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Rikka’s Money Belief Buster Package

The Top 20 Money Belief Busting Hot Seat Sessions (pre-recorded)

Rikka is offering 20 of her most powerful 15-Minute Hot Seat Sessions where she works 1-on-1 with clients to unravel some of the biggest blocks to receiving wealth, money and abundance.

And for the FIRST TIME EVER she has made these recordings available to you!

Here are the questions that Rikka addresses in this Hot Seat Money Belief Buster Package

#1:  How do I fully align myself with wealth and maintain that experience?

#2:  How do I let divinity all the way in so I can receive abundance? I am exhausted by my story and can feel it is keeping me from flowing with abundance.

#3:  I am passionate and excited about my business but it is not growing.  How do I get into a successful relationship with money so that I can be prosperous?

#4:  How do I let go of fear and obligation so I'm more open to receive abundance?

#5:  I’m always trying to avoid failure.  How do I let go of that fear so I can receive more?

#6: How do I let go of my belief that careers work out great for everyone but me?

#7: I feel like I'm always waiting for abundance to show up and it never does.  Can you help me with that?

#8:  How do I align with my divine destiny and be my greatest self?

#9:  How do I find a greater communing with God so I can receive everything that's coming into my life with ease?

#10:  How can I fully shine my light in this world?

#11:  How can I learn to trust money?

#12:  How can I receive peace and worthiness around abundance?

#13:  How can I really come into ease with creating and receiving abundance?

#14: I struggle to be here and it feels like I can't receive anymore than what I have.  Will you help me break through this glass ceiling?

#15:  How can I more fully surrender to the magical being that I am, let go of control, and open up the floodgates to receiving?

#16: I am so afraid of looking and finances and money.  How do I end this struggle?

#17: How do I release the fear of money and completely come home to receiving infinitely?

#18: I feel caught between a rock and a hard place with abundance.  How can I set myself free from this place?

#19: I feel like it's such hard work to see financial opportunities.  How do I become more with the divine, love, and my purpose so I can receive more easily?

#20:  How can I let go of my old content of money so that I am free to have abundance?

Each one of these participants invested $200 for their 15-minute session.  That means that Rikka’s Hot Seat Money Belief Buster Package has a value of $2,000 dollars!

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