Welcome to the 2017 Life Transformed Coaching Certification Program!

We are beyond elated to have you be a part of this wonderful community. Get ready for a beautiful, transformational year-long journey together! It’s gonna be Awesome!

This course is designed to open you up to the real YOU. The talents and abilities that YOU have.

The very *special* way that YOU channel source. And train you to be able to use those amazing talents that YOU have to facilitate change in people’s lives.

Get ready to be blown away and opened up to the most fulfilling career there is… BEING YOU, and changing the world while receiving money for it!


Module 17 with Rikka- replay now available.


Group Call with Nikole-replay now available


Group Call with Nikole-Replay now available


Module 18 with Rikka-12/16--Replay now available


Module 19 with Rikka-Replay now available


Group Call with Nikole-

1/5@ 1pm Pacific--Replay now available


Module 20 with Rikka-

1/6 @ 1pm Pacific

Replay now available


2017 Class Graduation

1/13 & 1/14 at Rikka's house in Ojai, CA

1/13 10am-9pm

1/14 10am-7pm