Your body is the vehicle that you
experience everything through.

Just imagine what your life would be like if there was a continual flow of nurturing, loving, orgasmic energy flowing through your body!

Our bodies are naturally blissful and orgasmic.  Any experience other than this natural state of bliss is a reflection of your underlying beliefs.

Is it time to be DONE with the patterns that are creating your less-than-heavenly experience in your body once and for all?

  • Do you find yourself judging and comparing yourself to others?
  • Do you obsess about food, calories, weight loss or germs?
  • Are you frequently tired or do you regularly have low energy?
  • Would you like to “lose weight” or change your body’s image?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your inspiration for life and sexual energies?
  • Do you suffer from pain, illness, discomfort or disease?
  • Do you secretly, or not so secretly, dislike your body?
  • Are you often worried about getting sick?

You and your body are together every single day of your life.Your body has actually been your very best friend that has never left you no matter how you’ve treated it. Is it now time to return that unconditional love and thank it for the gift that it has been to you?

Say YES to shifting out the old energies and welcoming in the infinite love that we came here to experience with our bodies!

In this 8 session audio class, you receive an extensive toolkit to use at any time to shift your body’s vibration into a whole new level of bliss and comfort.

This kit includes:

  • 8 90+ Minute Body Upgrade Sessions
  • Vibrational Tonings that eliminate old patterns and usher in new frequencies of love and light
  • Home play assignments are given throughout the calls and will integrate and further connect you to your body and know it as the best friend it’s here to be

As you go through this transformational, expansive teleclass, you will:

  • End the cycle of abuse that is the typical experience of being critical and judgmental of your body
  • Move out of resonance with pain and judgment so that you no longer feel them and return your body to love and light
  • End the war with your body and create a new relationship that is gentle, loving and imbued with light
  • Crack the code to clear sickness, illness and disease
  • Allow your body to show you the magical secrets of divine creation energy of being aroused, beautiful and sexual
  • Let your body truly be your best friend that you love & adore every day of your life

Your 8-session Body Upgrade package includes the following mind blowing, limitation exploding, body healing, being integration tracks:

The Body Upgrade BONUS Introduction

In this introduction to the powerful Body Upgrade class, we open the doors to infinite possibility. Through this vibrant interactive call, Rikka introduces us to the essential role our body plays in our lives. Our bodies hold the direct connection to divinity and the key to everything in our lives, even those seemingly unrelated parts of our existence. Are you ready to launch into your new body and awesome new life?

The Body Upgrade Week #1

Are you ready for a whole NEW conversation around bodies? In this powerful opening session, we explode the doors of assumption to see our sweet, beautiful bodies in a whole new way. Right from the first life changing session, Rikka provides us with easy, practical tools to help us shift our perspective and begin the process of unlocking us from pain, disease and struggle.

The Body Upgrade Week #2

In the second week of our miraculous Body Upgrade journey, we deepen the shift in our perspective, beginning the process of dissolving the beliefs and stories underlying our view of our bodies. In this session, Rikka introduces to you a game changing tool that will support you in shifting so much around your body perception and give you a whole new space of freedom and acceptance with it!

The Body Upgrade Week #3

In this expansive, loving session, we continue to release ourselves from everything we have locked into our bodies. We deepen and expand our keys to the kingdom, dissolving those areas of perceived density that prevent us from accessing the energies that will set us free. Rikka guides us gently and firmly through this transformative process, guiding us to a stronger, more loving relationship with our most precious sweet animals -- also known as our bodies.

The Body Upgrade Week #4

In this transformative session, we uncover the underlying beliefs that helped create our experience up until now. Hint: It’s not what you think! To help us release ourselves from these beliefs, Rikka introduces a powerful new tool. From a place of infinite love, we bring healing and freedom to our bodies. Are you ready to know true freedom around your body?

The Body Upgrade Week #5

In this expansive session, we allow ourselves to see a glimpse of our original state, free from any limitation or restriction we have placed upon ourselves and our bodies. We explore this new perspective using a new tool designed to help us return to ourselves, bringing space to our cells and loving ourselves more deeply.

The Body Upgrade Week #6

In this amazing segment, we shift so much more than our bodies, diving deeper into the tool designed to help us return to ourselves. We rewrite our pasts and rewire our bodies to expand into a new communication with ourselves, giving us a new platform from which to function. We open the door to one of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to bodies: what we eat.

The Body Upgrade Week #7

How do we define love? How does it play out in our lives? In this expansive, incredibly liberating segment, we dive into the ways in which we have locked our bodies into what it means to love ourselves. What lies on the other side of this definition of love? Our minds can’t even imagine….but it is so freeing, to know that we can love ourselves beyond imagining.

The Body Upgrade Week #8

We touch one of the most misunderstood, most confused area of the body: sexual energy. We explore those blocks we have put into place around our sexuality, freeing us to reclaim ourselves and see sexual energy for what it really is. Are you willing to get to know you and your body so fully you never struggle with sexuality again?

The Body Upgrade Tonings

Also included with the 8 reality shifting, practical tracks are Rikka’s vibrationally powerful, healing tonings. The toning connects you to your divine self and helps integrate the tools with your body. If you’ve never heard Rikka’s tonings, you’re in for a treat! If you have heard Rikka tone before, open your heart and let the tracks and tools help you open the door to the divine body and life that is yours.

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How do Rikka’s tonings affect the body?

Rikka’s HEARTMONICS™ Tonings have been
scientifically shown to:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Balance energy in the body
  • Create higher emotional and physical energy readings in the body
  • Clear old emotional patterning
  • Unlock and release stuck energy
  • Regulate your autonomic nervous system (Which creates healing in the body)
  • Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body
  • Create more restful, regenerative sleep
  • Open up energy flow and healing in the physical and emotional energetic bodies
  • Improve organ and endocrine function
  • Improve functional performance level

All of these benefits were recorded within seconds of listening!

Each toning helps you connect to and strengthen your connection to your divine self, reducing resistance and bringing your whole body and being into alignment with pure love and divine energy.

Welcome to your new body: supported by these incredible tonings, supplied with practical, useful tools, you can throw open the doors to your divine self!

Are you ready for your Body Upgrade and a brand new, lighter, more expansive life?

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Here’s what people have to say about class with Rikka:

"Rikka has been so powerful in helping me defrag old energy from my body. One toning session was like a chiropractic adjustment, and my spine unglitched and felt better than any adjustment I’ve had in years. I find Rikka’s energy very powerful and wonderful. It is bringing me back to me. Hugs and Love,"


"Before I workout I listen to Rikka’s body toning. My workouts have never been this strong and powerful before. I am twice as strong as when I was in my 20s and I’ve never smiled this much while working out!"


I just wanted to share how absolutely happy I am that I found Rikka and Adventure in Oneness. "I start most of my days listening to one of Rikka’s many audio programs.  I keep eliminating vibrational boxes, and for the first time since I started my new job, I drive home from work without feeling tired and drained, feeling quite the opposite - excited and happy! Rikka you make me cry of gratitude for you! Thank you Rikka for your everlasting gifts."


“I am so grateful for this teleclass with Rikka. I went to the doctor today, and three years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus; now he can’t find any sign of it! Thank you Rikka!”

Marketa M.

“I just felt compelled to express the overwhelming joy felt during your recent LiveStream class. The energy was definitely Alive and Jumpin off the charts'!!!! A-mazing!!!!. Thank you. I so enjoy every adventure I go with you, energetically Rikka and each time I hear you - you appear to be more and more powerful ...or is that I am more and more able to receive your beautiful and loving energy?... or  perhaps it is both... Loving It!! And it goes without saying naturally enough something deeply shifted in me.....and I am SO grateful.  Until the next time, from my heart to yours - have a wonderful day you(s) wonderful beings.”


“It was really remarkable because for the first time in 49 years, I’ve really been able, without even trying, my diet and everything just got totally cleaned up with the most ease and grace. That’s nothing short of a miracle for me. It’s been like my own spa retreat week but it’s been mindblowing.”


If your body is speaking “YES” to you, click the register button below and start creating a more loving relationship with your divine body!

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This program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.  We believe in this program and we believe in you.

If you’re not 100% completely satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay.  Simply notify us within 30-days and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.