Are you willing to release the content
of your past and TRULY BE FREE?

Are you willing to be fully YOU
and live completely in your knowing?

We have all grown up in some sort of family ‘group’, surrounded by people who might love us, but who may not have known how to express that love in meaningful ways and sometimes have even hurt us.  In this reality-busting class, we unlock the programming we put into place to protect ourselves from the insanity around us, and release all that has been blocking us from who we truly are.

Are you willing to step into a complete and total love of yourself that dissolves all the pain and density and opens you to the joy of BEing?

Release all the densities and limitations that you thought were genetic or required to fit in with your family and you will discover a freedom that is beyond your imagination!

From a space of infinite love, Rikka, creator of Adventure in Oneness and internationally acclaimed speaker, author and singer/songwriter energetically opens us to the truth that we be!


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Get ready to:

  • Find freedom through releasing the energy behind the stories and childhood drama that have (until now) defined your life
  • Create a new, supportive and caring relationship with yourself
  • Allow the love you truly are to shine through
  • Allow the *bliss of being* into your life and create ease and flow
  • Let go of the limitations that have stopped you from knowing your full potential
  • Drop the web of old conditioning and allow yourself to know the infinite being that you are
  • Step into the joy of everything that you be

If you’re ready to embrace your full potential, to know the fullness of your being and to bring in infinite possibility, this audio product is for you!


This 6 week class contains more than 13 hours of intense, reality stretching material. It is designed to guide you through the places your family has touched, defined, and even controlled you in order for you to find freedom from pain and limitation. Join us as we burst through the constriction of our familial programming, discovering the infinite joy that lies beyond it.

Each week also includes examples of tools and home play you can use to help release the old content and support you as you usher in new awareness.


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Your journey into freedom will include:

Week One: Facing the Story

In this week, we explore those places we have energetically locked ourselves down through our beliefs.

• How much vibrational density and protection have you put in place in order to survive?

• How much have you bought into everyone else’s perceptions?

• Would you be willing to head towards the light rather than the density?

Week Two: Dissolving the Limitation

We open further into the density and judgments we have believed about ourselves in order to expose them to the light of the infinite consciousness of the Universe.

• How have you defined yourself?

• What if evil was just another judgment?

• Can you let go of being wrong and being right and experience something beyond?

Week Three: Releasing the Roles

We energetically examine the pain and beliefs we placed around the roles we played in our family and shine the light of consciousness on them.

• How much have you been hurting yourself with your beliefs around being hurt?

• What are you trying to prove to yourself about yourself?

• Can you let go of the hurt and be free?

Week Four: Seeing Beyond the Density

We allow ourselves to see the structures that support the density and to the truth beyond it.

• How often have you cut off your awareness of what ‘is’ in order to protect yourself?

• How much of a victim have you made yourself in an attempt to get everyone out of their limitations, out of their judgments, and out of the meanness they were doing to themselves?

• Are you willing to see beyond the programming and open to what IS?

Week Five:  Dissolving the Fear

We look at the limitation and density around fear and stress in the body and celebrate the infinite perspective beyond.

• Are you willing to open to your knowing of what truly is?

• What would it take for you to know limitation has nothing to do with you?

• How can anything be more powerful than you, when you are everything?

Week Six: Receiving the Vibration

We open to the awareness of the truth in all of us.

• Are you willing to open to the perception of what we truly BE?

• Are you willing to allow the being beyond this reality to come in?

• How much more will you allow?


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Choose this amazing audio class, do the “home play” and step into the light and love that you are! Celebrate your highest, infinite potential and release the density you may have locked in your body. Unlock the matrix of family beliefs and re-discover the bliss of being!