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Hello you beautiful, perfect, infinite being, full of infinite energy!

Would you like to connect to a community of like-minded peers who are committed to living in Oneness, expanding Consciousness, and restoring their natural state of Bliss, Joy and Ecstasy?


You (yes, YOU!) are invited to join me in the Adventure in Oneness™ membership site, where every week you can open even more to infinite possibilities and infinite choice to be anything in any moment! Oh, yeah… and have a blast doing it!

Interact with me Live each week during a 90-minute weekly call

Ask me questions that are most important to you right now

Receive regular energetic contributes that raise your vibration to release all limitations

Collect powerful tools that facilitate massive energy shifts!

Tap into a higher level of vibration that transports you into a blissful, expanded awareness of Oneness

Be enveloped in a world-wide group of loving friends supporting each other to live extraordinary lives BEYOND what this reality says is possible

As a VIB (Very Important Being) Member You Will Also Receive Exclusive Access To:

Embracing Your Interdimensional Being

With over 20 hours in limitation-blasting, reality-dissolving, possibility-inducing audios you will open up to your highest potential as an Interdimensional Being.

Embodying Your True Essence

A 6-week audio class including 6 toning sessions that help you awaken your True Essence so you can tap into an abundance of energy, clarity, joy, wisdom and love.

Love Activation—3 Hour Livestream class (pre-recorded)

Take a journey into the deep dimension of love with this 3-hour activation. It’s a potent, high-vibrational love activation that will blast through all barriers and stream directly into your heart.

Abundance Activation – 3 Hour Livestream class (pre-recorded)

Awaken the dimension of Abundance in every area of your life, remove limiting beliefs and open the floodgates to success and prosperity.

New Body Activation – 3 Hour Livestream class (pre-recorded)

Uncover the continual flow of nurturing, loving, orgasmic energy flowing through your body!

Adventure in Oneness™ Membership Features

Very Important Being Member (VIB)

  • With your first month’s registration, you will receive access to our exclusive membership site that will open your mind to infinite possibility and move you beyond all that you believe to be impossible.
  • Livestream Videos, that give you access to Rikka’s new awarenesses every month. Embrace new insights, and soak up Rikka’s energy, exuberance and passion in these weekly/monthly video recordings (4 Interactive livestream videos each month)
  • Amazing Community. Connect with like-minded peers who can serve as your cheerleaders of consciousness!
  • Bonus gifts and offers. You never know when Rikka’s going to decide to give something away!
  • Resource Library. Browse through an ever-expanding library of recorded videos, classes, telecalls, downloads and more! Check back regularly to see what new, exciting goodies have been added for you!
  • An exclusive 10% savings on ALL Rikka’s classes and products (excluding new Telesummit packages)
  • Special events just for VIB members

Pricing Options

Adventure in Oneness® does not offer program refunds for any reason.

V.I.B. Testimonials


Being a member of the VIB membership program has totally changed my life. During this time of being a member I have lost 64 lbs, back to where I was most of my life. From 170 to 106 lbs. Yippie! My doctor told me I had been on steroids to long to lose weight.  I had Addisons Disease, where your adrenals do not work at all and now my doctor calls it ‘Addisons Light’ because my adrenals are now producing cortisol. I have cut my meds (which were a lot) to 1/4 of what I was taking. I am astounded by how much my health has changed! I am walking and going to the gym for the first time in years.

My relationships with my Mother and husband have improved 90%. My finances have also improved. All areas of my life have greatly improved. Knowing that every week I can ask questions directly to Rikka and listen to everyone’s testimonials and questions provides me with total ease. I have made such amazing friendships with the other VIB members! Rikka’s team is there for any questions or help you need.  It is an awesome way to learn about Yourself, Love, Abundance and so much more!! Thank you Rikka for all the love,


I joined the V.I.B. membership program a few months ago and want to share with you the amazing differences in my life since joining. The weekly livestreams keep me “on course” in what I consider to be the purpose of this embodiment. I have searched for enlightenment and understanding of this world since I was a child and after studying many teachings and modalities I feel that, with you, I have finally come home to MYSELF…to that which I was searching for all along…So, behind these words comes a Heart Full of Gratitude for the clarity, the Grace, the deep “movement” of energy and, yes, lots and lots of Angel laughter and Joy along the way!!!  On the physical side, chronic headaches of thirty years are dissipating into a new Love for my own body and very Being. A very deep thank you for this program!!

Kathlenn Switzerland

I have been listening to Rikka for about 9 months now, and so much has changed in my life. I have gone from being fearful and struggling through life to starting a heart-centered business with my sister, creating a new, happy relationship  with my parents, losing 10 pounds and having a new relationship with food, moving out of state and remembering what it’s like to have joy in life. And, even though I wasn’t looking for a job, the universe brought me a magnificent one! Where I used to just want to hide from the world now I welcome new experiences and so many opportunities have been showing up to meet me!  Magic can happen!

Gina Omaha, NE

The Adventure in Oneness VIB Program is a huge gift. It is enormous value for the small amount of resource offered in exchange. ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ pales when I sense what I fully receive. Endless hours of vibrational downloads, life-changing content and pure unconditional love come from Rikka in this program!

Ken Thailand

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  • A family of like-minded beings who are consciously working on transforming their lives and the world at large
  • A treasure trove of products worth thousands of dollars
  • An incredible archive including 5 years’ worth of Rikka’s audios and videos

Your most magnificent life is waiting!

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