ATM's where you can use your bank card to get some colones at the proper exchange rate. Also many places will not accept travelers checks as they can take merchants up to two months to receive the funds.

Bring natural bug repellent or buy some here. Use it especially during the daytime hours.

This is an AWESOME website that has a packing list geared for women traveling to Costa Rica in the summer. Good ideas for everyone.

Additional items you may consider bringing for your comfort:
earplugs and/or sleep mask
Your own large beach towel
Basic Spanish translation book or phone app
Natural bug repellent
Your own snack foods or specialty food items you are used to enjoying

You DO need a passport to enter Costa Rica. It also must not expire in less than six months. You cannot enter with a driver's license or a birth certificate.

Personal Computer I Pad or smart phone:
To check emails and stay in touch with family etc. There is wi-fi at Sueno Azul.

Rain Gear:
Portable Umbrella. Rain jacket. Parka your choice. It often rains in the rain forest.

Summer starts in December & ends around May. Summer is dry, and rain comes rarely. The rainforests are hot & humid, and it rains in the rain forest, any time & often. *Our retreat is in the rain forest.

Flip Flops for around retreat. Water friendly hikers/walkers like Keens.  Third pair of closed toe shoes sturdy enough for horseback riding.

Snacks after flight arrival: (Important!)
There will be a many hour interval from the time you arrive in San Jose airport until our welcome Dinner at 7:30 pm.It is important to bring snacks in your day pack to tide you over while waiting for your shuttle and the ride to Sueno Azul.  Buy some bottled water at the airport.

The sun here is strong. We are only ten degrees North of the Equator, so bring sunscreen and use it. You can burn to a crisp in 30 minutes if you run around unprotected. The UV factor here is at least double that of Florida or Arizona. A wonderful vacation can be made not so wonderful if you are in pain.

We will be collectively offering a tip to the staff at the end of the event (not every meal.) Tipping is your choice. Rikka asks that you please have $80-$100 at the end in cash only to tip all of the staff-Plus extra tips for your cowboys depending on how much you rode horses. Other tipping ideas might be the airport transfer driver $5 per person/each way. A little extra love to those supporting our experience goes a long way!

The Real Costa Rica Website (good info on many subjects):

Visa for Costa Rica:
Please make sure that your nationality is able to come in without a Visa.  If not, please apply for a visa in advance at your nearest Costa Rica Consulate. Please check online of there is a question.

Citizens holding valid passports from the following countries are permitted to stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days without a visa. This is no longer automatic.

United States*, Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia*, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark*, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain,, Estonia, Finland, France*, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway*, New Zealand*, Netherlands*, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Principality Of Monaco, San Marino, Puerto Rico, Serbia, South Africa, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland **, Czech Republic, Republic Of South Korea, Hellenic Republic (Greece), Romania, Vatican City, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Republic Of China (Taiwan), Trinidad & Tobago & Uruguay.

The water here IS safe to drink! Exceptions may be in VERY remote or rural areas, but unless you are way out in the boonies, you're OK.