Class #2: The Subconscious & Energetic Triggers You're Using to Reject Money

How would you answer Question #2?
When you think about money, how do you feel?

A. Angry, fearful, worried, and/or resentful. (My stomach is instantly tied in knots, because there is never enough!)
B. I feel “okay.” My basic needs are met, and I have just enough to get by. (It’s not like I’m livin’ in a lap of luxury, but I’m okay. Really.)
C. I love money! I love having it, creating with it, and using it to shift the world! (Just thinking about money makes me feel all tingly and excited!)

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*Note* This program is designed to walk you step-by-step through 5 Abundance lessons and give you time between each lesson to practice the Abundance Tool at the end of each video. You will receive an email in 2 days with access to your next Video Training Course. Until next time, Keep Loving You! ~ Rikka