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"Did you love the first 4 Weeks of Activating Your Infinite Abundance?"

Are you ready to take the next step into infinite abundance?

We created a very special offer for you to continue with this life-changing powerful series...
Activating Your Infinite Abundance Weeks 5-8.

With each moment of these recordings, tonings, and homeplays, Rikka brings us more and more into the Infinite Abundance that is your birthright!

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The TRUTH is that YOU are an infinite treasure whose light is essential to the unearthing of a new depth of love on this planet .  "You are a gift!"  Would you allow yourself to get paid for it?"

Would you be willing to receive that you as a divine being are abundant simply because you wake up and breathe everyday? Would you be willing to know that this Universe is so infinitely grateful for you that it wishes only to give you everything your heart desires???

...all you have to do is be willing to create the energetic space for it to come in!

With this series, Rikka calls us even further into the depths of our beings to create from a space of INFINITE ABUNDANCE and step into the MAGIC of creating wealth with ease.

Are you ready to have unbounded love and joy of having and receiving abundance with ease?

Your journey to infinite abundance includes:

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 5

  • Do you feel you can’t have a life of abundance with ease?
  • Are you ready to rewrite your energetic history around how you receive money?
  • Is it time to design your life, your work, and your business in a way that works for YOU as the embodiment of magnificence you truly ARE?
  • Are you willing to let go of all resistance you currently have and dive head-first into receiving the INFINITE abundance that is your birthright?!

OH MY GOODNESS!! In this expansive and block-busting audio, Rikka lovingly and totally shows up for YOU to assist you in shifting everything around your current reality with money, business, abundance and LIFE! This AWESOME recording will bring you into an integrated understanding of how important your gifts and dreams are to this planet and how they are built specifically for you to have the infinite abundance that you have always desired!

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 5 Toning

Are you ready to claim your own way of being with every part of this reality with total abundance? This toning experience is designed to bring you into vibrational alignment with the totally supportive, abundant universe that exists for you infinitely, clearing your resistances and allowing you to deeply step into this space with ease and grace.

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 5 Homeplay

What if you could shift the energy of every situation to create an outcome that honors you and allows the possibilities of infinite abundance to flow into your universe? This action guide will lead you to facilitate shifts around abundance and wealth in your life, while tapping into the infinitely supportive universal energy that surrounds you!

PDF - Value: $27

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 6

This download is about all about trusting YOU and accessing the energies of the Earth to activate your infinite abundance! What if you gave yourself the gift of trusting you completely, instead of trusting the manipulations and fear this reality has created around money and abundance? What if you could use the fear or rage you have around the illusions of money and lack to banish false perceptions forever?

In this powerful recording, Rikka invites us to be present for all the energies of our past, present and future realities so that we can shift them into a place of total love and claim our magnificent life.

What if the target of your life was always expansion and harmonization instead of various definitions or versions of “truth”? Are you ready to leap into the INFINITELY magical future that awaits you?? 😉

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 6 Toning

This beautiful toning acts as a gateway for you to step fully into your divine power with abundance, light, and love. Allow the layers of false perceptions around what you may have thought “power” is to fall away so that you may now use the full energies of Heaven and Earth safely and lovingly to create your best life on this planet.

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 6 Homeplay

Are you interested in designing your dream life, fulfilling your divine destiny, and serving this universe with your unique gifts? What would your dream life look like and why? This action guide will assist in connecting you to this vision and clearing out the old energies to bring about your dream life!

PDF - Value: $27

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 7

  • Are you ready to set your soul free from the illusions that bind you from embracing your abundant potential?
  • Would you be willing to see every choice you have ever made as a divine gift to you on your path toward creating your energetic destiny?
  • It is time to transform all perceived wrongness (and rightness) into knowing, opening and letting go?
  • Would you let your system move into expansion with a HUGE, ENERGETIC “YES!”?

In this week’s audio, Rikka gets you clear on what it really means harmonize the energy around every choice you have ever made around money, abundance, and leading your best life!

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 7 Toning

This toning is about saying “YES” to the divine destiny this planet has prepared for you! Allow your heart to expand and meet the new future as you let every resistance in your being fall away.

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 7 Homeplay

Last week we visualized our dream life and what it means to create our divine destiny. This week we are ready to activate that destiny! This action guide will lead you to define  & express inspired actions for you to take in the joy, love and light that will align you with your divine future!

PDF - Value: $27

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 8

HOLY MOSES!! This week is just amazing!! Buckle up! because this audio will catapult you into a world of INFINITE LOVE & LIGHT! 

  • Are you ready to claim the energy of LIGHT and LOVE as your universe with money?
  • Would you be willing to be so present with your heart’s truth that no situation could in any way pull you away from the core of your deep knowing or from your divine path? Are you ready to embody universes of love and expansion beyond any perceptions of limitation you have ever encountered?
  • It is time to take your rightful place in the Universal Love & Light Master Class that Rikka is sharing with the world in this program?!

Join Rikka in this awesome audio as she invites you to COMPLETELY and FULLY BE the harmonizing element in YOUR LIFE so that from now on, in EVERY situation, you will create abundance and joy beyond your wildest dreams!

Activating Infinite Abundance - Week 8 Toning

Would you allow every thought, every word, and every action to be a contribution to you walking on the hallowed ground that is your divine destiny? This toning further opens up the space for you to shine your light and love into the universe, rearranging it into a beautiful new reality, crafting your path to infinite abundance.

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Testimonials from the class

Thanks a million to Rikka, and her wonderous team for The Infinite Abundance calls. The gifts of abundance in my life have increased exponentially and more…I have travelled to Melbourne, Hawaii, and to Queensland. I am living The Dream! Sapphire K.
The amazing energy and space you all provide for us to play in has been miraculous. Watching my personal interactions shift and change, even those with my immediate family, is the best gift I've ever allowed myself to receive… I have stepped into something far more precious and beyond anything I could have ever imagined - yet somehow, is what I always knew was. Sara N.

***Bonus Gift***

Diamond Upgrade Breakthrough Sessions Audio!

When you purchase the Infinite Abundance Weeks 5-8 you will also receive
*Six 15-Minute Rock Your World Hot Seat Sessions!*

Infinite Abundance class members had individual hot-seat sessions with Rikka to unlock their deepest core issues! There was so much mind-blowing change that occurred for each individual and the group we knew we had to make them available to you as well!!

By listening to these sessions you can gain all the wisdom, insights and openings that were uncovered during these incredible conversations - it’s like having a backstage pass into Rikka’s  livingroom where she is very personally sharing her true wisdom & insight!

That’s and extra 90- minutes of powerful clearing your deepest core issues!

And an added value of $900!

You will feel just like you are in a private session with Rikka guiding you intimately though unlocking these deep limiting core beliefs.

  • Ending struggle
  • Letting go of fear
  • Releasing blocks to receiving
  • Building a successful relationship with money
  • Creating business as divinely guided
  • How we use giving to reject receiving
  • Fully shining your light in the world
  • You as the light and the love of the Universe

If you would like to dive DEEPLY into your CORE issues and shift into a WHOLE NEW VIBRATION these session will take you there!

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