If Money Were Your Significant Other, Would You Still Be Making Love?

Special Livestream with Transformational Leader Rikka Zimmerman

October 11th- 10am Australia Eastern Time

October 10th- 5pm US Pacific Time

Why does money come so easily to some people while others endlessly struggle to make ends meet? Is there a secret formula that only rich people know? What if it all comes down to your subconscious vibration?

Join Kim and Rikka for this insightful free Livestream to:

  • Identify your subconscious blocks around money
  • Discover how you are unknowingly rejecting money
  • Learn the secret of “money energetics”
  • Clear your money blocks and allow more abundance into your life

Your Relationship With Money Is Your Choice

To uncover your sneaky subconscious blocks that are pushing money away, ask yourself this poignant question: “If money was my significant other, would I still be making love?”

Let’s imagine that money is your lover and is coming to your door. What do you say to your money lover that makes them go away?

You’re never here when I need you! I slave my life away for you! You’re never enough! I resent you! If it weren’t for you, I could be happy!

The list goes on and on!

Do any of these energies make your lover called money want to come in to nurture and love you? Of course not!

Money is controlled and manipulated to become what you believe. We can either construct it so that we attract more of it into our lives or push it away.

Are You Ready To Create A New Relationship With Money That Invites Abundance Into Your Life?

It’s never too late to repair a relationship, but only you can make that choice. If you are ready to embrace money and allow it to exist with you in a happy and loving relationship, then you are in for a life beyond your greatest imagining!

During this Special Livestream You Will Clear Your Abundance Blocks, Raise Your Vibration and Create a New Relationship With Money!

This Livestream will open your eyes to the simple steps necessary to create abundance in your life! Get ready to clear the blocks that are keeping you from having and experiencing unlimited financial freedom.

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