"Hawaii Is Calling Your Soul: This Could Be YOU!"

If You’re Ready to Embark on an Exhilarating Adventure That WILL Expand Your Consciousness and Fully Transform Your Life, This Is for YOU!

September 25th - October 1, 2016

In Just 7 Days, Experience a Total Shift in Your Energy and Vibration into Higher Dimensions! Step into Living as Your Angelic Self So You Can Finally Reach the Highest Echelons of Joy, Magic and Fulfillment.

You CAN live the life of your dreams – and it’s going to be even better than you imagined!

From the desk of Rikka Zimmerman:

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You know there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing. But for the life of you, you can’t figure out how to get there.
  • Life feels like a struggle. You have a feeling it shouldn’t be so hard, all the time, but you don’t know how to “smooth out” the path.
  • You stress about money … time … commitments … let’s face it: you stress a LOT.
  • You feel like you’re not good enough, so you keep yourself small to avoid being judged. No matter how hard you try to change, your thoughts just keep circling back!
  • You’ve spent time and money on consciousness classes – but they haven’t worked. The changes didn’t feel authentic, and they certainly didn’t last.
  • You know, deep inside, that you have a bright, brilliant, beautiful future… but you don’t know exactly what it is, or how to get it out there.

Above all, you’re sick and tired of looking for that “better way,” and you just want the “magic bullet” already!

Magic. Joy. Peace. Ease. Abundance.

It DOES exist. And it can be yours.

Before going to the 7-day Adventure in Oneness class in Hawaii in 2012 with Rikka, I had a deep fear of the water, no pun intended. We were on the boat the day of our dolphin swim. I was petrified. I got in the water once and almost immediately got back on the boat. Then Rikka took me in again. The dolphins were swirling around me, I put my face in the water to feel their immense energy and to received their download. What happened next was beyond my wildest expectations and beyond explanation.

I went through a physical transformation that unlocked a health condition of 15 years, right then and there!

Not only did I get over the fear of water, but had a miraculous healing at the same time. This class is worth the dolphin swim by itself with Rikka, let alone the week-long immersion with Rikka which is out of this world!

Sondra Maryland

Imagine what life would be like when:

  • You know exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams. It’s effortless, fun, and abundant. You feel like you are radiating joy, all the time!
  • You learn how to implement real, lasting change into your life.
  • You live in abundance. All good things flow to you easily and frequently.
  • You love your body, your relationships, and all your experiences. Happiness just flows out of you – ALL the time!
  • Your life becomes a magical adventure again as you soar through life from a higher dimension!

Guess what, Beloved Friend?!

I’ve got that “magic bullet” - and I SO want to give it to you!

It’s tough to put my experience with Rikka in Hawaii into words, I felt like I was with my long lost soul family. I have started down the path of a new career, my true calling, which is so fun and exciting! People have made comments to me like “What did you do in Hawaii, you are so happy?” I have been out in public and met random people and had amazing conversations; it’s almost like I’m a magnet for more conscious-seeking like-minded people.

The class in Hawaii was the best investment I have ever made in myself;  I stepped into more beauty and bliss in one week than in 7 years of spiritual work!”

Brennan California

RikkaZimmerman-443I’m Rikka Zimmerman, and I’ve spent the last 10 years traveling the world, helping hundreds of thousands of people to be the magnificent, amazing beings they truly are, as they effortlessly tap in to everything life has to offer.

My story:

My journey in consciousness might sound a bit like yours.... I felt like I was not able to live fully, or open my heart and love completely.  I felt like maybe I was broken.  I judged myself all the time to try and be a "better person."  I was plagued daily with trying to do the "right thing" while feeling completely "wrong."

This is NOT a place to live!

And my life reflected it, too. Even though I was on a journey into more love, I still walled myself into a tight fortress of pain.

I knew that more was possible for me!  That I was meant for bigger and greater things but the possibilities remained just out of my reach…

I was in a position that’s probably very similar to the one you're in now. Struggling. With relationships, with self-love, with business, and with life in general. I was $80,000 dollars in debt. I was dying inside.

I remember not even being able to have someone contribute to me or pay me a compliment because it felt like it was an insult in disguise!  Like when they said, "You look nice!" I would think, "Does that mean I looked terrible yesterday?"  It was no place to live!

I would get my feelings hurt constantly and I was always on the defensive. I was living in a fortress of pain, with walls of defenses all around me. I thought this was protecting me -- that it was keeping me safe.

I was exhausted – mentally and emotionally.

But when I figured out how to raise my vibration and step into the highest dimensions of love and joy, everything unlocked. It was as if every aspect of my life suddenly SNAPPED into place, and my life has never been the same.

I met my soul mate, my business expanded, and my relationships were strengthened. New opportunities continue showing up that I never would have imagined possible just a few years ago!

And, most importantly, I discovered exactly how to do this for others.

I can help you truly change your life, embrace all the wondrous possibilities, and open your heart and soul to a new way of living that is peaceful, expansive, full of joy and abundance.

I have FINALLY figured it ALL out! I have everything I’ve ever wanted – a life AND a thriving business I absolutely love.

And now, my greatest mission is to help YOU experience your absolute most wonderful existence – the one you’re destined for!

Let me show you how you CAN live the life of your dreams! You CAN raise your vibration to a whole new echelon of joy, love, freedom, and light – so you can live the life you’ve always desired, but didn’t know how to bring into existance.

Believe me when I say I live the life of my dreams! I have a wonderful, amazing soul mate, I help thousands of people live their best lives, and I make as much money as I want.

But more importantly:

I am joyful in everything I do.

And YOU can experience the same when you join me for my 7-Day Life Transformed™ Retreat! This is a life 7-day event in beautiful Hawaii! (It’s paradise – really!)

Dearest One, it’s time to stop struggling!

Join Me
September 25 – October 1, 2016...

...at the beautiful Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows
on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Picture yourself Oceanside...

every cell of your beautiful body amidst the volcanic creation energy that infuses the magical Big Island of Hawaii…

waking up to the glorious experience of pure joy, each morning!

As we journey into "New Dimensions!"

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At the Hawaii retreat, I gave myself the permission to let go, and let the emotions of anger and rage scream out of my system. On the other side, I felt a blissful, sensual feeling. Upon returning from the retreat, I’m enjoying a job that I had resented and detested before Hawaii, I’ve changed the people I’m spending time with and feeling at peace. I’ve been laughing at the the craziness at work; I feel no anger,  no guilt,  just calm. It is a beautiful feeling that I didn’t think was possible!”

Linda California


  • Journeying into Higher New Dimensions of Magic, Joy, & Perfection!
  • Flowing with vibrations of bliss and joy beyond your wildest imagination!
  • Immersed in the Universe of Love that you truly are!

Imagine experiencing heaven on earth!!

During this week-long retreat, you’ll experience powerful teaching, activations, facilitations and experiences that will finally make it ALL make sense, as everything aligns and you experience an entirely new echelon of energy, joy, and complete ease and fulfillment.

You will:

  • Escape the daily hustle & bustle of life – free from distractions – so you can immerse yourself fully in the experience. You WILL walk away transformed!
  • Release old patterns that are keeping you “stuck” – even if you’re not aware of them. This will help you let go of old pain and trauma, so you can begin again from a brand new space of creation!
  • Discover the keys to unlocking your best life – and guess what? They’re already inside of you! You’ll learn how to experience the relationships, unconditional love, wealth, happiness, and freedom you’ve always wished for.
  • Experience massive energetic shifts that allow you to bask in the vibration of bliss, joy, and ecstasy – while falling in love with yourself and your life, all over again.
  • Gain a deep sense of how loved you are, which you’ll carry with you every moment of every day.
  • Feel a sense of freedom and spaciousness that is greater than anything you’ve ever experienced before.
  • Swim with wild spinner dolphins and experience life-changing downloads from these multi-dimensional beings.
  • Be 200% present in your life and enjoy everything more than you ever thought possible!
  • And more!

For me, the Hawaii retreat was all about letting go of all the beliefs and heaviness, so that I could experience what had always been there that I just could not see. I had been working in western medicine for the past 20 years was feeling really frustrated and I could not see any other options. Just before going to Hawaii, I was offered an early retirement to spare me from 10-15 more years in a job I no longer loved! Immediately upon returning from Hawaii, everything fell into place – free office space, new work associates, and amazing people to support me. I had no resistance wherever I turned to set things up, amazing !!! I still feel nervous as I walk through barriers of fear and resistance, but because of this retreat, I now know its just energy and as I observe it and allow it and release it without trying to define it, it really does go away!”

May Ann
May Ann California

This event is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

During the last Hawaii event, one participant had lived for 10 years with debilitating migraines. After her first class with me, they disappeared! She confided that she went “from a half dead zombie to an angel of light.” How cool is that?!?!

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Each day will include facilitations of potent, palpable, vibrational shifts into new dimensions in a variety of interactive sessions that will infinitely expand your life and allow you to live in heaven on earth!
  • I’ll guide you through acknowledging and breaking through your deepest fears, as we quickly get to the root of all the things that are keeping you from your true self!
  • You’ll FEEL lighter, and enjoy more joy & ease in your life! Be more present in every moment, and feel more connected to everyone and everything!

Plus, you’ll also learn from my carefully-selected energetic superstars, who will be there to support you and your vibrational expansion as much as possible during this week of total AWESOMEONESS!

These extra classes are specially chosen to give you even more tools for your self-love toolbox, so you can create the magnificent life you know is possible!

The Nature of Your Highest Self-Healing Session with Nikole Kadel

Join Nikole as she masterfully guides you in surrendering fully to your divine connection with this earth, so that you and your body can receive, energetically supported in every moment. Just imagine receiving contribution from everywhere and everything! During this class, you’ll tap into a world of magical vibrational frequencies that we don’t even have words for! The Earth and you are connected in Oneness! The elements of the Earth are the elements of your body. There is no separation.


Morning Qigong and Energy Movement with Bill Smith!

We ask Bill to teach at our events to help our bodies integrate and flow with all the transformation that takes place. It works wonders!

Bill Smith is a leading moving meditation and body energy expert. He guides people to embody relaxation, creativity and strength by bringing a modern approach to ancient wisdom teachings for the body such as tai chi and qi gong. He has facilitated thousands of people from all around the world for over 30 years to bring their bodies and lives into alignment, radiant health and joyous flow.

His teaching style makes it relevant and accessible to all.

I’ve designed every nano-second of the Hawaii retreat to authentically empower you to embody your highest self!

Here’s What A Typical Day at the Retreat Looks Like - JUST IMAGINE!

During this week-long retreat, you’ll experience powerful teaching, activations, facilitations and experiences that will finally make it ALL make sense, as everything aligns and you experience an entirely new echelon of energy, joy, and complete ease and fulfillment.

Wake Up to The Singing of Island Birds

Wake up early to the music of the indigenous birds who reside at the gorgeous Mauna Lani Resort. Start your day with a walk on the beach or meditate to connect in to the peace of the Island.

Morning QiGong

Let your body relax and flow as it integrates the powerful transformations into every cell of your being and all your energy layers.

Delicious & Healthy Food

Nourish your body with a healthy, delicious breakfast offered at the Resort or go off site to a nearby eatery just minutes up the road.

Inspiring Music to Fill Your Soul

Be welcomed to class with uplifting, inspiring music to prepare you for what will be a transformational day, guaranteed!

Morning Session with Rikka

Laugh, learn and play as Rikka takes you through morning meditations and facilitations. Each retreat is tailored specifically to the energy of the participants and this is where you will make some of your biggest breakthroughs and transformations.

Island Play

At break you may be given an "island play" assignment. Take time to practice mindfulness down at the beach by connecting with the water - our life-force energy.  Or you and a partner do an exercise with one another in the beauty of the sun, the ocean views, the palm trees in the wind!

Celebration & Dancing

After break get pumped up in class to some FUN, soul-enlivening music and dancing with Rikka and your fellow retreat-mates to prep you for more stimulating facilitation with Rikka.

Afternoon Session with Rikka

Rikka will guide you into your own Divine, sacred nature--opening your intuition and unleashing the magnificent light within you!

Swimming with the Dolphins

It may be Dolphin Swim day, where you will have the opportunity to have your entire world be blown away by swimming with the wild spinner dolphins and experiencing life-changing downloads from these multi-dimensional beings. Grab your suit, sunscreen, and underwater camera, and get ready to have the most magical day of your life!

Sunset Singing Bowls & Rikka's Songs

At day's end, the group may go to the water and take in the stunning Hawaiian sunset together, while having our bodies be nourished and aligned with Rikka singing to powerful, high-vibration singing bowls. You will join her in song and celebration as we make stunning music together to end just one of 7 perfect days.

Evening with YOU

The rest is for you to meditate, walk, swim, read, visit with your fellow retreat-mates, pontificate on the day, and simply marvel.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a superamazing, superawesome, super transformational heaven-on-earth experience of a lifetime! I reached home after the retreat feeling so free and intoxicated... Rikka, you’re a potent miraculous gift from the Universe, thank you for your guidance in making me remember the love that I truly am! Infinite love, orgasmic bliss, radical joy, boundless freedom, endless peace, effervescent gratitude, limitless abundance, overflowing fun and adventure, expansive intimacy to you all!”

Mila Canada

So, are you ready?

The ticket to this life-changing retreat is just $2,997.00!  Don't wait to register!

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Following our last Hawaii retreat, I conducted a survey to find out how participants felt about their experience.

Check this out!

Wanna experience what these people who have attended the 7-Day Retreat in Hawaii have experienced?

  • 100% of the class attendees are now happier and more joyful in their lives
  • 100% of the class attendees said their life expanded
  • 100% of the class attendees are experiencing more energy in their bodies
  • 100% of the class attendees now enjoy expanded and improved relationships
  • 100% of the class attendees have a greater understanding of their consciousness
  • 100% of the class attendees are resonating at a higher vibration
  • 100% of the class attendees said it changed their lives for the better

WOW – the proof really IS in the numbers!

Doesn’t this sound amazing?!
I can promise you this…

This is a deep-dive retreat for people who want to transform their lives and make significant changes. Everything in this week-long event will change the platform of energy from which you live your life.

You will not leave the event the same as you were coming into it. You’ll be connected to your higher self and live a lighter, more free, more full-of-love and joy life than you can even imagine.

Prior to the Hawaii retreat, I was struggling with the “I’m not good enough” and I was still making others and other things “greater than me”. During the class, my body and being transformed on what I can only say was on a “micro molecular” level – a transformation within me that brought me back to me.  I am HOME!  Despite the fact that December is traditionally a slow month in my business, I closed 100% more sales in December 2012 than I did in 2011. In addition, a new job opportunity fell into my lap. Prior to Rikka’s classes, I never would have even pursued this job. Now I KNOW I’m good enough!”

Nancy Hawaii

I’m sure right about now you’re thinking, “Rikka, this sounds wonderful! It really does sound like paradise! But what’s the cost?”

Ah, the cost…

Let me ask you this:

If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would raise your vibration into a whole new echelon of joy, love, freedom, and lightness that you’ve always desired and known existed but could never attain – in just 7 days - what price tag would YOU put on it?

I think it’s priceless!

And I want to invite you to think of this as an investment, rather than a cost. And as you know, an investment is completely different than a cost, because it brings you a high return.

So really – is there anything better to invest in than yourself??

How much would you pay to experience pure bliss, joy, abundance, love, and freedom?

$10,000? $20,000? $50,000?

Guess what? You can reach out and grasp the life of your dreams for far less!

The ticket to this life-changing retreat is just $2,997.00!  Don't wait to register!

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Refund Policy & Money Back Guarantee

It is our hope that can join us no matter what circumstances may arise, however we understand things can come up. In that case, Should you decide you need to cancel your 7-Day Journey Into New Dimensions Retreat in Hawaii prior to the event, there will be a refund request fee of 25% of the price you paid for the Retreat.

Money Back Guarantee
We are confident that when you arrive to the 7-Day Journey Into New Dimensions Retreat in Hawaii, you’ll attend the first day and feel all the wonderful energies of possibility open up for you! We also know that if you’re completely present and open, this event WILL be a life-transforming experience.

And to back that up, we will give you until the end of the first day to decide if it’s for you… in your heart. And if it’s not, you can let us know before session starts on Day 2, and we will give you a full refund. 100%! No questions asked.

Now, maybe, at this very moment, you’re wondering if what you receive is worth your $2,500.00 investment. Let me ask you this – what would it be worth to you to:

  • Stop playing small to avoid judgment and release the resistance and fear?
  • Connect with the bright, brilliant, beautiful message you are here to share with the world?
  • Step into the greatness you are destined for – and start living the life of your dreams?
  • Have a joyful, abundant relationship with money?
  • Love your body and experience joy in every moment?
  • Enjoy deep, meaningful relationships full of love?

Would you pay $2,500.00 to have the life you’ve always wanted?

I know I would!

But maybe you still have some questions.

Below, I’ve included a few of the ones I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you make your decision.

Q. I don’t think I can afford it. How do I KNOW it’s really worth the $2997.00

A. You’re not alone! We understand this is an investment. But if this is the only reason you wouldn’t attend, I invite you to shift your perspective, for a moment.

It really isn’t the money. (I know – keep reading!) It’s actually worthiness that keeps beautiful beings like you, who want to say yes to the life of their dreams, from having that life. This IS the Magic Bullet to having the life you’ve always wanted – the life you deserve. Taking a class with me is like jumping on a rocket ship to your destiny – you get the results you want FAST. So isn’t it worth it, to be able to finally stop wishing and hoping for your life to be better – to finally take action toward MAKING it incredible?

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you choose? When you take it out of the equation, it allows you to truly follow your heart. And when you do, the universe provides for whatever it is that you are choosing. So what does your heart want to do?

When you say yes and commit to your yes, money will show up in ways you can’t imagine!

Q. Will this really work for me?

A. Dear Heart – it WILL! I’ve transformed the lives of thousands of people over the last ten years. But instead of getting me through the phone or internet, you’ll get me in person! And it will transform your life!

Q. I can’t spend this much time away from my family, job, and life!

A. How long have you spent frustrated, feeling less-than-worthy, struggling to make your finances, relationships, and health all you want them to be? Can you really afford to stay stuck?

One week is all you need to make an enormous transformation in your life! You can put all the years of struggle behind you - in just 7 days.

Yes, Rikka! I’m ready to join you in beautiful Hawaii for your
7-Day Journey Into New Dimensions!

You will receive:

  • The full 7-Day experience held Sep 25th – Oct 1st in the beautiful Kona, Hawaii
  • Live activations, facilitations and teachings, directly from Rikka and guest speakers
  • Workshops with Rikka's hand-picked team of transformational masters

You are covered by the Life Transformed Guarantee!
If you attend Day 1 and decide that it isn’t right for you, please let the AIO team know
before the start of Day 2, and we will give you a full refund. 100%! No questions asked.

register me now

** If you are a VIB Member you can use your VIB 10% discount for this program

** VIB Membership 10% off cannot be combined with other offers, with the exception of the Yearly VIB Member class certificate.  If you buy a VIB yearlong membership you'll receive a $700 credit you can use for any of Rikka's classes.

*** We will have an optional outing to swim up close with the wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins! Once your register for the class we will send you information about signing up for the dolphin adventure if you would like to participate. The price is an additional $120. Limited spots available.

**** Price does not include travel, accommodations or food.

***** Refunds - It is our hope that can join us no matter what circumstances may arise, however we understand things can come up. In that case, Should you decide you need to cancel your 7-Day Journey Into New Dimensions Retreat in Hawaii prior to the event, there will be a refund request fee of 25% of the price you paid for the Retreat. 


Rikka encourages each of you, when deciding to attend the "Journey Into New Dimensions" event in September - October  2016, to consider uncertainty when you make your travel and hotel arrangements and consider purchasing travel insurance. Adventure in Oneness will not reimburse participants' expenses above the amount of what you paid for your registration for the conference should the conference be cancelled.

If you’re ready to create the life of your dreams, enroll now!

The magic of the Big Island is calling!

P.S. I know I said this above, but it’s worth repeating:

Take a moment and picture yourself Oceanside, immersed the volcanic creation energy that infuses the magical Big Island of Hawaii… Imagine diving deep into new higher dimension of energetic ecstacy, flowing with vibrations of bliss and joy beyond your wildest imagination…

You CAN wake up every day to the glorious experience of pure joy!  Join me in Hawaii!

Contact our host with any questions:

Jane Winter
[email protected]

Transportation and directions to and from Kona airport (KOA):  CLICK HERE

Tel: 808-885-6622
Special Adventure In Oneness Room Rate! CLICK HERE
When you go to this link you will see the AIO Special ID number in the link.

You will be responsible for making your own travel & accommodation arrangements. Travel, lodging, and food are not included in the Retreat price.
Visit our Facebook Page to Connect with our Hawaii Alumni and Your Fellow 2016 Attendees

68-1400 Mauna Lani Drive
Kohala Coast, Hawaii 96743
Tel: 808-885-6622

What Are People Saying
About Class With Rikka?

Loneliness was my biggest emotional block; I now feel loved, spacious, interconnected and home with my soul family. Physically before class I was experiencing nausea, imbalance, and headaches from past accidents. During this class, for the first time in two years, I woke up without any headaches or nausea. And I know I can continue this reparation from home!

Cassia K., Canada

I received so much from this class! What I loved most is seeing my true self-divine love being, one with all, one with god. I feel total bliss and peace, and love. Total love.

Natalia B., Atlanta, GA

I can best describe the experience I had in class as opening the door to unlimited potential and to my purpose as a being of love and light. I experienced releasing control and losing limitations, realizing my unlimited potential for expansion and the journey of infinite love unfolding.  As a result of this class, I feel confident in my knowing and my magnificence, a reassurance of my true purpose, and open to unlimited potential and forever expanding love.

Lani F., Kauai, HI

I feel like I had a soul rebirth. After this class, I feel FREE to breath the godlove and radiate this high-structured vibration outward and to raise the vibration of the illusion of separation, resistance, and fear back into god love.

Deborah, Vancouver, BC

What I experienced in class was divinely orchestrated and embodied transformation. I experienced opening and allowing myself to receive the love and support from everyone, bathing in god love, knowing that I am love. I released so much fear and feel so safe and I know that everything is love.

Veronica, Sweden

Before I stepped into the classroom in Hawaii, I felt a lack in loving and accepting myself. In this expansive class, I experienced oneness, joy and infinite possibilities. I have a new perspective on life, and I feel very different in my body after dropping tons of pain and fear.

Jeanne R., Kauai, HI

I released so much stress and tension in this class; I feel I have been lifted into a whole new way of being.

Clare R, Ireland

I learned that I love that warm, beautiful, precious tender self that I have always been, I just forgot. I know now how to surrender to the depths of my infinite self to bring me into total love. I feel so much more spacious, loving, self-loving, present, and purpose filled.

Arianna Z., Alberta, Canada

I experienced a divine homecoming and disintegration of the illusionary blocks and integration of my real loving, angelic essence.

David B., Los Angeles, CA

Before this class, I had low self-esteem and lived in a very small, quiet box and didn’t allow many people in. As a result of this class, I feel complete and total forgiveness of my parents. I feel as though I’m bursting with love and complete acceptance for myself and others and a deep sense of connection with other people and my guides and angels.

Meg H., Washington

Rikka is so powerful and full of knowing, guidance and LOVE. I felt so loved in this class by her and all the others, more than I’ve felt in a millenium. I feel lighter, clearer, and more whole; I have me back!!

Madeleine W., Providence, RI

In this class, I opened the highway to heaven and met and experienced and embodied god. I came home to me in this class and it feels so great and possible to stay here infinitely.

Desiree G., France

I have moved into so much more love - being love and receiving love. The pain in my body has reduced and I am open and receptive.

Hilary, Switzerland

During this class, I faced the fear of swimming in the ocean. I experienced the return to myself, and remembered that I am LOVE. Now, there is only joy, laughter, peace and beauty!

Collette, Trinidad

Because of this class, I experienced a realization of my enormous power in every moment. I celebrate myself and have let go of all the patterns that do not honor me any more. I am new!

Leya D., Alberta, Canada

This class was an existential, out-of-body healing and reconnecting. I released stubborn, clinging content revolving around looking outside of me for God love. I also realized I love receiving and most particularly, receiving ME!

Sara N., Denver, CO

This class for me was an opening to bliss and truth. I rose up to my highest self, released my human-ness with love, and have arisen as the true goddess I’ve always been.

Cheryl P., Los Angeles, CA

Because of this class I am embodying my magnificence, living in full possibility, my heart is wide open and connected to everyone. I am oneness, I am love.

Sara S., Hermosa Beach, CA

Because of this class, I have come to realize how precious the energy I’m bringing on to the planet is and that I have an orchestra of angels and light beings cheering me on! I know that wherever I have energies coming up in my system to be let go of, I can choose love, gratitude, support and guidance. I don’t have to struggle any more!!

Linnea L., Stockholm, Sweden

This event was a deep and profound divine experience, where I was gifted incredible amounts of knowing and love, and being in the grace of receivership, the shackles came off and I was given the green lights to truly embrace my true being of magnitude.

Sapphire, New Zealand

This class was life-changing. I am so glad this retreat found it’s way to me. I trust in my own purpose now and I know that  I am being held by divinity; there is a plan and I am part of it. I just have to relax and follow the energy.

Agneta B., Stockholm, Sweden

This class was truly life-changing! I have never felt so loved and supported; this retreat was a safe space for me to relax and let go of my old content. I feel like I’ve finally met people who are like me; for me, this is huge; I felt connected to everyone in the class.

Kristin L., California

I feel more confident in my own being with none of the old stories or events holding me back. I’m not worried about the future, I’m excited to see how it unfolds. I’m not worried about being in the “real world” anymore. I’ve got this!

Deirdre, Spokane, WA

Prior to this class, I felt like a pinball in a pinball machine, bouncing back and forth between divinity and reality. In class, I stepped into more of loving, accepting, and approving of me and now I feel like I am more of me - the real me - than I have ever been in this lifetime.

Holle B., Indianapolis, IN

In this class, I experienced deeper integration, knowing, love of me and my path. I am now living in my heart and know how to stay here. I feel so much more in love with my husband, and I know that I no longer feel responsible for saving the world!

Ellen T., Sun Valley, Idaho