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From the moment I met Rikka in Atlanta five years ago, I knew she possessed a magic that transforms lives. We went to dinner to talk about her being on my show, Energized Living Today.

When we walked into the restaurant heads turned, faces smiled and eyes followed us as we were being seated. During dinner, waitstaff who weren’t even assigned to our table kept coming by to see what we needed. Each one commented about the ‘feeling’ that they got just by standing near our table.

After the meal our waitress brought us a free dessert. On it she wrote, ‘Empowered.’ She explained, “I’m in my second year of law school but I’ve had a lot of doubt, it doesn’t feel like my life path. I’ve been trusting that my parents new what was best for me. But tonight something shifted in me. For the first time in two years I have complete clarity. I know I have a bigger purpose…like you, I want to help transform people’s lives. It’s time to embrace my true purpose. So come Monday morning, I’m dropping out of law school and finding out what classes I need to take to become a professional speaker and life coach. Thank you, I feel so Empowered!”

I have witnessed this happen not only that day, but time and time again with our listeners. Rikka is a true transformational master—she is pure love personified. She will help you release what isn’t yours so you can embrace what is–your divine purpose.

Cindy Kubica, Host of Energized Living

At Last: Awaken the Vibrational Code That Is the Source
of YOUR Dream Life!

You CAN Discover EXACTLY What You’re Missing, and Activate Self-Love to Add More Success, Abundance and Joy to Your Life!

Do you ever see people who seem to be living an amazing, successful life … effortlessly – and wonder what they know that you don’t?

It's as if they know some mysterious secret … right?

If you:

  • Work so hard, but struggle to achieve the level of success you want
  • Feel uncomfortable in large groups, and even more so in the spotlight
  • View your life as a series of disappointments, and you're losing hope that things will ever get better
  • Have trouble asking for what you want or need
  • Feel as though you don't deserve anything better than your current circumstances, and wish you could BE happy
  • Have rocky/unstable relationships, and you struggle to love fully and deeply
  • Are exhausted and rarely feel well, whether you're constantly tired, have chronic pain, or experience frequent illness
  • Have no idea HOW to make any of it better …

We want you to know, there IS hope.

Chances are, you are missing a KEY piece in the equation of life.

What is it?

Falling deeply - and completely - in love with YOU.

You CAN Embody a Higher Echelon of Love, and BECOME the Energy that Creates Success, Abundance, Beautiful Relationships … and a Vibrant, Healthy YOU!

Join us for this exciting and transformative event and discover:

  • The energetic secret to success in all areas of life
  • The 3 biggest blocks to receiving – and more importantly - what to do about them
  • How to awaken the dormant secret vibrational code that has the potential to instantly change the trajectory of your life forever – via a powerful activation that we guide you through RIGHT ON THE CALL!
  • And so much more!

This event is a “vibrational wake-up call” like you’ve never experienced before!
Get ready to let go of anything in the way of you knowing how truly loved, adored, and supported you really are!

“Activating Self-Love: The Secret Ingredient to Having a Life of Abundance, Prosperity & Happiness!”

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