Experience The Miracle; Join Speaker, Author & Singer-Songwriter Rikka Zimmerman for her Album Release Party & Transformational Concert

Sun, July 9, 2017 6PM | Soho Restaurant & Music Club in Santa Barbara, CA | Tickets just $20!

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Get Your Tickets Now!tickets are just $20

Transformational leader, acclaimed international speaker, successful author, singer/songwriter, Rikka Zimmerman has guided millions of people around the world to a greater level of consciousness and universal love. As the creator of Life Transformed, a series of live-streamed summits and classes held worldwide, Rikka empowers people to know they are the catalysts for bringing about transformation for themselves and the planet.

Rikka grew up in the Ojai Valley around music her whole life, as her parents had met in a choir and play multiple instruments. Rikka carried her musical gift through adulthood and releasedher first inspirational album, Be the Change, in 2013. Two years afterwards, she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer, and became painfully aware that she was “holding herself back” musically. She says, “When I was faced with the possibility that my life might be taken from me, a burning passion ignited in my heart like an uncontrollable wild fire. I knew that I had not set my heart completely free and expressed the magnitude of my love through music.” Today, Rikka is completely in remission and stronger in every way.

In the fall she joined forces with Singer-Songwriters Isaac and Thorald Koren from the band "The Kin;" who have opened for the likes of Coldplay and Pink to put her deepest heart's dying wish into melody and lyric. She now desires even more to share her miracle of life, love and transformation with the world through her new album and transformational concert entitled, The Miracle. Experiencing Rikka's Transformational Concert "The Miracle" will open your heart, fill you with love, and inspire you to live your greatest life.