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For the first time in over 7 years, Rikka is offering an exclusive opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching in an intimate group coaching setting.

Rikka's Spotlight Session Group Coaching Livestream 

This is only being offered to those joining the 6 Principles 4-Week Immersion Workshop.

How Does It Work?

You will come to an intimate LIVE Group Coaching Livestream where each participant, including you, will receive a 15 minute one-on-one coaching session with Rikka. You can work with Rikka on any topic, and ask any question you need support with.

Your session will be heard by the other participants. In this way the entire group receives the healing transmission of the topic being discussed.

The entire Livestream will be recorded for you to keep forever and refer to whenever you need to reactivate the transmission.

What Will You Experience With Your Spotlight Session?

Rikka will embrace you exactly where you need it most. Then create a personal process, tailored to your being, to unravel your deepest limitations around your challenge. Once you’ve released your limitations, you can open the door to your new life and higher level of consciousness.

You will also receive a personalized tool to continue expanding your consciousness in your challenged area, as well as all areas of your life, to return you to your natural state of bliss, joy, and love.

Be a Witness to the Group's Powerful Sessions

We are all human and although we have different life experiences, we have been indoctrinated into the same set of limitations. That is why there is immense value in witnessing/listening to the “Spotlight Sessions” of the other individuals in the group.

In truth, we all go through the same things, so each question, process, activation, and tool that is given to one person in their session applies to us all!

As you are following along with someone else’s transmission you will be able to hear, understand, and implement the teachings readily and transform effortlessly.

When is Rikka’s Spotlight Session Group Coaching Livestream?

We will meet twice on:

September 10th LIVE via Livestream from 10am- 1pm Pacific Time Zone.

September 17th LIVE via Livestream from 4pm- 6:15pm Pacific Time Zone.

Once you register, you will be sent a link to book your session on one of the above dates. Whether your session is on the 10th or the 17th, you are invited to come to both calls to be in the energy and receive the transmission of the other callers- This is beyond powerful!

Please plan to come to BOTH Livestreams so you get the most out of the calls. Rikka will be as diligent as possible to stay on time with the 15 minutes sessions, however if we get behind, attending the entire call will help keep the sessions moving should your scheduled session time be slightly delayed.

How Much is the Investment to Work with Rikka One-On-One?

The cost to join these powerful Livestreams and have your 15 minute session, plus receive the transmission from the other participants on the calls, plus keep the recording forever is $247.

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How Does Rikka Facilitate Transformation?

Rikka Zimmerman is a master teacher whose soul mission on earth is to return humanity’s consciousness to the enlightened state of love. She works with people from all over the world helping them raise their awareness and exposing unseen limitations that are sabotaging their health, happiness, and success to unravel them for good.

Rikka works on a quantum level and is able to access information from past lifetimes that may be responsible for suffering in this life. Rikka works vibrationally to heal and transform any issue to end limiting repeating patterns.

As well, students who have worked with Rikka for extended periods of time have found their past limitations difficult to be remembered. Imagine being so transformed that you can’t even remember your limitation!

Rikka’s unique background from the experience of being 80k in debt, heartbroken, and diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer allows her to authentically meet each student in the love, compassion, and wisdom that manifests healing and transformation.

Her work is divinely inspired directly from Source and the Angels. She is given each teaching from her guides and Angels and implements the teachings on herself to refine them through her own life experience, then once perfected, uses them to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of clients.

She is able to take highly advanced spiritual states and distill them into simple step-by-step formulas to empower each individual to harness the power of each teaching for themselves. Rikka meets each student in the dimension where they believe they are entrapped, helps unwind their trauma, and rewrites their past experience so that it is no longer limiting, stopping, or holding them back.