Immerse Yourself for 4 Additional Weeks with Rikka Zimmerman

The 6 Principles for True Success

4-Week Immersion Workshop

September 8, 2020 - September 29, 2020- Tuesdays, 6pm Pacific


Hello Dear One!

You are here because we have had the amazing opportunity to explore and experience The 6 Principles for True Success together!

Every time I teach this class, I receive new downloads and upgrades from my angels and guides--these Principles really are life altering and I experience shifts in my own consciousness as well!

This is an exclusive letter only to our beloved 2019 and 2020 6 Principles for True Success students.

I hope you felt the deep transformation from this Course. I hope your inner world was transmuted as we assisted you in separating from the Ego and aligning with Source.

We are in a time of deep shedding of the old self -- breaking all the bad habits, beliefs and patterns as you awaken into the higher vibration of Source Consciousness.

I would love to inspire you to deepen this work by joining me again for 4 weeks where we will dive into four very important life themes that create the foundation of our life experiences:

  • Self Love
  • Body
  • Money
  • Relationships

4-Week Immersion Workshop Schedule

Week 1: September 8th - 6pm Pacific

Self Love:

Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Do you treat yourself like a sacred and holy space?  Are you excited you get to spend the rest of your life with you?  When you say your name how does it feel?  Does it feel like the Angels have whispered a Divine prayer of love? 

If not, you are truly missing out on the best part of life - YOU! Your love is like a magical elixir that heals and transforms you. There is no one else's love for you, like your love. Your love is the perfect medicine for you.  All you have ever needed to feel amazing in every moment is your love.  And you can give this to yourself infinitely.

This is what you can control.  And if you learn how to give it to yourself, you will live in bliss!

During this workshop, you will learn and experience:

  • How to get free from all self-judgment
  • Channel the power of self-forgiveness and step into unconditional love of self
  • Give yourself the love that you have been waiting to experience your whole life… your love
  • Clear the projections onto you from others about love... Like, my love is too much. My love hurts people. My love isn’t received. And finally embrace how much you truly do love…the most important person in your life… YOU

Week 2: September 15th- 6pm Pacific


Activating Your Divine Vessel

Do you have a Divine relationship with your body; or are you actually having a relationship with your Ego? The Ego identifies all of your body's Divine sensations into beliefs, which then create experiences of separation within your body.  

When you allow the Ego to step in with beliefs and identify and interpret your experiences into the illusion of separation, it robs you of the Divine experience you could be having with your body.

Most people do not have a relationship with their body. They don’t embrace the Divine wisdom, absolute genius, and energetic master their body is.  We truly should be learning from our body!  Not telling it how it feels.  It is functioning from a Divine magic that we do not yet understand.

It’s time to learn from the Divine vessel of love and wisdom that our bodies truly are.

During this Workshop you will learn and experience:

  • How to clear and end the interference the Ego is creating between you and your Divine Body
  • Step into a Creator position with your body in order to transform any energy into the Divine experience it is trying to be for you
  • Merge with the Divine within your body, ending the separation that has kept you feeling separate and embrace the truth that you live in a vessel of Source

Week 3: September 22nd- 6pm Pacific


Reclaim Your Divine Relationship with Money to Manifest Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity with Ease

What if you could feel like money was a Divine lover that you could play with, have fun with and enjoy?  That money was here to take care of you, nurture you, and love you?

When you embrace the true relationship with money, which is a relationship with Source, you will become an ever-expanding attracting magnet to money, wealth, and prosperity.

You will begin working with the real energy of the Universe and be able to bring forth levels of wealth that you never dreamed possible.

Most people simply believe in the beliefs from the collective Ego consciousness that have been projected upon money. They are aware of the lack, scarcity, fear, confusion, worry, manipulation and control that 7.8 billion creators are projecting upon money and they suffer.  

You don’t have to fall into that trap!  You can reclaim your Divine relationship with money and thrive financially.  As we know, when you align your internal hologram, the external hologram must serve your new level of abundance.  It’s just the way it is.

During this workshop you will experience and learn:

  • How to reclaim your Divine relationship with money to have an effortless and magical relationship with it
  • End the Ego’s ability to come between you and the abundance that is waiting for you
  • Finally release the collective consciousness of lack, scarcity, fear, confusion, control and worry with money that is then manifesting in your life

Week 4: September 29- 6pm Pacific


Claiming the Divine Union Your Heart and Soul have Longed For

Have you longed to feel truly loved, cherished, and adored by another?  Does your heart yearn to experience a Divine Union where you meet in Source and experience, co-create and cultivate a beautiful Divine love that fulfills your heart and soul?

You CAN have this, no matter who you are with. From your new alignment with The 6 Principles, you will invite your current partner or a future partner to enter into this relationship with you.

Most people are not actually having a relationship with their partner.  They are having a relationship from their Ego with their partner’s Ego.  This creates endless unresolvable conflict, countless misunderstandings, layer upon layer of false experience, feelings of isolation, the feeling of gaining and losing your love and connection with your partner, and ultimately destroys all relationships.  The Ego is a relationship killer.  

During this workshop you will experience and learn:

  • How to not let the Ego and Default Mode Network destroy your relationships
  • How to create the Divine relationship that you are choosing to invite your current partner or a future partner to join you in
  • How to experience the power of the absolute. When working with another, this is the only position that will actually work to create change
  • How to create sacred and holy relationships that are deeply fulfilling, endlessly loving, expansive, life-giving, and a joy to be in

When you join me for this 4-Week Immersion Workshop, we will join every Tuesday for four weeks starting September 8th!

As the collective consciousness grows heavier in the midst of the pandemic, and everything else 2020 has shown us--let these Tuesday evening workshops be your sanctuary of light and transformation.

Build this light up around you and those friends and family closest to you, and then extend it out to your community, your city, your state and beyond all borders.

Let the light fill the hearts of everyone right now who needs it most.

It’s hard to recognise at first, but when you uplevel and transform your own life, you are also working to transform the whole--because we are all connected.

I hope we can continue this magical journey together for 4 weeks as we deep-dive into the four major themes playing out in your beautiful life.

See you very soon!

Loving you,

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