Awakening the Magical Alchemy of You

A Free, 3-Part Livestream Series with Rikka

Join me for a very special 3-Part Livestream Series where I’ll show you how to activate the magical alchemy of your true essence to create any life you choose!

Call 1
Collapsing Past Timelines and Getting Your Power Back
Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 6pm PST

Call 2
Quantum Leaping Into the Dimension of Your Total Perfection
Tuesday, Sept. 26th at 6pm PST

Call 3
Activating the God Code for Your Infinite Receiving
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd at 6pm PST

The Most Exciting Possibility in Human Consciousness Has Arrived!

During these 3 Livestream calls, I’ll guide you step-by-step through a series of powerful activations that will ultimately free you from your past and enable you to leap into another dimension.

With each call you will:

  • Release the solidarity of your past experiences so that you can become a miraculous magician able to choose any life—effortlessly!
  • Experience the alchemy that allows you to effectively co-create within Love itself. Without this alchemy, your attempts to create miracles in your life will fall short—as they cannot show up in physical reality
  • Stand in the river of Love’s infinitely giving energy and be blessed beyond your wildest imagination!

All this and more is waiting for you!

Register and join me for this enlightening 3-part series

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