Imagine: Opening your consciousness to your unique star seeds – the angelic awarenesses you carry deep within your heart that no one else knows – and cultivating them so they bring forth a quantum shift not only for you to Awaken YOUR New World, (which is a magical heaven on earth) but to also Awaken A Whole New World for all!!!

Your entire life has led up to this moment – to the awakening of the star seeds in your soul.

90 Minute Complimentary Livestream.

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90 Minute Complimentary Livestream!

I have been guided to create this livestream event to get you energetically ready for our 7-Day Retreat in Hawaii.  Weather you've already registered or "on the fence," please join us for this powerful event that will lay the groundwork for "Awakening Your New World!" in Hawaii.


You are distinctly unique! You come from an energetic dimension that is like no other. You know things that no one else on this planet knows. These angelic awarenesses you carry deep within your heart are YOUR star seeds – and the star seeds of a new brand new world!

When you join me for this free livestream event, we’re going to:

  • Open your awareness to your unique star seeds, and begin cultivating them.
  • Begin to awaken these star seeds in your system.
  • Receive a powerful star seed activation and vibrational sound healing, so are energetically ready to become everything you came here to be.
  • Help you stand in your truth, as you become the energetic anchor to embedding your star seeds on this planet!
  • Learn more about what we will be awakening and experiencing together, during our 7-day event in Hawaii.
  • And more!

We hope you can join us for this free call and join us for the 7-Day Retreat in Hawaii! If you’re on the fence, this call is for you!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you