9-Week Livestream Masterclass

Consciously Reprogram Your Ego

Consciously Reprogram Your Ego

Reclaiming your power from the invisible culprit that's keeping you from experiencing a life you love

November 10, 2020 - February 2, 2021

Tuesday Evenings


Are you living the life your heart truly desires? A life of wealth and abundance, loving relationships, boundless joy, enjoying your healthy and energized body?

If your life is not the way you would design it, then there is an invisible culprit creating the experiences that are showing up.

What is the invisible culprit that is limiting every aspect of your life?

Meet Your “Default Mode Network” called The Ego.

Did you know that there is a physical part of your brain called the Default Mode Network? It’s programmed with all of your decided personal thoughts and feelings about who you are and what you think life is.

This is where the consciousness of the Ego resides and is also called the “me network.”  The default mode network is all of the stored information from your past experience and is set to repeat until you consciously choose to reprogram it.

And this is exactly what we will do in this class! 

It’s finally time to do the work, become aware of the programming, and consciously reprogram the Ego to work for you, instead of against you!

Don’t Live On Automatic

Most people are not aware they are in the throws of the Ego’s automatic program.  They believe that the Ego voice in their head IS their inner voice.  When you believe that the Ego is WHO you are, you are instantly a victim to it and your consciousness is not yet empowered enough to freely create the life of your choice.

Consciously Reprogram the Ego to Serve You in the Highest

During this class you will:

  • Raise your awareness and knowledge of the Ego’s presence and layers of programming so that it can no longer automatically take over
  • Know how to no longer become a victim to the Ego and claim the power back to create your life experience just as you design it
  • earn how to consciously reprogram your Ego so that it has no choice but to work for you instead of against you

Consciously Reprogram Your Ego
9-Week Online Livestream Masterclass

Tuesday Evenings

Each 2-hour class of this program includes:

  • A powerful Ego teaching to raise your level of awareness and understanding
  • Q & A time where you will get to ask your questions and receive personal help
  • A powerful Activation to bring you into the integration and vibration of the truth of each lesson
  • A workbook to integrate these teachings into your life
  • Weekly tools to use in your life experience to claim the power of each teaching for yourself

Masterclass Modules:

Module 1: November 10th

Exposing the FALSE YOU & Reclaiming the REAL YOU

In our first class together, I will expose the invisible culprit that is responsible for everything that is currently not working in your life.  You will become aware of what has been hiding in your subconscious, regarding its programming, so that you can know when IT is trying to take over.

The Ego is an automatic voice in your head.  When it speaks, you have believed that you were the one that was thinking.  These are not your thoughts, this is IT revealing its default program.  If you currently believe any automatic thoughts or feelings, you are allowing yourself to be taken over by the Ego.  The first step to freedom from the Ego’s programming is becoming aware of it and embracing that IT is not YOU.

Module 2: November 17th

Selecting from the Ego’s Limited Menu VS Choosing from Source’s Infinite Menu

Once you become aware of the Ego program, I will show you how to set yourself free from it.  This is the single most powerful lesson on how to escape the endless limited experiences of the Ego.  

During this class, you will discover two different types of choice so that you can recognize when the Ego is choosing VS when you are the one choosing.  Choice is vital if you want to design your life.  Yet, it is equally important to recognize WHERE you are choosing from as your consciousness is everything!

This is a brand new teaching on choice, one that you have never heard or experienced and will empower you beyond your wildest imagination.  You will learn the single most powerful tool to stand up to the Ego to begin consciously unwinding it’s hold on you, and reclaiming your power.

Module 3: Thursday, December 3rd

How the Ego is Programmed with Beliefs

Beliefs are the way in which the Ego is programmed.  Through the lens of these beliefs, you have experiences that validate those beliefs as a real reality.  During this module we will work to raise your awareness so that the Ego can no longer hijack your consciousness and take over your life experience.

When you understand what beliefs do, and how they work, you will begin to reclaim your power so that it will have less and less of an automatic hold on you.  This realization will transform every aspect of your life experience!

Module 4: December 8th

The 19 Layers of the Ego’s Program Which Maintains the Illusionary Experience of Separation

During this week, I will take you on a deep journey into understanding the 19 layers of programming that the Ego functions from.  If you don’t know this, you will think this programming is you, and become an instant victim to it.  You will begin to understand the moments in your life where the Ego has taken over and sabotaged wealth and career possibilities, ruined relationships, wreaked havoc in your body and kept you from experiencing your natural state of permanent peace, love and joy.

You will realize that all of this was not you, not your fault, and can now be released.  After this training you will have a full understanding of how to stop the Ego when it is running one of these programs and trying to take over your consciousness.

Module 5: December 15th

Reclaiming Your Feelings: From Being the Ego’s Victim to Your Consciously Chosen Life Experience

Do you ever wonder why you are in a funk?  Do you always feel a little down or even depressed?  Why do you automatically get scared, afraid, nervous, or even in a panic.  Why do you automatically feel the way you do?  And a better question, why can’t you experience whatever you choose at any moment?  

It’s because the Ego is partially or completely creating your life experience for you.  When you have given your power to the Ego and believe it IS you and its experience of life is YOUR experience of life, you are its victim and you cannot consciously choose how you feel and the life you want to experience.

Module 6: January 5th

Examining Core Wounds: A Breeding Ground for the Ego to Take Over Your Consciousness

We have all experienced traumas in our childhood.  When we go through these traumas and aren’t able to remain in a place of love and Divine understanding, we store suppressed fear, anger and hurt in our Default Mode Network.  These pockets of suppressed separation become battery packs that give the Ego instant power over your consciousness.

When you are having your buttons pushed or are in any form of automatic emotional reaction, no doubt there is stored trauma.  When we have stored trauma in our core wounds, we become susceptible for the Ego to automatically take over.

During this week’s class, we will expose what your core wounds are and take you through powerful activations and exercises to consciously reprogram them.  Then, when a button is pushed you have already installed your chosen consciousness and can consciously respond the way you choose; instead of automatically reacting from the Ego.

Module 7: January 19th

Revealing the Ego that Source Intended

During this week’s class, I will reveal the true programming of the Ego as it was given to Humanity by Source. You will see that behind the invisible culprit that appears as if it has always been ruining your life, it has been your greatest teacher presenting the false and leading you home to the truth.  We will explore how underneath all of the programming is a kind, loving, supportive consciousness that has always been serving you in the highest.

You will receive a powerful activation that will ignite this consciousness within you so that you can begin to experience the ego as you experience Source energy itself.  Imagine shifting your experience within the Ego from that of maintaining the experience of separation from love to that of maintaining oneness with love.

Module 8: January 26th

Raising Your Angelic Awareness: How You Helped Design the Initial Programing of the Ego To Serve Humanity

During this teaching you will be taken on a deepdive into your angelic awareness of how and why the Ego program was created in the first place.  What is the Ego’s Divine purpose?  How is the Ego serving humanity?  And how did you have a hand in designing it?

Once we expose these truths, you can no longer be a victim to the Ego, because you will recognize yourself as the Divine creator of it.  You will step into your true birthright as the programmer of the Ego and no longer be able to unconsciously become the program.  (You will be too empowered and know too much, this changes everything!)

Module 9: February 2nd.

Reclaiming Your Chosen Loving Relationship with The Ego

Now that you have raised your awareness of the Ego program, what it is, how it works, and have worked with the tools given to you in each level of the course, you will now be able to consciously choose your relationship with the Ego.

During this final class, you will be led on a powerful journey deep into your Divine self to reprogram the Ego voice into a voice of love and kindness.  Together we will make an absolute unwavering stand for love, that will transform the Ego’s core program into serving love instead of separation from love.  Imagine, permanently shifting your relationship with  the voice in your head from maintaining separation to maintaining the presence of love.

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Course Schedule - All Times are 6pm Pacific Time Zone
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Module 1: Tuesday, November 10th
Module 2: Tuesday, November 17th
Module 3: Thursday, December 3rd (Thursday this week)
Module 4: Tuesday, December 8th
Module 5: Tuesday, December 15th
Module 6: Tuesday, January 5th
Module 7: Tuesday, January 19th
Module 8: Tuesday, January 26th
Module 9: Tuesday, February 2nd

Our Refund & Transfer Policy:

It is my deepest knowing that you will receive massive value and transformation from this 9-week online event. Therefore we are not offering cash back refunds. However, if something should arise and you cannot attend the Livestreams, you may transfer your online access to the “Consciously Reprogram Your Ego” event to a friend or colleague. Please email [email protected] requesting the transfer with the full name and email of the recipient. This is a one time transfer and does not apply to future events.

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Meet Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, author, singer and songwriter. Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people, radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does.

Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!


Sonia Ricotti Sonia Ricotti, Lead Out Loud Inc.

"I love what Rikka is creating in the world! Her happiness is contagious and her love of everyone is evident. Rikka’s ability to take people from a place of true despair and return them to the most beautiful place of self-love and adoration is magnificent!"

Jennifer McLean Jennifer McLean, CEO, McLean MasterWorks

"Rikka is one of the pre-eminant transformational teachers and healers of our time. Once you work with Rikka you will say "What story? What trauma? Instead feeling the pure embodiment of you as oneness, love and light."

Natalie Ledwell Natalie Ledwell, Co-Founder Mind Movies

"If there’s anyone who knows the importance of each one of us being madly, unequivocally in love with ourselves, it’s Rikka. If you’re looking for the missing piece that will take you into your next level of success I highly recommend you work with Rikka...you won't regret it!"

Derek Rydall Derek Rydall, Best-Selling Author & Transformational Coach

"Rikka is love embodied and pure joy in action. The transformation that Rikka creates through her facilitation is amazing — she has the ability to take people from a place of despair and return them to a place of self-love and empowerment, all in a way that is often unexpected."

Ryan Eliason Ryan Eliason, Founder of The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

"I’ve grown to admire many things about Rikka, and one them is her fierce commitment to love.  She really gets that love is at the root of all personal and business success. You can only love others as much as you can love yourself, and you can only serve others to the degree that you genuinely care about them – and dare I say, love them!"

Kristen Howe Kristen Howe, Go Big Coach

“Rikka is pure, fantastic energy and the transformations she is able to guide people through are fun and filled with light. She has a unique ability to tap into the truth behind everything else and her willingness and joy in sharing that truth is contagious. Whenever I have the opportunity to share Rikka with my community I can’t wait because I know they’re in for an experience of a lifetime.”


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