June 12th at 7:15pm Pacific


June 12, 2016 Marks the Anniversary of the Orlando, Florida Shooting

On that day, 49 beautiful souls were taken from this earth as an act of violence from the pain of one man's broken heart.

On June 12, 2017 we will gather as representatives of human consciousness using the power of forgiveness to heal all broken hearts on behalf of humanity.

As the news fell into my heart on June 12, 2016 I felt a raging fire ignite in my heart.  My angelic soul commanded, "No! This is not allowed to occur on my planet!  There must be something I can do!”

This tragedy would have been avoided if the shooter, Omar, knew that he could choose to forgive and that forgiveness would heal his heart.

I have been asked by the angels to create an Army of Love so we can stand together for absolute forgiveness and energetically heal humanities broken heart.  Everyone deserves to know and feel love. So that nothing else like this occurs on planet Earth.

Will you stand with me, and choose absolute forgiveness, and awaken God's love in the heart of humanity?

Choosing Forgiveness For The Totality For All Humanity

When you join me live on the anniversary of the biggest U.S. shooting in history, we will set an intention from the totality of who you truly are, to choose forgiveness on behalf of humanity.

If everyone on this planet choose to forgive in totality; would any of the shootings, wars, violence or abuse exist?  No, it would not.

Give yourself the gift of choosing to forgive in totality, and you will erase the timelines of where any form of hurt, trauma, or separation exists, and just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you will be born anew.   When you choose to forgive you erase your past.  Which sets your present moment and future free to a beautiful, magical adventure in love.

During this Livestream you will experience the miracle of:

  • Heal and transform past hurt and trauma on behalf of you and the world.
  • Erase the past from existence so that you can have a different future on behalf of you and the world.
  • Releasing any old patterns and programs that are keeping you from a Divine experience.
  • Finally set your heart free to know that you are safe to love as much as you do.
  • Using your Divine capacities to magically shift your vibration in your life and in the collective consciousness

Join me and thousands of others as we stand together and choose to forgive, erasing all past hurt which allows us to emerge in the safety and support of love, and use our God given right as creators to not only transform our lives but create a global impact in the world.

You don't want to miss this! You will be the first to experience my new song "Come Together" from my upcoming new album, The Miracle!

See you there, in our heart, standing as one... in absolute forgiveness,

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