Unlock your mystical powers during 3 miraculous days of pure transformation with Rikka

Captiva Island, Florida -  October 22-24, 2021

Come learn how to master the alchemy of your life by unlocking your mystical powers during 3-days of pure transformation.

Join us as we learn how to:

  • Transmutate: the evolutionary change of one species into another.
    Shift yourself into your new life as a spiritually aligned, enlivened human being & guide for others on the planet as you activate your angelic self.
  • Transilluminate:  filling the body with light.
    Learn the magic of wielding your inner light to bring joy and beauty to your life and body.
  • Transmogrify: transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.
    Unveil talents, abilities and possibilities that don’t yet exist here and are waiting for you to receive. Amaze yourself by bending a fork and discovering your talent for communing with molecules.
  • Transcend:  to rise above, to exceed, to go beyond.
    Embody new ways to surpass any current limitation or struggle and rise above to a life beyond your wildest imagination. Discover how you can easily shift situations without you even being there.
  • Transfigure:  a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.
    After this event, your life will never be the same. You will have all the tools and inner-knowing to transform your life into pure bliss!

Join Us for 3 Miraculous Days & learn how to master the alchemy of your life! 

During this class I will walk you through how to open up to the frequency of the 5th dimension and harness that magic to master the alchemy of your life and create a life you love!

During Our 3 Days Together We Will:

  • Reveal the unique mysteries of 5th dimensional being and how its wisdom is a guide to finally manifesting your magical life!.
  • Allow the ocean to wash away your old patterns that are keeping you “stuck” – even if you aren’t aware of them. This will help you let go of old pain and trauma, so you can begin again from a brand-new space of creation!
  • Tap into the power of Source's infinite possibility so you can awaken to the potency of creation.
  • Experience massive energetic shifts that allow you to bask in the vibration of bliss, joy, and ecstasy – while falling in love with yourself and your life, all over again.
  • Discover the keys to unlocking your best life – and guess what? They’re already inside of you! You’ll learn how to experience the relationships, unconditional love, wealth, happiness, and freedom you’ve always wished for.

All this and more is waiting for you!

Here’s A Glimpse of Your Typical Day…

Each day will include facilitations of potent, palpable, vibrational shifts into 5th dimensional consciousness to transcend all limitations, you will participate in a variety of interactive sessions that will infinitely expand your life and allow you to transform everything!

I’ll guide you to acknowledge and break through your deepest fears, as we quickly get to the root of all the things that are keeping you from your True Self!

Everything will align for you and you experience an entirely new echelon of energy, joy, and complete ease and fulfillment.

Daily Schedule

Wake Up to The Peaceful Beach and Beautiful Birds

Wake up in the subtropical climate of Captiva Island, where you will start your day with a walk on the beach collecting shells, meditating and falling in love with the many species of birds.

Morning QiGong

Let your body relax and flow as it integrates the powerful transformations into every cell of your being and all your energy layers.

Delicious & Healthy Food

Nourish your body with healthy, delicious meals offered at the Resort or go off site to nearby quaint eateries just minutes away.

Inspiring Music to Fill Your Soul

Be welcomed to class with uplifting, inspiring music to prepare you for what will be a transformational day, guaranteed!

Morning Session with Rikka

Laugh, learn and play as Rikka takes you through morning meditations and facilitations. Each retreat is tailored specifically to the energy of the participants and this is where you will make some of your biggest breakthroughs and transformations.

Island Play

At break you may be given an "island play" assignment. Take time to practice mindfulness down at the beach by connecting with the water - our life-force energy.  Or you and a partner do an exercise with one another in the beauty of the sun, the ocean views, the palm trees in the wind!

Celebration & Dancing

After break get pumped up in class to some FUN, soul-enlivening music and dancing with Rikka and your fellow retreat-mates to prep you for more stimulating facilitation with Rikka.

Afternoon Session with Rikka

Rikka will guide you into your own Divine, sacred nature--opening your intuition and unleashing the magnificent magic within you!

Sunset Singing Bowls & Rikka's Songs

At day's end, the group may go to the water and take in the stunning island sunset together, while having our bodies be nourished and aligned with Rikka singing to powerful, high-vibration singing bowls. You will join her in song and celebration as we make stunning music together to end just one of 3 perfect days.

Evening with YOU

The rest is for you to meditate, walk, swim, read, visit with your fellow retreat-mates, pontificate on the day, and simply marvel.

During this 3-day retreat, you’ll experience the most incredible “AH-HA moments” as it begins to ALL make sense, everything aligns and you experience an entirely new echelon of magical energy, joy, and complete ease and fulfillment.

Will You Join Me At The Stunning ​​South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Florida?


South Seas Island Resort

5400 Plantation Rd, Captiva, FL 33924
Tel: (239) 472-5111

Directions to Captiva Island from Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) out of Fort Myers:   CLICK HERE.


Our discounted room block has expired as the event date is getting closer.


Dana Gutierrez | Reservations Sales Agent


5400 Plantation Road, Captiva Island, Florida 33924

O: (239) 472-5111 x3305

F: (239) 472-7655 | W: southseas.com

* You will be responsible for making your own travel & accommodation arrangements. Travel, lodging, and food are not included in the Retreat price. *

At the retreat, I gave myself the permission to let go, and let the emotions of anger and rage scream out of my system. On the other side, I felt a blissful, sensual feeling. Upon returning from the retreat, I’m enjoying a job that I had resented and detested before, I’ve changed the people I’m spending time with and feeling at peace. I’ve been laughing at the craziness at work; I feel no anger,  no guilt,  just calm. It is a beautiful feeling that I didn’t think was possible!”

Linda California

This Event is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced Before!

Every nano-second of this retreat is designed to authentically empower you to embody your 5th dimensional self!

Each retreat is customized to the specific energy, needs, desires and karma of those in attendance so that I can specifically help you manifest your deepest desires, remove your personal blocks and step into a total transformation.

Even in this group setting, I will be able to work with your energy one-on-one so that whatever dreams you are hoping to manifest can come true. Whatever hurdles you are ready to overcome can be removed. And I can open the door to your chosen reality and help you step through.

I will show you how to:

  • Step into the vibrations of bliss and joy beyond your wildest imagination
  • Immerse yourself in the Universe of Love that you truly are
  • Release old patterns that are keeping you “stuck” – even if you’re not aware of them. This will help you let go of old pain and trauma, so you can begin again from a brand-new space of creation
  • Gain a deep sense of how loved you are, which you’ll carry with you every moment of every day
  • Feel a sense of freedom and spaciousness that is greater than anything you’ve ever experienced before
  • And more!

Plus, you’ll also learn from my carefully-selected energetic superstars, who will be there to support you and your vibrational expansion as much as possible during these 3 magical days of total AWESOMENESS!

These extra experiences are specially chosen to give you even more tools for your self-love toolbox, so you can create the magnificent life you know is possible!

Ever wonder how to bend a FORK with your MIND?

Join us for a special segment where you will learn how to bust through the rules of physical reality and learn how to bend a fork with your energy! Science tells us that everything is made of 99.9% space. Then why does physical reality feel so heavy? That’s because of where and how your consciousness is stuck within the 3rd dimension of limitation.

During this transmission I will walk you into the energy and consciousness that allows you to rise above the limitation of physical reality to harness your magical abilities to bend physical reality by bending a fork! This will open up the floodgates to you harnessing your magical gifts, because if you can bend a fork with your energy… then what else is possible for you? Everything!

Harnessing Your Magical Ability to Bend a Fork Allows You To:

  • Bust through the limitation of physical reality! This allows you to transform your body and life in ways you have not yet experienced!
  • Discover the alignment with the 5th dimension that is needed to bend a fork with your energy. This wisdom will impact every area of your life! You will know what works, and what doesn’t work, on a practical hands-on level for creating powerful transformation in your life.
  • You will no longer look at anything as unchangeable as the impossible becomes possible before your eyes!

An EXTRA SPECIAL Gathering of Transformation

An EXTRA SPECIAL Gathering of Transformation with Multi-realmed Alchemist Peter May, Joined by Wonderment Guide and Natural Healer Nikole Kadel and Body Energy Expert Bill Smith. You Will Journey Enter Into Multiverses Through Sound Journeys and Meditation to Support Your Increased Awareness and Healing Through Mind, Body and Spirit.

It’s tough to put my experience with Rikka into words, I felt like I was with my long lost soul family. I have started down the path of a new career, my true calling, which is so fun and exciting! People have made comments to me like “What did you do, you are so happy?” I have been out in public and met random people and had amazing conversations; it’s almost like I’m a magnet for more conscious-seeking like-minded people.

The class was the best investment I have ever made in myself;  I stepped into more beauty and bliss in one week than in 7 years of spiritual work!”

Brennan California

Take a Deep Dive Into Transformation

This is a deep-dive retreat for people who want to transform their lives and make significant changes. Everything during our three days together will change the platform of energy from which you live your life. I promise, you will not leave the retreat the same as you were coming into it! You will literally transfigure your reality!

Just imagine living your life where you…

  • Know exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams. It’s effortless, fun, and abundant
  • Radiate joy all the time (yes, this is possible!)
  • Live in abundance. All good things flow to you easily and frequently
  • Love your body, your relationships, and all your experiences
  • Soar through the magical adventure of life from a higher dimension

Believe me when I say I live the life of my dreams and I can show YOU how to experience the same when you join me for 3 incredible days!

Are you wondering what the investment is to spend 3 magical days together and have your world ROCKED into a state of pure bliss and joy…

Well, consider this...

How much would it be worth to you to re-connect with your natural gifts and talents, to show up in the world the way you were BORN to BE?

How much would it be worth to you to actually live your purpose? To wake up every single morning smiling, in LOVE with your life?

And, what if you could show up in the world as the big, beautiful, loving, joyful, fun, magical, free, magnificent self that you innately ARE... and spread that contagious energy to everyone who crosses your path?

Could you even put a price on that level of happiness? (I live it every day, and trust me, it is absolutely invaluable!!)

During these 3 Days You Will Discover How To:

  • Stop playing small to avoid judgment and release the resistance and fear
  • Connect with the bright, brilliant, beautiful message you are here to share with the world
  • Step into the greatness you are destined for – and start living the life of your dreams
  • Have a joyful, abundant relationship with money
  • Love your body and experience joy in every moment
  • Enjoy deep, meaningful relationships full of love

Now with all that in mind, does $697 seem like a lot to pay to have the life you’ve always wanted?


Connect with our CLIENT CARE ANGEL ALISON and she will help you!

Email:  [email protected].

What Are People Saying
About Class With Rikka?

Loneliness was my biggest emotional block; I now feel loved, spacious, interconnected and home with my soul family. Physically before class I was experiencing nausea, imbalance, and headaches from past accidents. During this class, for the first time in two years, I woke up without any headaches or nausea. And I know I can continue this reparation from home!

Cassia K., Canada

I received so much from this class! What I loved most is seeing my true self-divine love being, one with all, one with god. I feel total bliss and peace, and love. Total love.

Natalia B., Atlanta, GA

I can best describe the experience I had in class as opening the door to unlimited potential and to my purpose as a being of love and light. I experienced releasing control and losing limitations, realizing my unlimited potential for expansionand the journey of infinite love unfolding.  As a result of this class, I feel confident in my knowing and my magnificence, a reassurance of my true purpose, and open to unlimited potential and forever expanding love.

Lani F., Kauai, HI

So Are You Ready?

Take a moment and picture yourself Oceanside, in a stunning tropical island haven… diving deep into new higher dimension of energetic ecstasy, flowing with vibrations of bliss and joy beyond your wildest imagination…

You CAN wake up every day to the glorious experience of pure joy!  Join me in beautiful Captiva Island, Florida!

Yes, Rikka! I’m ready to join you in beautiful Captiva Island, Florida for your 3-Day Mastering the Magical Alchemy of Your Life!


* Price does not include travel, accommodations or food. *

Our Refund & Transfer Policy:

It is my deepest knowing that you will receive massive value and transformation from this 3-day event. Therefore Adventure in Oneness® does not offer cash back refunds for any reason. As well there is no drop-out option. To protect the integrity and quality of the Life Transformed™ experience for all participants, participation in the program is nontransferable.

COVID-19 Guidelines:

Due to the inherent risks and continued uncertainties that exist surrounding COVID-19 and its potential new variants, we remain focused on your health and safety as a priority. Therefore, we continue to follow the CDC, state, and local guidelines and regulations applicable at the time and location of our event.

We ask that you review the information contained within the website link below (concerning Florida Department of Health COVID guidelines), including the identification of possible COVID-19 symptoms so that you are able to make timely and up-to-date decisions concerning your health and safety around the time of the event.

We ask that you adhere to these guidelines. Please do not attend if you are not feeling well and/or have symptoms before travel. Also, do not attend if someone in your household or someone with whom you have had close exposure has COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms before your travel.

In addition to the above guidelines, we will also be offering the option of a separate seating section for those who wish to remain socially-distanced and/or wear a face covering. We specifically offer this social-distancing section for you to choose based on the knowledge that certain attendees may not be fully vaccinated at the time of the event.
Assumption of Risk

By attending the in-person event, you recognize that there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. You also recognize that exposure to COVID-19 could occur during your travel to and from the in-person event. By attending the event, you agree to voluntarily and knowingly assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Further, you agree to waive and release Adventure In Oneness LLC/Life Transformed LLC, their owners, employees, staff, agents, and other representatives, from any claim, assertion, or other liability arising from alleged exposure to COVID-19 or any illness or other ill health condition occurring during or following these series of events in , Captiva Island, Florida, October 22-24, 2021, including, but not limited to, the waiver and release of all claims based on negligence in cleaning or safety procedures implemented by Adventure in Oneness LLC/Life Transformed LLC, their owners, employees, staff, agents, and other representatives.

A Special Thank You

We want everyone to feel safe, healthy, and happy while attending our events, and we thank you in advance for following these guidelines – for yourself and on behalf of everyone else in attendance. If any issue should arise before or during the Florida event that makes you feel unsafe or at risk, we ask that you reach out to a member of our staff immediately, so that we have the opportunity to investigate and resolve any situation or concern.

What People Are Saying...

I received so much from this class! What I loved most is seeing my true self-divine love being, one with all, one with god. I feel total bliss and peace, and love. Total love.

Natalia B., Atlanta, GA

I can best describe the experience I had in class as opening the door to unlimited potential and to my purpose as a being of love and light. I experienced releasing control and losing limitations, realizing my unlimited potential for expansion and the journey of infinite love unfolding.  As a result of this class, I feel confident in my knowing and my magnificence, a reassurance of my true purpose, and open to unlimited potential and forever expanding love.

Lani F., Kauai, HI

I feel like I had a soul rebirth. After this class, I feel FREE to breath the godlove and radiate this high-structured vibration outward and to raise the vibration of the illusion of separation, resistance, and fear back into god love.

Deborah, Vancouver, BC

What I experienced in class was divinely orchestrated and embodied transformation. I experienced opening and allowing myself to receive the love and support from everyone, bathing in god love, knowing that I am love. I released so much fear and feel so safe and I know that everything is love.

Veronica, Sweden

Before I stepped into the classroom, I felt a lack in loving and accepting myself. In this expansive class, I experienced oneness, joy and infinite possibilities. I have a new perspective on life, and I feel very different in my body after dropping tons of pain and fear.

Jeanne R., Kauai, HI

I released so much stress and tension in this class; I feel I have been lifted into a whole new way of being.

Clare R, Ireland

I learned that I love that warm, beautiful, precious tender self that I have always been, I just forgot. I know now how to surrender to the depths of my infinite self to bring me into total love. I feel so much more spacious, loving, self-loving, present, and purpose filled.

Arianna Z., Alberta, Canada

I experienced a divine homecoming and disintegration of the illusionary blocks and integration of my real loving, angelic essence.

David B., Los Angeles, CA

Before this class, I had low self-esteem and lived in a very small, quiet box and didn’t allow many people in. As a result of this class, I feel complete and total forgiveness of my parents. I feel as though I’m bursting with love and complete acceptance for myself and others and a deep sense of connection with other people and my guides and angels.

Meg H., Washington

Rikka is so powerful and full of knowing, guidance and LOVE. I felt so loved in this class by her and all the others, more than I’ve felt in a millenium. I feel lighter, clearer, and more whole; I have me back!!

Madeleine W., Providence, RI

Disclaimer: The information provided in the Adventure In Oneness programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions.

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, it is our responsibility to clearly communicate to the public that our customer testimonials are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of only a percentage of our paying clients. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using or experiencing an Adventure In Oneness product or live event.