3 Week Masterclass

A *brand-new* livestream intensive masterclass to create loving, joyful and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others


Deep dive into your relationships with a powerful, 3-hour intensive session *including Q&A* each week for 3 weeks.

If you could have any relationship with yourself or another, what would that be? Are you currently experiencing that EPIC love, connection, joy, magic, ease, and fulfillment? Or, does your relationship with yourself or your partner fall short?

If so, you are in the right place. During this advanced spiritual journey, you will uncover your deepest heart's desire for the most glorious relationship you could ever imagine..with yourself and others!

I’ve never taught a class exclusively on the topic of relationships and trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

The Divine Relationship

3 week Livestream Masterclass
3 hour intensive sessions

Each 3-hour class of this program includes:

  • Powerful facilitation to raise your level of awareness and understanding
  • Q & A time where you will get to ask your questions and receive personal help
  • Potent Activations to bring you into the integration and vibration of the truth of each lesson
  • Weekly tools to use in your life experience to claim the power of each teaching for yourself

During this 3-week Intensive, we will explore:

Module #1: Discovering Your Divine Relationship Blueprint

Your Divine Relationship Blueprint must be brought to the surface and embraced in order for you to manifest it into reality.  Within this blueprint lies the secrets to having a loving, joyful and fulfilling relationship not only with others, but also with yourself.

During our first 3-hour intensive session, you will move deeply into your heart and begin healing the layers of hurt, fear, and anger that are protecting and defending your deepest heart's desires from being known to you. Then, after uncovering your heart’s truth, you will begin to verbalize your divine relationship blueprint.

Module #2: Understanding the Hidden Relationship within Your Relationship.

Can you guess what sneaky imposter likes to show up in your relationships? That’s right, your ego! So often, unhealed parts of our ego are having relationships with unhealed parts of another’s ego! And when this happens we feel triggered, reactive, unacknowledged, unseen, disappointed, etc.

During our second intensive, you will learn the inner workings of how the ego shows up in relationships. You’ll discover the various parts of your ego and your partner’s ego and how they relate together. Then, through a potent guided activation, we will dissolve this separation that is keeping you from a fulfilling connection and restore your divinity.

Module #3: How to move from Automatic Ego Relationship to Your Divine Relationship.

Now that you understand the inner workings of your relationships, you can begin transitioning every interaction in your life to mirror your divine relationship blueprint. Whether you are deepening your intimacy with your partner or your connection with a friend, parent or child; I’ll share the tools needed to bring your heart’s deepest desires into all your relationships.

During our last intensive session, you will practice using tools to turn any moment of ego relating around and be empowered to come from your divinity instead. You’ll also discover how to work with other people -- your partner, boss, child, parent-- when they are stuck in an ego reaction.

It’s time to experience the relationships of your dreams!

I’ve never taught a class exclusively on the topic of relationships and trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Course Schedule

All Times are 4pm- 7pm Pacific Time Zone

Module 1: Tuesday, November 29
Module 2: Tuesday, December 6
Module 3: Tuesday, December 13





Work With Me Throughout the Year with Group Coaching! Plus, When you upgrade to group coaching, you get the Divine Relationship as a free bonus!

Would you like to spend 12 months in an exclusive group coaching program with me and a supportive community of like-minded friends who are also on a committed path of transformation and expansion?

If you need someone to hold you accountable, while holding your hand and ensuring that you create the changes you so deeply desire in 2023, then Group Coaching is right for you!

Join me Live Online 5-Plus hours per month as I facilitate a Q&A & activation coaching session that brings in the brand-new, cutting-edge consciousness! You’ll be able to work with me one-on-one in a group setting by asking your questions and receiving energetic transmissions.

And, that’s just one tiny piece of the treasure trove of goodies you receive with your year-long Exclusive Group Coaching.

This Group Coaching Program also includes access to hundreds of hours of archived video and audio sessions on every topic in the world of consciousness. (This program values at $5500.)

PLUS, when you sign up right now, you will receive the upcoming Intensive Masterclass, The Divine Relationship--as a free bonus! (This program values at $1997.)

And, you’ll also receive a BONUS 2-day LIVE event in Sedona, Arizona

“Attaining the Unwavering Consciousness of Your Own Universe.”

February 4-5, 2023

What if when people told you, “You think you’re the center of the Universe” and they were right… almost. You are NOT the center of their universe, you’re the center of YOUR own universe!

The vibration and consciousness of the planet is rising and has reached a level where we are now able to have the unwavering consciousness of our own Universe.

During this advanced event, Rikka will take you deep into the space, love, light and consciousness of Your Universe. You will get to experience finally being the Universe you truly are and how to be empowered and stay empowered in your Universe.

During this very special 2 day class, you will:

  • Rejoin your soul family for an advanced journey to reclaim and restore the power, truth, love, magic, joy and possibility of Your Own Universe.
  • Learn how to wield that power to live and experience any life of your choosing.
  • Receive the latest and most advanced download from Source and the angels to set you free on a new level of possibility.

Bonus Months of Group Coaching

Not to mention, I’m letting you in NOW, so you’ll receive an additional 2-3 bonus months of coaching as you can jump right in after purchasing, without waiting until the New YEAR!

So for just $3,297 you get a yearlong membership to the Life Transformed Group Coaching, a 3-week LIVESTREAM Intensive Masterclass AND a 2-day live class in Sedona! 

This is an incredible opportunity where you and I get to connect together ongoing along with our beloved Group Coaching community!

I'm Ready To Join.

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Our Refund & Transfer Policy:

It is my deepest knowing that you will receive massive value and transformation from this 3-week online event. Therefore we are not offering cash back refunds. However, if something should arise and you cannot attend the Livestreams, you may transfer your online access to the “The Divine Relationship” Masterclass to a friend or colleague. Please email [email protected] requesting the transfer with the full name and email of the recipient. This is a one time transfer and does not apply to future events.

What They Are Saying


Being a member of the VIB membership program has totally changed my life. During this time of being a member I have lost 64 lbs, back to where I was most of my life. From 170 to 106 lbs. Yippie! My doctor told me I had been on steroids to long to lose weight.  I had Addisons Disease, where your adrenals do not work at all and now my doctor calls it ‘Addisons Light’ because my adrenals are now producing cortisol. I have cut my meds (which were a lot) to 1/4 of what I was taking. I am astounded by how much my health has changed! I am walking and going to the gym for the first time in years.
My relationships with my Mother and husband have improved 90%. My finances have also improved. All areas of my life have greatly improved. Knowing that every week I can ask questions directly to Rikka and listen to everyone’s testimonials and questions provides me with total ease. I have made such amazing friendships with the other VIB members! Rikka’s team is there for any questions or help you need.  It is an awesome way to learn about Yourself, Love, Abundance and so much more!! Thank you Rikka for all the love,


I joined the V.I.B. membership program a few months ago and want to share with you the amazing differences in my life since joining. The weekly livestreams keep me “on course” in what I consider to be the purpose of this embodiment. I have searched for enlightenment and understanding of this world since I was a child and after studying many teachings and modalities I feel that, with you, I have finally come home to MYSELF…to that which I was searching for all along…So, behind these words comes a Heart Full of Gratitude for the clarity, the Grace, the deep “movement” of energy and, yes, lots and lots of Angel laughter and Joy along the way!!!  On the physical side, chronic headaches of thirty years are dissipating into a new Love for my own body and very Being. A very deep thank you for this program!!

Kathlenn Switzerland

I have been listening to Rikka for about 9 months now, and so much has changed in my life. I have gone from being fearful and struggling through life to starting a heart-centered business with my sister, creating a new, happy relationship  with my parents, losing 10 pounds and having a new relationship with food, moving out of state and remembering what it’s like to have joy in life. And, even though I wasn’t looking for a job, the universe brought me a magnificent one! Where I used to just want to hide from the world now I welcome new experiences and so many opportunities have been showing up to meet me!  Magic can happen!

Gina Omaha, NE

The Adventure in Oneness VIB Program is a huge gift. It is enormous value for the small amount of resource offered in exchange. ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ pales when I sense what I fully receive. Endless hours of vibrational downloads, life-changing content and pure unconditional love come from Rikka in this program!

Ken Thailand

“Igniting Your True Sovereignty”

2-Day Event in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona, January 15-16, 2022

How do you move away from the traumas of the past and the stressors of the present and reclaim your Divine Authority?

By stepping out of the Ego’s ‘About Universe’ and learning to never unconsciously play the victim again!

This is the key to setting yourself free from the matrix and Reclaiming Your True Sovereignty!

Join me IN PERSON, in community, where we are going to take a deep dive into Reclaiming Your Sovereignty during a powerful 2 days together in stunning Sedona, Arizona, January 15-16, 2022. (Can’t travel? No worries, this event will be broadcasted via Livestream!)

At this moment, we don’t have a full understanding of the power of Source that we are missing; but what if we could begin to peel away the layers and experience it now?

What if there is a Universe of YOUR choice that is just waiting to be created by YOU?

And, what if I could guide you to reclaim your Sovereignty, step into your Divine authority and choose from Source’s Infinite Menu…

Would you accept? I hope so, because this choice is available to you right now!

This 2-day event is going to be out-of-this-world! We will create massive energetic shifts that you will then build on each month when we meet online during our group coaching sessions.

This is a chance to gather in community at the beginning of the year and connect with our amazing Life Transformed coaches. A special time to embrace your Soul Family and create relationships to support you on your journey home to Source.

With this Special Bundle of the Yearlong Life Transformed Group Coaching & “Reclaiming Your True Sovereignty” 2-Day Event in Sedona:

You Will Also Receive

Incredible Bonus Programs Valued at $4,291!

Bonus # 1

Accessing Your Consciousness Beyond The Ego

9-Week Livestream Masterclass

(Value: $2997)

Most people are not aware they are in the throws of the Ego’s automatic program. They believe that the Ego voice in their head IS their inner voice. When you believe that the Ego is WHO you are, you are instantly a victim to it and your consciousness is not yet empowered enough to freely create the life of your choice.

During this Livestream Course You Will:

  • Raise your awareness and knowledge of the Ego’s presence and layers of programming so that it can no longer automatically take over
  • Know how to no longer become a victim to the Ego and claim the power back to create your life experience just as you design it
  • earn how to consciously reprogram your Ego so that it has no choice but to work for you instead of against you

What’s Included:

  • 9 powerful modules that consist of a 2-hour teaching on the Ego to raise your level of awareness and understanding
  • A powerful Activation to bring you into the integration and vibration of the truth of each lesson
  • Weekly Tools & Processes Workbook to integrate these teachings into your life and help you stay focused

Bonus # 2

Take Your Life To The Next Level 4 Day Intensive
(Value: $997)

(Recorded from my 2019 Fall Retreat in Mount Shasta, CA)

  • Discover The Six Principles and learn how to align with Universal truth to attain lasting happiness, freedom and fulfillment
  • Experience powerful processing that will rewrite your past & align your future to match your deepest desires
  • Uncover the difference between your Divine Self and your Human Self so you can begin operating from your Divine self each and every day
  • Re-write your core programs to open up to infinite love and possibility
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the way limited reality works and learn valuable tools that you can use in any moment to shift the patterns that have been subconsciously limiting you
  • Be guided through powerful releasing activations to get rid of negative patterns for good
  • Release the illusion of judgment and embrace radical self-love
  • Reclaim your amazing talents and abilities

Bonus # 3

Life Transformed™ Manual
(Value: $297)

(In conjunction with the Take Your Life to The Next Level 4 Day Intensive Course)

A Powerful Life Transformed Manual with Rikka’s proven tools and processes (from 10 years of facilitating thousands of people) that work to transform anything in your life. You keep this manual forever!

Disclaimer: The information provided in the Adventure In Oneness programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions.

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, it is our responsibility to clearly communicate to the public that our customer testimonials are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of only a percentage of our paying clients. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using or experiencing an Adventure In Oneness product or live event.