Life Transformed Introductory Coaching Program

Dear Beautiful Friend,

You are on this page because you expressed interest in Rikka Zimmerman’s Life Transformed Certified Coaching Program, and at this time, a yearlong commitment is not in the cards for you.

The Life Transformed Introductory Coaching Program is the next best thing for you. With this program, you get to tread the “coaching waters” with less time and money commitment, all while still being in the company and energy of the LT Coaching program. It’s the perfect way to get to know this community and all it has to offer.

With the Life Transformed Introductory Coaching Program you get:

  • 7 Day Coaching Course on Maui, Hawaii (March 1-7, 2020)
  • Life Transformed VIB (Very Important Being) Group Coaching with Rikka
    (3 times a month group Q&A Livestream calls with Rikka for one year)

7 Day Coaching Course on Maui, HI

March 1-7, 2020

This course is designed to open you up to the real YOU. The talents and abilities that YOU have. The very *special* way that YOU channel source.

I will show you how to use those amazing talents that you have to facilitate change in people’s lives. Get ready to be blown away as you open up to the most fulfilling career there is… BEING YOU, and changing the world while receiving money for it!

During the retreat I’ll show you the behind the scenes inside scoop on how I facilitate dramatic shifts in people's lives and have created a million dollar business. Here's a taste for what's in store...

Discover the Secrets to Facilitating Groups

Have you ever had the pleasure of channeling miraculous God energy into a group while assisting them to accept and receive this part of themselves? If you haven’t, you’re going to be joyfully amazed at how unbelievably awesome you are!

You will learn to:

  • Open up to your unique talents and abilities so you can channel the energy and awareness that only you are here to bring
  • Get hands-on experience facilitating groups to bring your message into the world
  • Learn how I open up, access, and do what I do, so that you can open up, access, and do what you do
  • Get the inside scoop as I show you the how and why behind all of my facilitation

Activate Your Unique Talents and Abilities

You came in with everything you need to take this journey back home to you and these specific talents and abilities are unique to you.  I will show you how to:

  • Open up your awareness of how to listen and receive messages and vibrations from your higher self and the angels
  • Channel these vibrations into the room
  • Understand the gift that only you possess that will be the energetic platform of your coaching business

Awaken Your Energetic Hands-On Healing Capacities

As a being you live in a universe of god perfection--one with only love and only light.  This universe that is you can be activated to heal and transform people’s bodies.  I will guide you to:

  • Open the floodgates to channeling Divine energy to work in one-on-one sessions or with large groups
  • Awaken your unique talents and abilities with healing bodies
  • Discover what you are capable of bringing into the physical world through hands-on healing

* Participants are responsible for their own meals, airfare and transportation. A discounted room rate at the Royal Lahaina will be available.

Life Transformed VIB Group Coaching with Rikka

3 times a month Q&A for one year

Join me 3 times a month for 90 minutes, as I facilitate Q&A coaching plus powerful Activations that bring in brand-new, cutting-edge consciousness!

This VIB Group Coaching also includes access to hundreds of hours of archived video and audio sessions by Rikka on every topic in the world of consciousness.

You also get access to a community of support of like-minded beings, our Life Transformed coaches, who are also committed to their spiritual growth, and to being the Love that changes this world!

So, NOW are you ready to set the groundwork to transform your life by joining us LIVE in Maui and spending an entire year in community on our Life Transformed VIB Group Coaching Membership?

Because you could not join our yearlong coaching program, we have designed this Introductory program to be a no-brainer YES for you... and BE in the high vibration, transformative energy of me and our coaches for an entire YEAR! I can feel this for you!

Remember Maui is just around the corner, March 1-7! It's time to say YES and start manifesting your greatest life now!

How much is The Life Transformed Introductory Coaching Program worth?

7 Day Coaching Course on Maui, Hawaii

Value: $10,000

Life Transformed Inner Circle Group Coaching with Rikka

Value: $6,000

Total Value: $16,000
Your Special Tuition Price: $6000


Adventure in Oneness® does not offer program refunds for any reason. There is no drop-out option. To protect the integrity and quality of the Life Transformed™ Introductory Coaching Program experience, participation in the program and attendance at the retreat is nontransferable.