Congratulations for saying YES to Self Love Mastery!

Oh my goodness! We are diving in DEEP into the world of SELF LOVE!

It's going to be fun, it's going to be ah-mazing and it's going to be life changing! Way to make an investment in *YOU* and YOUR OFF-THE-HOOK PHENOMENAL FUTURE!

A whole new vibration of self love & radical self acceptance was brought in through this class and you are now one of the cutting edge leaders who is bringing it to the world!

You are so special and I'm so honored to be on this journey with you!

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Everything you need for downloading for Self Love Mastery is within this download folder!


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Each week I give a "Weekly Homeplay" assignment you can do with a friend.  You'll see a folder of these .pdf assignments in here as well!  You will receive weekly reminder emails about your Homeplay, however you can work at your own pace! There is no wrong way to do the course.

Included in your folder will be 3 BONUS Pre-recodrded Livestream sessions with Rikka! These are recent calls that you will get to watch and listen in on the Q&A sessions and tap into the high vibration energy on these calls.


ALSO... You Receive these 2 Bonus Audios Classes (Click to Download). You can do the work with these programs at any time.

Unlocking the Hidden Limitations of Virtues 

Instant Freedom: Free Yourself from All Suffering, Self-Judgment, Resistance and Pain

Thank you for you, my magnificent friend!

I'm absolutely thrilled and honored to have YOU and the incredible gift of your energetic contribution with us for this wonderful Adventure!