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You’re now one step closer to Awakening YOUR New World, so you can experience the joy, love, bliss and ecstasy that IS possible when your life becomes a magical heaven on Earth!

Go here on April 16th at 6pm PT to join us LIVE: https://oneness.rikkazimmerman.com/hawaii-2015-livestreams/

Remember, this livestream is designed to expand your awareness of what you believe is possible, and awaken the knowing inside of you to the life and world you have always known should exist! Plus, you’ll experience actual activations on the livestream that will raise your vibration, so you can help open the doors to awaken a New Magical World for all!

Together, we’ll explore what this new world feels like, what it’s like to reside in it, and what kinds of magic and miracles happen around you when you’re there!

This livestream is designed to lay the energetic groundwork for our upcoming Hawaii 7-Day Retreat, "Awaken Your New World" Weather you're already registered or "on the fence" this livestream is going to open up doorways to you living the dream life that is possible for you.

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