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The 6 Principles for True Success Refund Policy

If you know in your heart and soul that this program did absolutely nothing for you after attending the first two classes of the program (July 13th and July 18th), you will need to email us BEFORE the date of the third class which is July 25th at 6pm Eastern Time zone.

Note:  No other form of communication will be accepted, please. Your submission will be reviewed, and we will be in touch via email within 24 hours of receiving your request.

With the refund request, we kindly ask that you provide a digital photographed proof/screenshot of your completed program exercises and a short description of what did not work for you after fully participating in this program. This will help us in making potential alterations to the program for the future.

With your refund request, your 2 tickets to the 3-day event will no longer be valid (This includes the Livestreamed alternative).

Exceptions to Granting Refunds: 
1.   All parties who have requested refunds on any consecutive occasions or for 50% or more of their purchases are ineligible for a refund.
2.   All Parties who have filed a payment processor dispute (chargeback) abdicate all rights under this Refund Policy and agree to abide by this policy.
3.   Anyone who has a past due balance on a previous program does not qualify for a Payment Plan for this program unless the previous balance is paid in full. In addition, they are not entitled to a refund unless past payment(s) received in full within the refund period specified in this Policy.

There are no exceptions.
By making this purchase you are agreeing to the terms of this Refund Policy, including the Exceptions to Granting Refunds.

You may be asked to do a brief survey, if you have requested a refund.  [email protected].