Life Transformed™ 4 Day Intensive

Check Out these Incredible TRUE Stories from the Participants at the Life Transformed 4 Day Intensive in Australia!

The video below is from Day 2 of the Life Transformed 4 Day Intensive in Australia, after we ran a powerful process to re-write the memories from your past so that your present reality is now in Pure Love!

These mind-blowing transformations are waiting for you in Los Angeles at our next Life Transformed Class on August 9-13.

Join us for a date with destiny. It is your destiny to step into who you are. When you step into this and transform your life, your transformation spreads and transforms the WORLD! 

Don't let anything stop you. Just get there! You won't believe that you considered not coming!

And the stories of transformation keep coming...

Rikka's Angel and champion of love - Deni  Marietta

I just wanted to share with you and the team how amazing "being me" in the world has been. The children on my flights were happy, the adults were calm.  Walking through the airport felt like the waters parted for me, path cleared, no stress, totally fluid ease. I arrived home to fresh flowers and a clean kitchen, compliments of my beautiful son's, fairy princess girlfriend, Jayde. Sean, my son, cleaned out and vacuumed my vehicle. I cried, I felt so loved. Before I left I wasn't able to pay my rent and travel expenses, now my rent is flowing in with kindness, love and appreciation from old clients and new. I love my life!  It's so much fun being an angel  🙂  Hugs and appreciate beyond words to all of you.

Rikka's Angel and champion of love - Deni Marietta, GA
Sarah S.

Everything has changed since my class experience with you … all worry and fear has dissolved, the peace and understanding for myself and others has been flowing freely, and my Yoga TV program has taken off and is airing on Network as well as in other countries… my husband’s career has flourished … more information keeps flowing through and we have created more income in one month than I did in 6 months last year!!! Anyway, I am so thankful for your contribution to my life and cannot thank you enough for the peace you have reminded me of that was always there."

Sarah S., Wisconsin
Nancy W.

Prior to my class with Rikka, I was struggling with the “I’m not good enough” and I was still making others and other things “greater than me”. During the class, my body and being transformed on what I can only say was on a “micro molecular” level – a transformation within me that brought me back to me.  I am HOME! Despite the fact that December is traditionally a slow month in my business, I closed 100% more sales in December than I did the previous year. In addition, a new job opportunity fell into my lap. Prior to Rikka’s classes, I never would have even pursued this job. Now I KNOW I’m good enough!”

Nancy W., Hawaii

A Most Excellent time. With 150 of the most amazing beings on the planet, we entered realms of energy and love that are truly divine. I've gotta wait for the recordings of the class to find out what was happening. (Grin). So much Love, such wonderful people. Dang, I'm gonna have to get a new set of words to describe it!
Love Light and Sparkles!
Bill Scott, Colorado

I have been on the transformational path for 5 years and after much searching, seeking and striving this has finally brought me me.
Melissa Bradley, founder of Love Your Magical Life

I released so much stress and tension in this class; I feel I have been lifted into a whole new way of being.
Clare R., Ireland

My life will never be the same and I am more in touch with the love, light and joy that is me and my purpose on planet earth than I have ever been and wow, I am feeling it more and more every day!!!

I have moved into so much more love - being love and receiving love. The pain in my body has reduced and I am open and receptive.
Hilary, Switzerland

Rikka's Total Transformation 4-day immersion teachings and energy activations COMPLETELY rocked my world!!!

I learned that I love that warm, beautiful, precious tender self that I have always been, I just forgot. I know now how to surrender to the depths of my infinite self to bring me into total love. I feel so much more spacious, loving, self-loving, present, and purpose filled.
Arianna Z, Alberta

I have to tell you that on a totally full flight home, I somehow found myself moved from a blocked-in centre seat to a window, adjacent a broken unoccupied aisle seat (aisles being my preference when travelling long haul) - and therefore supported to be able to spread out and rest in spaciousness and move about with ease. How amazing is that? Especially as the 'broken seat' mended itself after I had been moved...Now home, I am no longer afraid of a life situation that has been haunting me for months. I'm so grateful to feel relaxed and well. Thank you so much,
Becky, Hove, UK.

Before this class, I had low self-esteem and lived in a very small, quiet box and didn’t allow many people in. As a result of this class, I feel complete and total forgiveness of my parents. I feel as though I’m bursting with love and complete acceptance for myself and others and a deep sense of connection with other people and my guides and angels.
Meg H, Washington

Loneliness was my biggest emotional block; I now feel loved, spacious, interconnected and home with my soul family. Physically before class I was experiencing nausea, imbalance, and headaches from past accidents. During this class, for the first time in two years, I woke up without any headaches or nausea. And I know I can continue this reparation from home!
Cassia K, Canada

I experienced a divine homecoming and disintegration of the illusionary blocks and integration of my real loving, angelic essence.
David B, Los Angeles, CA

I received so much from this class! What I loved most is seeing my true self-divine love being, one with all, one with god. I feel total bliss and peace, and love. total love.
Natalia B., Atlanta, GA

Rikka is so powerful and full of knowing, guidance and LOVE. I felt so loved in this class by her and all the others, more than I’ve felt in a millenium. I feel lighter, clearer, and more whole; I have me back!!
Madeleine W, Providence, RI

In this class, I opened the highway to heaven and met and experienced and embodied god. I came home to me in this class and it feels so great and possible to stay here infinitely.
Desiree G, France

Because of this class, I experienced a realization of my enormous power in every moment. I celebrate myself and have let go of all the patterns that do not honor me any more.
I am new!
Leya D, Alberta, CA

I experienced the return to myself, and remembered that I am LOVE. Now, there is only joy, laughter, peace and beauty!
Collette, Trinidad

This class was life-changing. Months before I even knew about this class, I knew I was about to take a new journey, I could see I was about to take steps to a higher vibration. I started letting go of heaviness, old relationships and stuff holding me down. I am so glad this retreat found it’s way to me. I trust in my own purpose now and I know that  I am being held by divinity; there is a plan and I am part of it. I just have to relax and follow the energy.
Agneta B, Stockholm

Before coming to this class, I totally hated myself and felt I could never be or do enough and felt like there was little choice but to be depressed. This class was inspiring, joyful and peaceful beyond belief. I now finally feel self-love. My depression has lifted and I am aware of how ease is the natural way of being for me in this world.
Heather R, Maui

Because of this class, I have come to realize how precious the energy I’m bringing on to the planet is and that I have an orchestra of angels and light beings cheering me on! I know that wherever I have energies coming up in my system to be let go of, I can choose love, gratitude, support and guidance. I don’t have to struggle any more!!
Linnea L, Stockholm, Sweden

This event was a deep and profound divine experience, where I was gifted incredible amounts of knowing and love, and being in the grace of receivership, the shackles came off and I was given the green lights to truly embrace my true being of magnitude.
Sapphire, New Zealand

This class was an existential, out-of-body healing and reconnecting. I released stubborn, clinging content revolving around looking outside of me for God love. I also realized I love receiving and most particularly, receiving ME!
Sara N, Denver, CO

This class for me was an opening to bliss and truth. I rose up to my highest self, released my human-ness with love, and have arisen as the true goddess I’ve always been.
Cheryl P, Los Angeles

I am embodying my magnificence, living in full possibility, my heart is wide open and connected to everyone. I am oneness, I am love.
Sara S, Hermosa Beach, CA

This class was truly life-changing! I have never felt so loved and supported; it was a safe space for me to relax and let go of my old content. I feel like I’ve finally met people who are like me; for me, this is huge; I felt connected to everyone in the class.
Kristin L, California

I feel more confident in my own being with none of the old stories or events holding me back. I’m not worried about the future, I’m excited to see how it unfolds. I’m not worried about being in the “real world” anymore. I’ve got this!
Deirdre, Spokane, WA

Prior to this class, I felt like a pinball in a pinball machine, bouncing back and forth between divinity and reality. In class, I stepped into more of loving, accepting, and approving of me and now I feel like I am more of me - the real me - than I have ever been in this lifetime.
Holle B, Indianapolis

In this class, I experienced deeper integration, knowing, love of me and my path. I am now living in my heart and know how to stay here. I feel so much more in love with my husband, and I know that I no longer feel responsible for saving the world!
Ellen T, Sun Valley, Idaho

You've read all these amazing stories of transformation and now it's your turn! Come join the most loving and fun people you’ll ever meet and blow the doors off the illusion of separation that's holding you back. Rikka and your Soul Family are waiting for you to SAY YES to your most miraculous life!

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To During Our Time Together:

  • Be one of the first to learn Rikka's brand new teachings, The 6 Principles and experience firsthand Instant Transformation at the event.
  • Participate in brand new tools that will energetically and systematically re-write your memories so that you are no longer a victim to your past.
  • Learn the energetics of the Miracle of life and how your thoughts, energy and actions influence how you miraculously manifest what you want.
  • Discover the foundation of limited reality & how to outsmart it to transform anything in your life.
  • Reveal why you are here… and the secret to absolute freedom
  • Learn how to move into Oneness and out of separation
  • Experience what it’s like to finally stop judging yourself for good!
  • Step-by-step process to forgive anyone in your life and set you free from the past so that you can create any future you choose
  • Build a foundation of Self-Love that fulfills your heart and soul
  • The secrets to creating lasting wealth, money and abundance!
  • The inside scoop on how to shift anything in your body
  • How to be the love of your life, and attract the love of your life
  • The foundation of creating a beautiful, loving, sacred relationship with your partner
  • The step-by-step guide on how to create a loving, kind, and nurturing relationship with your body
  • Kickoff celebration evening on August 9th!
  • And so much more!

Rikka Shares More About The 4-Day Intensive 

Check out this powerful video of Rikka passionately sharing about her upcoming 4 Day Intensive in LA. This is the last time she will facilitate this particular 4 Day Intensive, so check it out, and then Register. You won't be sorry!

So How Will You Be Joining Us for this Amazing Life Transformed Class on August 9-13?


Spend 4 remarkable days with Rikka LIVE in LA. Experience the potency of the in person vibration, meet your Soul Family and have a total immersion experience.



Join this amazing event by watching the livestream on your favorite device. Experience the magic from the comfort of your home if you can't be with us live!


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