An Immersive 6-Week, Live Online Masterclass with Rikka Zimmerman

The 6 Principles for True Success

Aligning with Universal Truth to Attain Lasting Happiness, Fulfillment & Freedom

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Get ready to bypass all limitation, take back control and start living your dream life!

Do you feel like you’ve got your life dialed in and under control? Like you're effortlessly steering it wherever you want it to go? That it's filled with all the abundance, health and happiness you could hope for?

Or does it feel more like life happens to you? Like you're just along for the ride ... an often bumpy, chaotic and overwhelming ride. If only you had more time or money or that perfect partner, THEN everything would be great, right? Sadly, that's not how it works.

Would you believe me if I told you there is a simple explanation of why your life is currently the way it is? That the reason your life is showing up like this is because you are energetically misaligned.

What is Misalignment?

Imagine that your back is out of alignment. Just one little vertebrae is out of place. At first it's sore in that specific area, but then slowly the pain spreads and the soreness is no longer localized.

You find it hard to be productive at work because it's uncomfortable to sit, so your productivity declines. It’s hard to stay patient with your children, spouse or co-workers because of the gnawing ache always in the background, your stress and anxiety levels are rising because you aren’t sleeping well. Suddenly, this small misaligned vertebrae is literally affecting every area of your life!

Being misaligned energetically has a similar, yet more drastic effect. Because when you are energetically misaligned, you are unwittingly repeating negative patterns and attracting exactly what you don’t want into your life.

You go about your life wondering why you keep finding yourself in the same situations--dating people who always leave, lie, or cheat. Repeatedly struggling with money. Battling an overload of stress, fear and anxiety. Continuously struggling with extra weight, etc.

And you wonder, “why does this always happen to me?”

The answer is simple--it’s because you’re misaligned.

When you’re misaligned:

  • Your life often feels arbitrary, painful, and chaotic
  • You can’t escape your patterns and they just keep repeating
  • You have unmet expectations followed by disappointment
  • You keep trying to manifest a new life experience, but it never pans out
  • You're low on energy, feel drained and overwhelmed
  • Stress, anxiety, anger and fear circle through your everyday experience
  • Life feels out of balance and out of your control

But get this, ALL OF THIS IS SELF IMPOSED….and absolutely fixable!

Change Your Alignment: Change Your Life

So how do you manifest a new and better life? You stop aligning with limitation and false beliefs and start aligning with Source.

You see quantum physics has proven that everything is made up of a unified field of life force energy that supports and sustains life. This energy is called by many names: Love, Spirit, Oneness, Life Force Energy, Universe, God, I like to use the word Source, but it’s all the same.

It’s this infinite Source energy that fills the Universe, fills our beings and connects all living things. And yet, we are living in a consciousness crisis. We have forgotten how--or even that it’s possible--to connect and align with Source.

When you align with Source, you will find that problems dissolve, conflicts resolve, and you have access to instant transformation and effortless manifestation. Rather than manifesting your limiting feelings and beliefs, you will finally be out of your own way, allowing possibilities to show up that are greater than you can imagine.

How I Quantum Leaped Into Alignment

Using The 6 Principles

Through years of study, thousands of hours working with students, and deep meditation working with my guides and angels, I discovered a Divine Blueprint for aligning with Source which I call: The 6 Principles.

These 6 Principles are based on the Universal Truth in which all life force energy functions. When you understand what these principles are, you begin to operate in the same way that the Source functions. This allows you to have anything. Be anything. Choose any life you want. Because YOU are no longer in your own way.

It’s a big promise, but my life is living proof that these 6 Principles are the solution to stepping out of struggle, suffering and pain and into your dream come true reality.

Once I discovered the 6 Principles and accepted alignment beyond belief, my entire life snapped into place.

The Truth of What’s Possible When You Step Into Alignment

Attaining Lasting Happiness, Fulfillment and Freedom

This is what’s possible when you begin running the 6 Principles in your life and move into Source alignment. These 6 Principles are the quickest and most direct path to ending the continuous loop of repeating patterns so you can manifest a different life from the inside out.

By accepting the 6 Principles as your new reality, you will move into complete alignment with Source energy. Source energy heals. Source energy instantly transforms. Source energy effortlessly manifests miraculous possibilities.

You no longer have to believe anything, you don’t have to change anything, you don’t have to work hard to process anything. Why? Because alignment is already done for you. Because the entire Universe already functions from these 6 Principles.

You simply have to accept the truth of the way life is. And when you do, you will enter into a new life, a life in alignment.

  • Every problem will already be solved
  • Every challenge will already be overcome
  • Everything you want to change, will already be changed
  • Everything you want, you will already have
  • Everything you want to manifest, will effortlessly come to you

The 6 Principles Are Waiting For You

I have shared my story with you so you know that you can go from rock bottom, to having your dream life.  You really can. And no matter where your life is now, you can turn it around fast.

When You Align with the 6 Principles You Will:

  • Stop accidently or unconsciously repeating limited patterns and finally choose lasting and permanent change
  • Discover a proven process to transform any area of your life
  • End patterns in your relationship thereby graduating from any limitation you are experiencing
  • Stop repeating the lack of money story and instead invite abundance into your life
  • Stop feeling tired and invite more life force energy
  • Function from total awareness instead of being blinded by beliefs
  • Experience the real secret to having any life you desire, living and choosing from Source alignment

The 6 Principles invite you to remember the truth of who you really are, to connect back to that which is inherently inside of you and to find your connection to Source.

No matter your past experience, whether you’ve read every book or are just beginning your journey of spiritual awakening, aligning with the 6 Principles changes everything.


Rikka’s 6 Principles for True Success

An immersive, 6-week online Masterclass that includes 9 interactive hours of guidance and support consisting of:

  • 6 Weekly 90-minute Livestream Video Phone Calls - (replays available)
  • 6 journaling worksheets to help embody the Principles in your life
  • Private online Masterclass Membership site to connect with other students, ask questions and continue the conversation
  • Morning & Evening audio recordings to help you begin and end your day in alignment with the 6 Principles
  • Quick 5-minute audios you can listen to anytime throughout the day when you need to overcome issues, obstacles or stress using the 6 Principles

Masterclass Schedule:

Week 1:

Aligning with Infinite Love:

Ending Unworthiness

You will begin your transformational journey by releasing the beliefs you have about not being loved. You will experience a powerful clearing technique that will lift these heavy vibrations out of your system, returning you to a level of being loved that you have only dreamed was possible. Once we clear away the past, I will run a powerful high vibrating activation that will anchor your field in this Source love.

Aligning with the The First Principle will connect you with the Source love that already exists and end the eternal search of trying to find love in outside situations and experiences.

During Week One you will:

  • Stop feeling unworthy or undeserving of love as you recognize the truth that you, everything and everyone is loved
  • End the story that Love is a limited energy, and instead, you are in the field where love is infinite, abundant, everywhere, and in everyone
  • Attract loving partners, friends, and expansive business opportunities into your life
  • Experience the vibration of love in every moment, even if chaos or disorder are present
  • Receive gifts, compliments, money, and greater possibilities because you are love, loving and loved
  • Eliminate all the actions you subconsciously take in order to be loved

Week 2:

Aligning with Absolute Wholeness:

Ending Lack, Scarcity, Wanting or Needing

During this week’s class, we will shatter the next layer of the illusion of separation and step into alignment with wholeness--the truth that everything (including you!) is made of Source Energy. When you accept the second principle, you will stop the endless loop of wanting, needing, or missing anything. Aligning with this Principle will allow you to perfectly reflect the wholeness that exists in everything and you will finally feel like you are part of something bigger. You will embrace your totality. This will give you tremendous and powerful energy that you can use to have more energy in your body, power your business, or relationships.

During Week Two you will:

  • End lacking, needing, wanting, or missing anything because you will energetically already have and be it all
  • Interact with others through the truth that you and they are whole and one with Source. This changes every relationship
  • Have a deep and fulfilling sense of belonging to something greater
  • End the illusionary experience of low or limited energy and instead have access to the infinite Source energy we all share
  • Enter into Source’s field of infinite possibilities that will allow you to manifest outside or beyond what is seemingly possible

Week 3:

Aligning with Infinite Support:

Ending Worry, Fear, & Anxiety

When you give yourself the gift of accepting that you are being served by Source in the highest, it will radically change your entire experience of life. By choosing to accept the Third Principle, you are moving out of the illusionary field of being a victim, fearing that you can’t trust life and into relying on life in every moment to do what it does best; serve you in the highest. During this class we will bring up and clear all of the past experiences that prove that you’re not supported. You will experience a powerful activation finally accepting the Universal truth that life is in fact serving you in the highest. As you function from this principle, of being served in the highest, this is what you will manifest as your new reality.

During Week Three you will:

  • End the feeling that life is out to get you, or the other shoe will always drop
  • Stop feeling like something is wrong, a problem, or a mistake
  • Learn how to instantly remove the emotions of fear, stress and anxiety when they arise
  • Surrender knowing you are always taken care of by Source--life has your back!
  • Receive the amazing gift your life is always serving you in the highest

Week 4:

Aligning with Inner Value & Self Worth:

Ending Low Self-Esteem and Judgment

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to embody a magical self confidence that creates success in every area of their life? They seem to effortlessly attract more wealth and abundance, more expansive business opportunities, more loving friendships and relationships. Why do they allow themselves to receive so much? Why does everything seem to work out for them? It is because of their inner alignment with how they value, see, and acknowledge themselves.

During Week Four you will:

  • Release the past beliefs and experiences of not feeling seen, heard, acknowledged, accepted, or understood for the gift that you are
  • Discover the secret for unshakable self confidence and self worth
  • Begin attracting the wealth, abundance, and opportunities that you truly deserve
  • Increase your capacity to receive exponentially in all aspects of life
  • Stop feeling misunderstood, not accepted or like you don’t matter
  • Let go of trying to be someone you are not, and embrace the beauty and perfection that you already are
  • Attract loving and respectful relationships into your life

Week 5:

Aligning with Infinite Possibility:

An End to All Limitation

Does it feel like no matter what you do to be limitless, you feel limited? Do you feel you have limited energy, limited abundance, limited business possibilities, limited options? During this class I will walk you through my proven process to release the beliefs and vibrations that are keeping you stuck in limitation and open up to embrace what is possible for you and your life.

The Fifth Principle is your gateway to the energetic field of magic and miracles. As you activate this frequency, and use the tools that work to ignite greater possibility, you will watch miracles and magic show up around you. You will finally feel joyfully free to create any life of your choice.

During Week Five you will:

  • Discover how to hold the field for the highest and greatest possibilities that is outside of what you can imagine or believe is possible
  • Experience a sense of great joy and empowerment knowing that all is possible
  • Discover your own new healing and transformational talents and abilities
  • End the disappointing story of, “I guess this is just the way that it is”
  • Align with Source’s infinite menu of possibility where money, relationships and healing can show up in ways that seem out of logical reality

Week 6:

Aligning with Magical Possibility:

Ending the Struggle of Manifestation

Once you have accepted each of the 5 Principles, you then graduate into your next level of life experience; miraculous, magical manifestation. During this class, I will help elevate your vibration into a level of receiving that you never dreamed possible. You will be resonating at such a pure level of alignment that it’s as if you’ve been given a magic wand to effortlessly manifest or instantly transform anything.

As you accept Principle 6, you will no longer feel that anything is a struggle, challenge, or a problem to overcome. You will be resonating so strongly with your dream life, that suddenly your day-to-day experience will feel like heaven on Earth!

During Week Six you will:

  • Harness the power of effective manifestation
  • Instantly transform how you react and perceive obstacles
  • Dissolve painful past memories and begin to live your life in the present moment
  • Experience the the joy and fun of life again
  • Embody true happiness regardless of any outside circumstances

Access to an Exclusive, Amazing Community to Support One Another

This online community is a place where you can meet new friends, and have ongoing access to all the livestreams & audios. Plus, this is the perfect place to give and receive support and advice amongst your classmates throughout your entire journey toward Alignment!

And, believe it or not, that is just a fraction of what you’ll experience during our 6 weeks together.

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Check Out What Happened When These Students Began Using the 6 Principles...

Heather Smith

"You will say “oh, what a gift.” It’s incredible. It just turns your world around..."

"After implementing the 6 principles, what I found for myself is that I released so much. The judgments are no longer there, I am looking for more strengths in people than the negatives. So the positive comes first. Which is huge.

And I’ve also taken a breath and let individuals talk. My listening skills have increased. But not just for others, but for myself. My dialogue with myself has changed. I can stop myself, for example, the phrase “what’s wrong with me.” I stop myself and I say “What’s going on with me.” That’s huge. Because if you do it for yourself you’re doing it for everyone else. You’re recognizing it in you and you’re able to pivot it.

So, Rikka has a way of helping you go deeper. Deeper to find the block that you forgot about. In such a loving and supporting way. And she starts it and then you have a full support group. Not only the staff but other coaches and members in the program. It’s the best support you can get. It’s tenfold compared to going to counseling.

I highly recommend taking the program, working with Rikka, working with the 6 principles because you will live a more expansive life. You’ll smile more. Rain doesn’t bother you. You will say “oh, what a gift.” It’s incredible. It just turns your world around. So, do it for yourself because you can find your true self and everything flows out from there."

Heather Smith, Naples, FL
Jan Petersen

My life is transforming and now I live in a world of “I can” and not “I can’t.”

"Before the 6 principles and using those tools and processes, I had severe health issues, was in 2 major accidents and my spine was wrecked up, concussion, memory issues, shaken brain syndrome and everything. Body image issues. Severe financial issues for the last 15 years.

But after doing the 6 principles, after 4 months I had such a turning point and since then I have lost 20 pounds, gotten help for my spine and neck and they are really improving. I am actually bringing in enough money each month to cover the bills. In the past, I was always short. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. I had gone severely in debt.

My life is transforming and now I live in a world of “I can” and not “I can’t.” I am no longer restricted and I have unlimited possibilities. I love working with Rikka because she totally comes from the heart. She is so heart centered and just pure divine love.

I’ve worked with other spiritual leaders and they can be so ego-centric and full of themselves and I have total resistance to that. If you really want to transform your life from a heart-centered, loving base, I highly recommend you work with Rikka."

Jan Petersen, Colorado Springs, CO
Toni Ann Mazza

"My life has changed tremendously..."

"Since working with Rikka and using the 6 principle tools and processes, my life has changed tremendously. I have better breathing, better circulation in my legs and before using these principles, I struggled with feeling my foot, with walking, with circulation, with openness and freedom to walk more. It has opened me so much.

Before using the 6 principles, I had insomnia, a very hard time sleeping. All these thoughts in my mind. My mind wouldn’t shut off. After using these 6 principles, I am able to sleep with ease. I feel so at peace within myself when I go to sleep. My dreams aren’t scary anymore. They actually help me to know things that are going to happen in my day. With my body, my relationships, they have all changed immensely.

Using these principles has opened up my life. I have different conversations with people. People are clamouring to spend time with me. My body is healing immensely. I no longer have arthritis. It is just amazing!

Rikka has a way of connecting you to the inner you that was not tangible before. Maybe things have happened to you and you are so afraid to be outside of yourself or to even feel inside of yourself. She has a way to connect you to that. She uses these processes and they help! Can you choose you?"

Toni Ann Mazza, Virginia Beach, VA
Deborah Miller

"It’s so easy, so simple and practical...Anyone can use it..."

"My life has completely transformed since I’ve been working with Rikka and using the 6 principles and tools. I used to struggle with inner confidence, really feeling loved and connected. Lot’s of abandonment sorts of feelings coming up and lots of money issues coming up. So many of those processes are shifting and changing since working with Rikka.

What I’ve found mostly is that as a scientist, that the 6 principles tie into quantum physics.  Even though you don’t need to go there. For me, it really helps me find that the divine spiritual aspect - combined with the scientific aspect and realize that instead of suffering to clear out my past issues, I really truly am manifesting from this love and divine energy.

Another aspect of using the 6 principles that I’ve enjoyed tremendously is using it with my clients. And, I’m amazed how it takes them instantly to their heart. And how they also feel like me, like I’m coming home. Like they are finding something they have been missing forever and here it is.

It’s so easy, so simple and practical. Anyone can use. It makes me very happy that I can bring a tool to my clients so they too can create this love, connection, prosperity, help and anything they desire. Because they can quickly do so with the 6 principles. Rikka has an incredible presence, energy and love. So when you get an opportunity to work with Rikka you receive this love and presence and desire to help you live your best life."

Deborah Miller, Oaxaca City

Welcome Abundance Into Your Life

“My income has skyrocketed since working with The 6 Principles. I went from $50,000 of debt to now making $500,000 a year!"


To enhance your journey even more...

When You Sign-Up for The 6 Principles for True Success, You’ll Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses:

12 Morning & Evening Neuropathway Activations $297

One of the quickest ways to create new habits that ensure lasting and permanent energetic transformation is to build new neural pathways in the brain. These 12 neuropathway activations will set the vibration and reality of the 6 Principles into your energetic field. All you have to do is listen and accept and each day and night you will effortlessly experience a greater and greater level of alignment.

Success Workbook $197

This workbook will give you hands-on application exercises designed to align your conscious mind with the truth of your new Source aligned reality. As you respond to each question you will feel ownership and integration of each of these principles into your life.

12 Real Life Application Audios $297

How do you step into alignment fast when you find yourself out of alignment? Like your kids have pushed your buttons, your running late and stuck in traffic having a mini anxiety attack, you’re credit card bills have you in a panic of fear and worry, etc For all these real-life moments, you can use these 12 Real Life Applications.

In these short audios, I will walk you through the 6 principle process on the day to day struggles that you're having. They are each 5 mins. or less and bring you into total alignment right when you need it. You can download them to your phone and play them whenever you need.

Harmonizing Past Hurt Into Love $397

When your past traumas don’t heal correctly they become chronic energetic wounds that surface in our everyday lives-- keeping you from alignment with the life your heart truly desires. During this 2 hour audio program, I will walk you step by step through healing those wounds from your past, so that you can stop re-experiencing them in your present. You will also receive a 30 minute audio called, Setting You Free From The Collective Hurt, and a 5 minute Bringing Your Energy Back to Love Audio.

Meet Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, author, singer and songwriter. Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people, radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does.

Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!


Sonia Ricotti Sonia Ricotti, Lead Out Loud Inc.

"I love what Rikka is creating in the world! Her happiness is contagious and her love of everyone is evident. Rikka’s ability to take people from a place of true despair and return them to the most beautiful place of self-love and adoration is magnificent!"

Jennifer McLean Jennifer McLean, CEO, McLean MasterWorks

"Rikka is one of the pre-eminant transformational teachers and healers of our time. Once you work with Rikka you will say "What story? What trauma? Instead feeling the pure embodiment of you as oneness, love and light."

Natalie Ledwell Natalie Ledwell, Co-Founder Mind Movies

"If there’s anyone who knows the importance of each one of us being madly, unequivocally in love with ourselves, it’s Rikka. If you’re looking for the missing piece that will take you into your next level of success I highly recommend you work with won't regret it!"

Derek Rydall Derek Rydall, Best-Selling Author & Transformational Coach

"Rikka is love embodied and pure joy in action. The transformation that Rikka creates through her facilitation is amazing — she has the ability to take people from a place of despair and return them to a place of self-love and empowerment, all in a way that is often unexpected."

Ryan Eliason Ryan Eliason, Founder of The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

"I’ve grown to admire many things about Rikka, and one them is her fierce commitment to love.  She really gets that love is at the root of all personal and business success. You can only love others as much as you can love yourself, and you can only serve others to the degree that you genuinely care about them – and dare I say, love them!"

Kristen Howe Kristen Howe, Go Big Coach

“Rikka is pure, fantastic energy and the transformations she is able to guide people through are fun and filled with light. She has a unique ability to tap into the truth behind everything else and her willingness and joy in sharing that truth is contagious. Whenever I have the opportunity to share Rikka with my community I can’t wait because I know they’re in for an experience of a lifetime.”


Here's a recap of what you get today!

  • The 6 Principles Masterclass: Six Weekly 90-minute Livestream calls ($497 Value)
  • The Success Workbook: Hands-on application exercises designed to align your conscious mind with the truth of your new higher order of reality ($197 Value)
  • Morning & Evening Neuropathway Activations: Set the vibration and reality of each of the 6 Principles into your energetic field ($297 Value)
  • 12 Real Life 6 Principle Application Processes: Listen to these quick 5-minute audios throughout the day to overcome issues, obstacles or stress using the 6 Principles ($297 Value)
  • Harmonizing Hurt Into Love Audio Program: Heal the wounds from your past, so that you can stop re-experiencing them in your present ($397 Value)
  • Online Masterclass Membership Site: Connect with other students, ask questions and continue the conversation (priceless!)

And, believe it or not, that is just a fraction of what you’ll experience during our 6 weeks together.

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