Free Livestream Call with Rikka:

From Unworthy to Worshipped: Activating the Goddess Within

March 27th (6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern)

Experience a powerful activation that will erase the feelings of unworthiness that are keeping you from expressing the Divine Goddess you are...

During This Livestream Call You Will:

  • Erase feelings of unworthiness so you can recover your confidence, set healthy boundaries, and make your happiness a priority
  • Give yourself permission to love yourself wholeheartedly—when you do you’ll stop focusing on the little flaws, past mistakes and old wounds
  • Uncover your Truth (your Goddess Nature) so you can let go of small minded expectations and experience Ultimate Choice without guilt
  • Discover why connecting with your Divine Feminine is THE KEY to a transcendent experience of unbounded self-love and compassion for humanity

Worship YOU as A Sacred And Holy Space Every Day

Let me show you the doorway to your inner sanctuary. A place where you fall to your knees at the doorsteps of your heart, in awe at the majesty of the Divine Feminine Goddess within you.

YES RIKKA! I’m Ready to Activate My Inner Goddess!

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