In this 90-minute masterclass, I’ll show you the exact process to bypass your limitations to achieve a new life of success, happiness and fulfillment.

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During this Transformative Masterclass you will:

  • Discover the 3 biggest Ego generated mind-traps that try to block your expansion into higher consciousness and how to avoid them.
  • Identify the #1 mistake you make every day that guarantees you stay in the Ego’s failure cycle. Gain awareness and break free from this pattern to create lasting change.
  • Experience my secret “energy flip” technique. You’ll use this simple technique like a light switch: enabling you to turn off the Ego’s negativity, fear, and scarcity, while activating incredible love and abundance in your life.
  • Acquire a simple tool to eliminate fear so you can expand and receive more in your life. Once you have this tool-- fear will never stop or limit you again.
  • Transform the energies that support the Ego’s default mode and reprogram yourself to respond with love instead of resistance. This is the key to breaking free from the limiting patterns once and for all.

Imagine the possibilities when you outsmart the ego's voice in your head. Say goodbye to repetitive patterns and embrace a life that truly aligns with your potential.

Experience the freedom to manifest anything you desire, embody your authentic self, and create a completely new future filled with love, abundance, and fulfillment.

Meet Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, author, singer and songwriter. Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people, radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does.

Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!

What They Are Saying About Rikka

Sonia Ricotti

“I love what Rikka is creating in the world! Her happiness is contagious and her love of everyone is evident. Rikka’s ability to take people from a place of true despair and return them to the most beautiful place of self-love and adoration is magnificent!”

Sonia Ricotti Lead Out Loud Inc.
Jennifer McLean

“Rikka is one of the pre-eminant transformational teachers and healers of our time. Once you work with Rikka you will say “What story? What trauma? Instead feeling the pure embodiment of you as oneness, love and light.”

Jennifer McLean CEO, McLean MasterWorks
Natalie Ledwell

“If there’s anyone who knows the importance of each one of us being madly, unequivocally in love with ourselves, it’s Rikka. If you’re looking for the missing piece that will take you into your next level of success I highly recommend you work with Rikka…you won’t regret it!”

Natalie Ledwell Co-Founder Mind Movies
Derek Rydall

“Rikka is love embodied and pure joy in action. The transformation that Rikka creates through her facilitation is amazing — she has the ability to take people from a place of despair and return them to a place of self-love and empowerment, all in a way that is often unexpected.”

Derek Rydall Best-Selling Author & Transformational Coach

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No matter what struggles you are facing or which area of your life you seek to transform and expand, this Masterclass offers a direct path to bypass the ego and its limitations.

Once you learn how to outsmart these ego traps, you'll have the power to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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