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Be The Change and Activate Your Destiny

  • Is it time for you to be who you came to this planet to be?


  • Are you ready to move your energetic system into alignment?


  • Have you always known deep inside your heart that you were special?


  • That you are destined to bring forth a new energy and possibility for the world?


  • Could YOU be the change the world is waiting for?


  • Feel into your heart... Is that true?


  • Are you ready to Activate Your Energetic Destiny and Be The Change that changes this world?

    YES!  YES!  YES!

What is the “Activate Your Destiny” Package?

“You have an energetic destiny.  When you follow that energetic destiny nothing can ever stop or limit you again."  ~Rikka Zimmerman

Is it time to activate your destiny?  Just imagine a life where YOU are showing up as who you came to this planet to be!  Allowing your heart to be fully engaged and illuminated in the glowing lightness that heals everyone around you!  Your mind peaceful and quiet as your soul soaks in new echelons of receiving!  Feeling completely free to express your bountiful joy and fun playful nature unabandoned!  Reveling in the beauty and magic of every moment!  Bathing in the bliss and freedom of embracing the ever expanding possibilities that are effortlessly showing up for you to receive!

When you are fulfilling your energetic destiny this kind of life will show up for you!

Rikka is activated in her energetic destiny and is here to bring you into alignment with yours!

As I sat in meditation asking what I was truly on this planet for. I heard from the Universe that I was to “activate 1 billion people's hearts.” Instantaneously I thought, "And how, in the world, am I going to do that?" I heard “Continue teaching others about consciousness and create music for the masses to receive.” And with that amazing guidance I began to create my new album & activation series…

“I’m here to activate a vibration of infinite love and light in 1 billion people’s hearts that cataclysmically gives birth to a new world!”

Enjoy the Rikka Love Through her Music:
“Be The Change” transformational Heartmonics™ music album.

fellow lover of life, new thought leader, seeker of consciousness, healer, trusted friend, loving mother or father, bringer of new possibility, being that is here to change the world…
drum roll please…

YOU are THE FIRST to get to experience Rikka Zimmerman’s new vibration raising, possibility creating, body healing, love inducing, joy generating conscious music album entitled “Be The Change!”  This album that is vibrationally enhanced with 60 layers of tonings silent to the ear but dynamically felt by listeners entitled “Be The Change.”

What are the benefits of Rikka’s Toning and Heartmonics™ Music?

This music has been scientifically tested and it is energetically OFF THE CHARTS!!!

Using a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine, which is a medically recognized device in over 20 different countries, researchers looked at people’s energy levels before and after listening to Rikka’s music.  The results were astounding!

Participants chakra pictures before and after the music.

This vibrationally infused music and toning has been scientifically shown to:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Balance energy in the body
  • Create higher emotional and physical energy readings in the body
  • Clear old emotional patterning
  • Unlock and release stuck energy
  • Regulate your autonomic nervous system (Which creates healing in the body)
  • Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body
  • Create more restful, regenerative sleep
  • Open up energy flow and healing in the physical and emotional energetic bodies
  • Eliminate weakness in immune system to yeast, fungal, and molds
  • Improve organ and endocrine function
  • Improve functional performance level
  • Ease or mitigate negative attributes of emotional pain and suffering

The vibrationally infused music has also been proven to create greater alignment and size of chakra energy.

“30 Benefits of clearing and balancing chakras from”

  • Increased awareness and openness to Psychic and Spiritual Information
  • Transform weaknesses into strengths
  • Faster and greater ability to heal your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues
  • Easier Release of Non Supportive Patten
  • Increased Passion for Life
  • Experience the Power of living Present in the Now
  • Overcome boredom by infusing spirit into mundane
  • Become comfortable facing uncertainty by tapping into the stability of your Self
  • Increased manifesting ability to create what You want in life
  • Access financial wisdom
  • Enjoy healthy and loving relationships
  • Greater pleasure and enjoyment in life
  • Realization of your self worth
  • Make clear choices that reflect who You are
  • Self confidence to accept and express yourself
  • Ease in experiencing Love and forgiveness of self and others.
  • Access inspiration to turn dreams into reality
  • Awareness and dedication to your Highest life path.
  • Increase the health and strength of your immune system
  • Recognition and increase intuition
  • Express and release emotions in a healthy manner
  • Increased personal integrity
  • Attain self mastery
  • Access your inner wisdom
  • Enjoy the clarity of a focused mind
  • Abundant inner guidance by maintaining a strong connection to Source
  • Live your Highest Life Path
  • Tap into your Will Power
  • Clear communication of your heart and mind
  • Experience the power of being grounded in physical and your Spiritual

All of these benefits were recorded within seconds of listening to the music!

Rikka’s Heartmonics™ music benefits the health of the human energetic system. With results like these, it would be valuable for anyone to listen to Rikka’s music several times a day.
Tim Toula

Start receiving the benefits of the “Be The Change” Heartmonics™ Music album and Activating Your Destiny Package from this world premier offer today!

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