Homeplay Assignments

Before Bimini Homeplay #1

First recommendation! Continue or begin a Meditation Practice daily!

Starting this week incorporate the 15 Second Breathing.  Breathe in for 7 seconds, hold for 1 second, and out for 7 seconds into your lower belly.
This will calm the nervous system
Help you move old patterns
Bring you into presence

Mirror exercise:  Every morning for two minutes look at yourself in the mirror and say OUT LOUD words like these to yourself:  ”I love you, you’re amazing! Have you seen yourself lately, you’re so beautiful, you are the love of God, that’s how I see you! You are divine perfection!” Talk to your little self from this space of divinity and let love pour through you. As if you were looking at God itself in the mirror, because you are!
Practicing the Mirror Exercise is key in order to carry the vibrations of love and light that we are bringing forth in Costa Rica and during the year.  The mirror exercise will increase how much love we have for ourselves and how much love we can receive by a thousand times!


This releases cords of limitation, separation and judgment. Begin by opening your body like a pipe.  Then open your energy field.

• Ask Archangel Michael to cut you cords
• Ask for your higher self to cut your cords
• Fill you with so much love the cords pop out of you
• You can ask angels to take the cord attachments that you had to whomever and gift that person with whatever energies they were getting from you.

This will free your body and energy field from the illusion. Get in the habit of doing this several times a day, including when you wake up and before sleep.

Enjoy & have fun relaxing into these exercises and exploring the possibilities!

Before Bimini Homeplay #2

This activity will help prepare you for Bimini: 1.Releasing Past Traumas & Returning to Divine Love (A forgiveness process) and 2.Finding out how much it costs you to live & starting and Abundance Account! Releasing Past Traumas and Returning to Divine Love This forgiveness exercise is a deep clearing process. It is necessary to do this process on core issues so nothing slows us down and we can fly into the successes that this program has to offer! There following are two worksheets from the Self Love Mastery class.

If you have never done these processes before, please give yourself the gift of doing them before Bimini. Releasing Past Traumas and Returning to Divine Love You may also want to do the second part of this process if you have time: Returning to Love Within Yourself Find out how much it costs to run your life! Please choose one of the two worksheets below that support this exercise: Basic expense worksheet or Detailed expense worksheet Money is energy just like you and me, isn’t it time to know that?

Let’s do this exercise by writing down the details of how much it costs to live and run our lives. We’ll be using these numbers in class to get clear on how to get from where we are to where we want to go. One of the most common things we've found that create financial problems is that one doesn’t know how much it costs to run their life. So they structure their business and hourly rates under the guides of their life costing $2,000 a month when really it costs $4,000 and wonder why they can never make ends meet.

You want to structure your business and what you’re asking for to work for you and your life including paying off old debts and doing your 10% abundance account. Pretend that you could have anything with your business. How would you structure it to work for you? If you don’t have a clear vision of this it’s hard to ask for what you want because you don’t even know. Start a 10% Abundance Account! Description on how to start a 10% Abundance Account. Go to the bank and start an account where you put 10% of everything that comes though your life into that account and never spend it. That’s right, never spend it. You can borrow against it when it gets really large (so that you still have cash) but you need to pay it back. This eliminates “want” for money, because you have it. This eliminates the “need” for money, because you have it.

This allows your relationship with money to change from “I've got to get it to pay the rent this month” to “I have it and I always have more and more of it.” These exercises will be a beautiful way for you to energetically start the year off right! Have fun!

Before Bimini Homeplay #3

This activity has to do with the creative side of running your life, business and affairs.

Take a few moments each day to visualize what your most epic life and business will be.  Picture the ease and grace of all of this unfolding.  Get into the yummy exciting energy of how completely grateful, jazzed and in awe your beautiful life is.  Really feel it in your heart!

 Here is a video activation from Rikka that will help catalyze and anchor this for you in a way that activates it deeply in your heart!
"Activating Your Greatest Future"

password: newme

Before Bimini Homeplay #4


This audio will support you on many levels as Bimini approaches. What a complete honor, joy and treat it is to be on this adventure with you!  And what a great time to breathe, be clear and align our body mind and spirit!  Bimini is right around the corner and for this weeks Love Notes we’d like to offer you the gift of  Activating Your Chakras Into God Love!