Let’s stand together as representatives of human consciousness to transform the world!

May 12th at 7:15 pm Pacific

Have you always known deep in your heart that so much more is possible?  That life should feel like a miraculous, fun, and joyful adventure in never-ending love and magical possibilities?

You feel this because you have a deep knowing of love, of life, of Source that you are meant to activate and bring into this world.

You are The Miracle of love that life truly is.

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Surrender In The Totality For All Humanity

When you join us live you set an intention from the totality of who you truly are, which is then broadcasted into the entirety of the Universe to serve your complete surrender to Source.

If everyone here surrendered to love in totality; would any of the wars, violence or abuse exist?  No.

Give yourself to the love that you truly are, to be healed and transformed, and just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you will be born anew.   Born In Love and Born As Love.

During this Livestream Broadcasted Event in L.A, you will experience the miracle of:

  • Awakening the Divine awareness of the love you truly are
  • Raising your vibration to emanate the perfection of the Divinity within you
  • Releasing any old patterns and programs that are keeping you from your Divine experience
  • Giving yourself fully to your Divine self
  • Using your Divine capacities to magically shift your vibration in your life and in the collective consciousness

Join me and thousands of others as we stand together in complete surrender and use our God given right as creators to not only transform our lives but create a global impact in the world.

You are going to want to be there live.  There is a secret, powerful, tidal wave of love that you will only experience when you join us.

I will also be debuting my new song "Tidal Wave" from my upcoming album, The Miracle! Be the first to experience the Tidal Wave of Surrendering to Love in your life.

See you soon!

We value your privacy and would never spam you