Your Personal Abundance Frequency Score Results!

Your Personal Abundance Frequency Score is Between 200-400 Hertz

You Have Scored Between 200-400 Hertz

What does your Abundance Frequency Score Mean?

Unbeknownst to you, there are 5 sneaky subconscious abundance anchors that are active in your field right now and are bringing your Abundance Frequency Score™ down and keeping you from being able to have and enjoy wealth.

What are the 5 sneaky subconscious abundance anchors that keeping you from the wealth that you deserve? 

Anchor #1:

Feeling unworthy or undeserving of receiving wealth

  • You try to be happy and content with what you have and feel pretty good a lot of the time, but you know so much more is possible. Your undeserving anchor has created a glass ceiling above you. You know more is possible for you, but you can’t seem to attain it.
  • You find yourself “playing it safe” or going with what is normal, customary or what is expected of you. You don’t feel safe enough to step out on your own and create something different.
  • You try and open your heart but you want to protect yourself, and don’t want to get hurt.

Anchor #2:

You secretly (or not so secretly) resent or hate money

  • You don’t hate money, you don’t love money, you just see it as a necessity.
  • You don’t see any reason to have more money than what you need. You’re more or less content to be where you are. If you see this symptom active in your field this may be an indication that you were trained to believe that if you have more money, you take money away from other people.
  • Money is very mechanical to you. You don’t get excited or passionate about it, it just is what it is.

Anchor #3:

You believe in lack or scarcity

  • You do “Ok.” The Universe seems to always meet your needs. But you can’t seem to really get ahead. Again these patterns are looping.
  • You try and be content with what you have but you know that so much more is possible for you.
  • You may have savings but you’re scared that something is going to happen and you’re going to lose it. Because you’re in the middle zone, the fear of there not being enough is buried beneath the surface.

Anchor #4:

You believe that having money is dangerous

  • You never seem to get ahead financially. That’s because not having is safer because you have less to loose.
  • You feel like there is a glass ceiling that is keeping you from having more money that you just can’t seem to break through. You might have even thought that it was because you weren’t smart enough, or making the right business decisions, but it is because of this deep seeded anchor!
  • You would trust an investment firm to invest your money instead of feeling into what you feel would increase in value. This shows that you don’t trust yourself with money.

Anchor #5:

You believe money is confusing and you would rather not deal with it

  • You think that ignorance is bliss so you would rather just keep charging on your card.
  • You’re afraid that if you really look at your finances you’re going to have to change your spending habits and you really don’t want to do that.
  • You have a secret dream that if you get yourself deep enough in debt maybe your mom, dad or a husband or wife will come and save you.

You may be experiencing some or all of these in your life right now, which is all a reflection of your abundance frequency. Each of these anchors are lowing your vibration and keeping you from the abundance that you so richly deserve!

When you are resonating within this frequency it means that there is an underlying current within your energy bodies that acts like an anchor lowering your vibration and keeping you from receiving wealth. You are broadcasting this frequency into the world and everyone around you has no choice but to validate your beliefs.

Now don’t worry; I want you to know that wherever you are in your life with money, you’re not alone.  I’ve been there, done that and bought the tee-shirt!  I was resonating between 20-200 hertz and created $80,000 in debt!

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