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Join me daily May 14-20 at 10 am Pacific for a 30-minute complimentary livestream, where I unveil each of the 7 elements of abundance, one per day, and THEN give you specific tools and processes to master them, as we activate your vibration into these higher frequencies.

You will:

  • Discover the ‘7 Elements of Abundance,’ and how - when you embody them - money and opportunities show up like magic!
  • Activate the ‘7 Elements of Abundance’ in your body and energy field, so you can FEEL the energy of the abundant life you deserve!
  • Receive powerful activations and sound healings that will raise your frequency into overflowing abundance.
  • Implement a daily tool that will attract each element of abundance into your life.
  • And so much more!

When you master the 7 elements of abundance, your vibration resonates at a frequency that will effortlessly attract all the money, wealth, and opportunities you desire!  

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