It's time to awaken the LOVE that is YOU!

If you’re ready to live a life filled with everything beautiful – love, gratitude and abundance - one where you are fully present and feeling completely loved in every moment… this is for you!

Are you ready to have a life where you are loved THAT much?

Are you ready for the success that self-love creates in all areas of your life?

Success in your career, relationships, and money are all an expression of your capacity to love yourself.

You CAN Let Go of Your Hurt and Pain, to Heal Your Past and Move into a New, Complete Existence –
Radiating with Self-Love.

I know - life feels tough sometimes, doesn't it?
Take a deep breath - I'm here to tell you, there IS MORE than just hope.

It’s time to fully live your  DREAM COME TRUE Life, It’s here for you NOW! It’s waiting for you to claim it!
You deserve it!

Self-Love Mastery!

"Helping you vibrationally shift your entire life with this higher octave of self-love is my specialty, it’s what I came here to bring to this world!"  ~ Rikka


Return to Self Love with the
12 Week Self-Love Mastery Video & Audio Course!


This 12-Week Pre-Recorded Livestream video and audio class will dramatically raise your vibration, and open the floodgates to receiving in all areas of your life!

Here's what they're saying about Self-Love Mastery

Nacy W.

“Prior to my class with Rikka, I was struggling with the “I’m not good enough” and I was still making others and other things “greater than me”. During the class, my body and being transformed on what I can only say was on a “micro molecular” level – a transformation within me that brought me back to me.  I am HOME! Despite the fact that December is traditionally a slow month in my business, I closed 100% more sales in December than I did the previous year. In addition, a new job opportunity fell into my lap. Prior to Rikka’s classes, I never would have even pursued this job. Now I KNOW I’m good enough!”

Nacy W.
Lina Paris.

This class has been amazing!!! When you do the work, things shift. I was always very anxious about the future and now I know I am being held in light and love, and that knowledge eases my mind and allows me to relax, be grateful and happy!!!  Rikka, I love you and thank you for this amazing class!”

Lina Paris.
Bogota, Columbia
Helen Umlah

“Because of this course I interact with life from a completely different place and I definitely LOVE myself in a new way that I did not before.  I have tried for years, to find a way to connect to my spirit in this way....I knew it was possible but could not find my way to it...until now. Words can not express the eternal impact of what this course has brought me, the group or the planet. It truly guided me, gave me practical tools I can apply in my everyday life. The questions, homeplay & toning you gave us acted beautifully as guidance for releasing the stuck energy in me.  The POWER of your awareness leading, guiding and helping me release brought such a new conscious awareness to my life! I had no idea THIS MUCH OF A SHIFT could happen for me from one course.....but you knew.  Thank you Rikka for being 'you'!!!"

Helen Umlah
Nova Scotia, Canada

Here’s what is included:


12 Self Love Mastery
2 Hour Pre-Recorded Livestreams Video & Audio

Receive powerful vibrational shifts from these 2-hour pre-recorded livestreams on the topics of self-love in money, relationships, soul mate love, romantic relationships, childhood and family, yourself, your body and more.


8-10 Self Love Mastery
Vibrational Sound Healing Audios

These incredibly powerful audio sessions have been proved to support you in fully removing old energies and patterns from your body and being and usher in new frequencies of light and love, and harmonize any energies that are keeping you from returning to self-love. These scientifically-tested, carefully calibrated tonings lower stress levels, balance energy, unlock and release stuck energy, and clear emotional patterning, among other things.


8 Self Love Mastery Homeplay Sessions

These 8 “Homeplay Sessions” (instead of homework) are designed to help you implement what you’re learning in this course into your life! They also give you the personal attention you need to integrate the processes from class into your life, while providing you with a “private session” that you can run with a partner or on yourself for each and every lesson.


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Real Total Value:  $897

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you try the program to its full potential by implementing all its components including the audios & videos and the homeplay and you do not see a positive change in how you feel and how you view your life, we will refund your money, no questions asked.