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Your Personal Abundance Frequency Score is Between 400-528 Hertz

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You Have Scored Between 400-528 Hertz

What does your Abundance Frequency Score Mean?

Great job! You’ve unraveled a lot of the fear associated with having money. You’ve begun to trust yourself with money knowing that you can have it and you’re not scared of something happening to it. With this vibration of trust and love for yourself you’ve unraveled a lot of your past lifetimes around money and feel like money is a friend that you enjoy being with. This is wonderful! Congratulations!

What are the 5 sneaky subconscious abundance anchors that are keeping you from the wealth that you deserve? 

Anchor #1:

Feeling unworthy or undeserving of receiving wealth.

  • Your life is pretty easy and you crave new opportunities to expand your joy and fun.
  • You’ve got plenty of money for more than just “what you need.” Now you are open for how to make it show up even easier. Of course, more would always be better.
  • Your job or career probably is most likely aligned with your passion and purpose.

Anchor #2:

You secretly (or not so secretly) resent or hate money

  • You love money and what you can create with it.
  • You aren’t afraid to be judged by the world for loving money, it’s fun!
  • You realize the people that judge you are just functioning from a limiting belief and you wish them all the wealth in the world knowing they’ll release it when they’re ready.

Anchor #3:

You believe in lack or scarcity

  • You have more than enough money for everything that you want to do, as long as it’s within reason. What if you’re “dream come true life” is out of reason instead of within reason?
  • When you choose to stretch yourself financially and say yes to what you know will expand your life the Universe usually finds a way to support you. If it doesn’t you don’t say something like “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”
  • You’re happy with what is showing up now, but have big dreams for your future and wonder when those dreams are finally going to show up for you. This indicates that you know that more IS possible for you. But that “more” being in your future indicates that the anchor of “lack and scarcity” is still present here.

Anchor #4:

You believe that having money is dangerous. 

  • You feel comfortable being in wealthy environments.
  • You feel on the same level as anyone with wealth. (You no longer are making them greater than you, or you less than them.)
  • You trust you to make financial decisions to expand your wealth.

Anchor #5:

You believe money is confusing and you would rather not deal with it.

  • Money is easy for you. It seems silly to you that people would spend more money than they make.
  • You have a steady stream of income coming in that takes care of everything you need, and of course more would be better!
  • Your job isn’t your “dream job” but it’s better than most, so you think, “I’m doing pretty good.”

Sweet friend, you have already done a lot of your inner work and are mostly resonating at the frequency of Love!  You have released a lot of the heavier vibrations of fear, anger and judgment that have been holding you back.  Good work!  Well done!

But let me ask you this, are you having and enjoying the wealth you truly know is possible?

Or does it feel like there is a glass ceiling that is keeping you from having wealth beyond your wildest dreams?

If you would like to receive even more wealth and take your abundance to the next level then there is still room to raise your abundance frequency to 528-1122 hertz!

What kind of change could you create in the world if you allowed yourself to make millions?

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