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Question and Answer Livestream Call:
The 6 Principles for True Success

My immersive 6-week , LIVE Online Masterclass is starting this Tuesday, April 23rd!

During our 6-weeks together, you will discover how to stop aligning with limitation and instead start aligning with Source using The 6 Principles for True Success!


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What Students Are Saying

Heather Smith

"You will say “oh, what a gift.” It’s incredible. It just turns your world around..."

"After implementing the 6 principles, what I found for myself is that I released so much. The judgments are no longer there, I am looking for more strengths in people than the negatives. So the positive comes first. Which is huge.

I highly recommend taking the program, working with Rikka, working with the 6 principles because you will live a more expansive life. You’ll smile more. Rain doesn’t bother you. You will say “oh, what a gift.” It’s incredible. It just turns your world around. So, do it for yourself because you can find your true self and everything flows out from there."

Heather Smith, Naples, FL
Jan Petersen

My life is transforming and now I live in a world of “I can” and not “I can’t.”

"Before the 6 principles and using those tools and processes, I had severe health issues, was in 2 major accidents and my spine was wrecked up, concussion, memory issues, shaken brain syndrome and everything. Body image issues. Severe financial issues for the last 15 years.

But after doing the 6 principles, after 4 months I had such a turning point and since then I have lost 20 pounds, gotten help for my spine and neck and they are really improving. I am actually bringing in enough money each month to cover the bills. In the past, I was always short. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. I had gone severely in debt.

My life is transforming and now I live in a world of “I can” and not “I can’t.” I am no longer restricted and I have unlimited possibilities. I love working with Rikka because she totally comes from the heart. She is so heart centered and just pure divine love.

Jan Petersen, Colorado Springs, CO
Toni Ann Mazza

"My life has changed tremendously..."

Before using the 6 principles, I had insomnia, a very hard time sleeping. All these thoughts in my mind. My mind wouldn’t shut off. After using these 6 principles, I am able to sleep with ease. I feel so at peace within myself when I go to sleep. My dreams aren’t scary anymore. They actually help me to know things that are going to happen in my day. With my body, my relationships, they have all changed immensely.

Using these principles has opened up my life. I have different conversations with people. People are clamouring to spend time with me. My body is healing immensely. I no longer have arthritis. It is just amazing!

Toni Ann Mazza, Virginia Beach, VA

Welcome Abundance Into Your Life

“My income has skyrocketed since working with The 6 Principles. I went from $50,000 of debt to now making $500,000 a year!"

Deborah Miller

"It’s so easy, so simple and practical...Anyone can use it..."

"My life has completely transformed since I’ve been working with Rikka and using the 6 principles and tools. I used to struggle with inner confidence, really feeling loved and connected. Lot’s of abandonment sorts of feelings coming up and lots of money issues coming up. So many of those processes are shifting and changing since working with Rikka.

Deborah Miller, Oaxaca City