Rikka's Fully Awakened Divine Feminine 7 Week Livestream Course

Open the SACRED Vaults of the DIVINE FEMININE and Turn Your Life Into an ECSTASY-Filled Dream Come True



Join Rikka to step out of your patterns of unworthiness and uncover the presence of the GODDESS within!

Within you there is a powerful Goddess waiting to be revealed. She has been hidden away for eons to protect the Holy Divine Secrets of the Sacred Feminine.

Your Divine Goddess dwells within your very own sanctified heart chamber.  A church in which you are meant to worship YOU. A place where you are meant to:

  • Surrender to your sacred power of ecstasy
  • Submit to your divine pleasure of sensuality
  • Relinquish all of your past to be born anew
  • Become a pure, vulnerable, intimate vessel of never ending love

But sadly, our culture has forgotten about the Divine Feminine, and women can’t remember how to access their inner Goddess and swim in the pleasure of her wisdom.  How is it possible to forget something so important?

Living In The Illusion Of Incorrect Beliefs

The illusion of incorrect beliefs is being handed down through generations of women. These beliefs are a filter in which you experience yourself. For example, when you believe that you are not good enough, you will experience not being good enough.

It is only when you reunite with your Divine Feminine that you can break through the illusion and reclaim your seat at the throne as the Goddess that you are.

When you awaken your innate Goddess energy, you will:

  • Heal the sexual trauma that is keeping you from sacred pleasure in your relationships
  • Repair your relationships with the Divine Masculine so that you can feel loved, safe, and protected
  • Clear away the energies of being hurt or scared that are stored within your root and second chakra so that you can feel the sheer pleasure of being alive
  • Invite in the love of your life--You, for your most blissful life experience
  • Let go of the preconceived ideas about yourself and embody the Goddess you truly are
  • Heighten your pleasure senses so you can experience a level of ecstasy you never thought was possible
  • Return to your natural state of being in deep, devoted love with you as the Beloved’s beloved

My Personal Story of AWAKENING

Just like you, I also was born into an illusion of incorrect beliefs about myself that had been handed down through generations. These beliefs created my life experience.

I was subconsciously taught to believe things like:

  • I can’t trust myself, I will always f*ck it up!
  • Every man leaves me, I’m not worth staying for. (My father died suddenly from a heart attack when I was 11.)
  • I can’t trust life. (If my father is going to be taken away from me, this is not a safe place.)
  • Nothing ever truly works out; the other shoe is always going to drop
  • If I just work harder, then it will all work out
  • And so many more

When we have incorrect beliefs like these, we then attract the experiences to validate and play these out. Let’s just say, I have not always known that I am a Divine Goddess!

Not too long ago, I was a struggling photographer and musician barely making ends meet. I didn’t feel fulfilled in what I was doing. I was dating a man who didn’t truly care about me and only wanted me for sex--as he was having sex with multiple women.

I was so unworthy, that I was happy that he was willing to spend any length of time with me and didn’t care about my own pleasure in any of my sexual relationships. And of course, I broke-up with all the men that did truly care about me because “I wasn’t attracted to them.”

I was pretending to be strong and independent. I didn’t need anyone or anything. Which also meant that no one could show up to support me, love me, or get close to me. I didn’t trust men, but i also did not trust women. I isolated myself by having tons of surface friends and maybe one close friend.

This is how far away I was from accepting that I am a Divine Goddess! And yet today, I am now living my Divine Goddess life. Amazing right?!

During our 7 weeks together I’m going to show you just how I made that transition and opened the gateway to my Divine Goddess gifts so that you can do it, too.

My life is now a Goddess dream come true! I am passionate and fulfilled! I travel the world to lead beautiful Goddess’ like you into embracing your Goddess self. I now have the honor of running a 7-figure transformational company, I get to do what I love, with the people I love, while embracing and experiencing more and more of my true self!

Recently, during one of my Life Transformed Coaches training retreats, in an odd turn of events, it just so happened that only women were present in the room on the last day. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada, Isis, Shakti, Quan Yen took advantage of the opportunity and filled the room with light to begin the divine feminine activation.

I knew then that for the first time, I was meant to create a class just for women. That the time had come to unite Goddesses everywhere and create a class that will dramatically change the course of each woman’s life and bring healing to all of humankind.


The Fully Awakened Divine Feminine

7-Week Livestream Course

During this very specialized 7 week livestream course, I will show you how to open the vault to an endless supply of happiness and pleasure so that each moment feels like an orgasm as you experience your Divine self on this planet.

I will help you enter the flow of receiving, because Life is always giving.  Constantly, endlessly... giving.  Like a Divine lover that is there to please and delight you!

What’s Inside?

The Fully Awakened Divine Feminine 7 Week Course is divided into 7 modules and includes 14 hours of interactive livestreams with Rikka, experiential exercises and mp3s to keep forever.

Module 1 (week one)

Healing Your Core Divine Feminine Relationships to Embrace All of You in Love

Do you feel like a present, loving, open and vulnerable goddess when you’re with your mother?  Was your mom a safe space of unconditional love?  For almost all of us, the answer is no. In this first week we will unlock one of the deepest, most invasive, and undetected human programs--the relationship with Mother.

During this module you will:

  • Rewrite your past experience and step into unconditional love as the divine mother you didn’t have growing up
  • Discover why it’s been difficult or nearly impossible to master self love
  • Clear the subconscious program that has you feeling uncomfortable around other women--why you feel like you don’t fit in
  • Heal the core wound that has affected every area of your life

Module 2  (week two)

From Broken and Betrayed Father Figures to a Whole, Healthy and Healed Divine Masculine Presence Within You

Our fathers are meant to be a powerful unwavering love in our lives. They are meant to protect us so that we fully realize how loved, protected, and special our souls are. They are meant to hold the sacred divine feminine within us, nurture us, and support us.

Was that your experience with your father?

For most of us, the answer is no. When the relationship of the father has been broken, it has a massive impact on our relationship to Source-God. We don’t feel we can fully trust men, are suspicious of any man’s love, and don’t feel valuable, precious or safe.

Within this underlying energy, we create numerous compensation programs in order to combat the energy we believe we are lacking. We will dive deep into the the root of these energies and programs and heal them once and for all.

During this module you will:

  • Discover the core energetic breaks in your relationship with the divine masculine
  • Learn how these core programs have been affecting your life
  • Experience a powerful healing activation to heal and transform those broken and betrayed connections to Source-God
  • Embrace the perfect divine masculine blueprint that is already within you to be a sovereign, free, whole divine goddess

Module 3  (week three)

From the Ugliness of Illusionary Judgment to Embracing The Truth of Your Goddess Beauty

You are a divine goddess. Whether you are short or tall, wide or thin, old or young, angry or loving, sad or joyful. Every part of you is a part of Source-God and therefore is sacred.

During this module you will learn to stop judging yourself and bring you into an awareness that you are actually unjudgeable. That every part of you and your body, and every energy you could be, is beautiful.

Once we lift the veil of judgment, you will no longer experience any part of you as bad or wrong, or right or good; instead every part of you will be sacred and holy Source-God.  The love beyond the judgment will be so apparent within your fully awakened Divine Feminine heart, you will be deeply in love with every part of you and your body.

During this module you will:

  • Learn how to stop judging you and your body today
  • Meet every so called “judgeable” part of you inside your divine goddess sacred heart and discover the purity and love within your true intentions
  • Uncover the compassion that allows you to not judge you, anything or anyone
  • Finally feel your divine love flowing through every part of you

Module 4  (week four)

From Fear, Control and Protection to Total Surrender to Orgasmic Ecstasy

Once we have healed and transformed the foundation of your relationships with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, we can begin to open the sacred vaults of the Divine Feminine qualities that will make your life an ecstasy filled dream come true!

Within the sacred chamber of your heart is a great and powerful divine feminine capacity… total surrender.

Have you ever experienced total surrender during a passionate love making session?  Where you have fully given up all control and allowed massive energy to flow through your body?  How did it feel--ecstatic bliss right?

Have you also had a love making session where you couldn’t surrender, couldn’t get out of your head, and found yourself trying to control yourself into an orgasm?  How did that feel--frustrating right?

Welcome to an analogy for life!

Are you exercising total surrender and living in bliss or are you fighting to control and experiencing contraction?  We don’t get to control life.  We get to awaken the powerful divine feminine capacity for total surrender to experience bliss, joy and ecstasy no matter what life presents.  That orgasmic surrender changes the outcome of every experience--without actually being invested in the outcome!

During this module you will:

  • Release the layers of negative past experience that are keeping you from your God given right to embodying total surrender
  • Discover the powerful divine feminine capacity of total surrender to live in bliss and ecstasy all the time
  • Untie your sexual energy from the energies of separation
  • Fall into the support and love of the goddess circle giving you total permission to embrace our capacity for surrender

Module 5  (week five)

Dripping With Divinity: Awakening Your Capacity for Divine Pleasure

You as a sacred feminine goddess came equipped with the keys to unlock the doors to ecstasy on Earth once again.  You hold secrets to deep and profound receiving in your body and in life. It is time to awaken this level of pleasure!

You have been chosen and trained in other lifetimes by the beloved Mother Mary, Lady Nada, and Mary Magdalene.  Will you allow yourself to remember?

Uncontrolled pleasure is a sacred and holy pure experience of Source. Orgasmic pleasure is pure light. Your sacred pleasure is not meant to be polluted with hurt, betrayal, anger or fear.  It is as pure, clear, clean and pristine as the heart of God.

It’s time to indulge in the pleasure filled life experience that is waiting for you.

During this module you will:

  • Clear energies trapped in your root or sacral chakras
  • Awaken the pleasure behind pain's veil that will allow you to be overflowing with ecstacy once again
  • Turn back on your connection to life's energy flowing through your bodies sacred pleasure zones
  • Unlock the keys to divine feminine receiving
  • Invite heightened sensitivity and pleasure back into the places within your sacred pleasure zones that feel frozen or numbed out

Module 6  (week six)

From Shameful Suppression of Sex Acts to Sacred Expression of Your Sexuality

The truth is your sacred sexuality is the pure love of Source-God.  There is nothing dirty, wrong, bad, embarrassing or shameful about it.  It is the Divine nectar of Source itself.  It is made of pure light and pure love. It is sacred and holy.

It is also the space where we have the most intimate relationship to Source-God.  Where the hidden doorways to embracing our Divine Goddess reside.

During this module you will:

  • Release all judgment of sexual energy and past sex acts that have kept you from experiencing the Divine pleasure of your pure light
  • Purify your root chakra from all judgment and separation to free the sexual Goddess you truly are
  • Regain the unwavering strength to stand with Source-God in your sacred sexual pleasure to be in the presence of anything and not be affected
  • Develop a new relationship with the sacred sexuality inside of you to worship, love, and cherish your pure Divine Goddess sacred pleasure
  • Receive a powerful activation returning your sacred sexuality to the heart of the Divine Feminine Goddess you truly are!

Module 7  (week seven)

Reawaken Your Divine Goddess Blueprint Accepting Your Crown of Divine Perfection

During this final week, we will bring forth your Divine Goddess blueprint.  This bluebrint is You as a perfect, whole and a complete Goddess reflection of Source-God.

When you allow yourself to awaken this truth you become a sovereign Goddess.  You are free in mind, body and soul.  You are not subject to any limitations or rules.  You are not affected by anyone or anything.

As you accept your crown of Divine perfection your vibration will be elevated to a state of self-awareness that will make you feel like you are the honored guest at your own party of life.  Your vibration will move into a level of alignment with Source-God that all of your life experiences feel pristine, kind, and giving.

During this module you will:

  • Step into the truth of your Divine perfection
  • Embrace that life is constantly and endlessly giving
  • Release all of the final strings connecting you to separation
  • Accept that you are one with all of life, whole, complete, perfect
  • Receive your Crown of Divine Perfection to finally take your seat at the kingdom of heaven here on earth

The truth is, this is just a fraction of what you will experience during our 7 weeks together!

I’ll guide you through absolutely everything you need to fully awaken your divine feminine so you can feel turned on by life and embrace all of its pleasures.

This class will show you how to feel powered by the energetic love of everything that that is.

7 Transformational, 2-hour Interactive Livestream Sessions with Rikka

These incredibly powerful live sessions support you in fully removing old energies and patterns from your body and being, and ushering in the new Divine Feminine frequencies of light and love. Each session is interactive and tailored specifically for the energetics of the participants.

MP3 Recordings of All Livestream Sessions

Each class will be recorded for your convenience. Whether you missed the live call, or just want to hear it again--the class sessions will always be at your fingertips! To deepen your practice, you can practice the activations multiple times and circle back to your favorite modules whenever you feel inspired.

Experiential Exercises and Meditations to Support Your Next Steps Into the Divine Goddess You Truly Are

These assignments are designed to help you implement what you’re learning between classes and fully integrate these tools and higher vibrations into your life!

Access to an Exclusive, Amazing Community of Other Divine Goddesses to Love & Support One Another

This online community is a place where you can meet new friends, and have ongoing access to all the livestreams & audios. Plus, this is the perfect place to give and receive support and advice amongst your classmates throughout your entire journey toward The Fully Awakened Divine Feminine!

And to deepen your awakening and enhance your journey, you can join me in person for a...

2 ½ Day In Person Event in Los Angles, California


June 1-3, 2018

After we’ve completed our 7 weeks together, it’s time to join in person to experience a powerful Goddess Initiation and take your rightful place on the throne of creation.

Come experience the palpable energetic magic of standing hand-in-hand with your Goddess sisters!

During these magical 2 1/2 days, you will:

  • Receive powerful activations and ceremonies
  • Awaken your Goddess body through sacred dance
  • Sing your Heart’s song with high-vibrational signing bowls
  • Heal your soul as you fall into the support and safety of the Goddess Circle of Love
  • Receive Divine Goddess elixirs to activate your Goddess body on a cellular level
  • Be anointed with sacred essential oils and alchemy for profound clearing and healing
  • And so much more!

Coming together with your Goddess Community elevates your vibration, deepens your awareness and is so much FUN!


Tuesdays, April 3rd through May 15th at 6pm PST

These bonuses are designed to give you a platform of understanding, awareness, and vibrational clearing that will help you receive the absolute most out of this class.

Bonus #1


You will rewrite your cellular beginning by looking closely at the energetics of your birth so you can move from resisting pain to embracing pleasure.

Bonus #2


Experience your Goddess emergence as Rikka brings each of your chakras into alignment with the Divine Goddess you truly are.

Bonus #3

Activating Radical Joy

How often does the pursuit of uninhibited, ecstatic JOY get overlooked in today’s world? Too often, right?! During this joy-filled, 3-hour Audio Activation with Rikka, you will unleash the Joy that already resides in you along with many other high-vibration energetic centers.

Bonus #4

From Density to Divinity Activation

Isn’t it time to see the illusion of density for exactly what it is? During this 3-hour Audio Activation with Rikka, you will release the energetic blocks that are keeping you from Divine Expansion in the realms of finances, career, relationships and health, dissolve into divine LOVE & LIGHT!

Check Out These Transformational Stories From Past Students!

Bev Buckley - Love, Life & Business Coach, Host of Love Your Life Show

Terri Rainier

"I’m flowing with life’s challenges rather than feeling stressed..."

“Embracing the Divine Goddess energy opens my heart and expands joy in my life. Rikka has a special way of inviting us to embody the Divine Feminine naturally with ease and grace. I’m flowing with life’s challenges rather than feeling stressed.  Feeling the gift of magic in every moment with all that arises!!!”

Terri Rainier, Business and Wellness Consultant, Tampa, FL
Diann Alexander

"There is a fullness to life, a moving with grace and gratitude, an unexpected freedom of my being..."

“The Divine Feminine Goddess event was an experience I never could have imagined.  The awakening and unexpected pleasure filled journey into the feminine energies is beyond words.  My entire being is strengthened, expanded, more loving, flowing and able to interact, experience and enjoy life as pleasure.  I feel as though I now live in an alternate expanded dimension. There is a fullness to life, a moving with grace and gratitude, an unexpected freedom of my being.  As I continue to use the processes and tools, the expansion continues to unfold.  Old habits, limitations and perspectives were gently, easily and powerfully replaced with love, grace, pleasure and ease. Rikka is the epitome of the Divine Feminine.  She embodies absolutely everything she teaches.  I love her infinitely! I blissfully recommend this event to all who feel called to explore,  experience, expand and embody their Divine feminine.”

Diann Alexander, Voice Facilitator, Life Transformed Coach
Pamela La Luz

“I discovered a sense of safety and sisterhood to express all of me not just the shining parts..."

“I discovered a sense of safety and sisterhood to express all of me not just the shining parts. I felt my authentic self come forward powerfully in a circle of equality where I was  able to speak the truth and be heard and supported in love and compassion beyond the old world environment  judgement, competition, humiliation or condemnation. A nurturing space like this cultivates  a whole new world to emerge where we can see beyond the illusion of appearances into the heart of the divinity that we truly are and reflect that back to each other in multi-faceted mirror of beauty, kindness, gratitude and joy.”

Pamela La Luz, The Alchemist of Sound
Melissa Bradley

"I was recently gifted with $40,000 which I know is a result of being with Rikka and opening up so fully to the Divine Feminine..."

"Rikka so fully embodies and knows the Divine Feminine in her that you can't help but feel it in yourself. Her ability to awaken the Divine Feminine is so magical and special and filled with pure love...who doesn't want to experience more light and orgasmic energy? Since playing with Rikka in this way I feel so much more open, especially my heart and root chakras and it is so yummmmy! I was recently gifted with $40,000 which I know is a result of being with Rikka and opening up so fully to the Divine Feminine in me and receiving life with God's grace.  It feels amazing after spending years, including 23 in the corporate world, pushing hard and trying to make things happen....now life feels so peaceful, playful and easy....ahhhhhhhhhh"

Melissa Bradley, Creator of Love Your Magical Life and Certified Life Transformed Coach
Lauren Ann

"Before the class I felt unsafe with being a part of the divine feminine energy, now I feel safe and know I am, and have always been a part of this beautiful energy...."

“The Beyonds class I attended in Ojai was divinely amazing! Bringing in the divine feminine energy and connecting to the goddesses has opened my root chakra into a whole new way of being. Before the class I felt unsafe with being a part of the divine feminine energy, now I feel safe and know I am, and have always been a part of this beautiful energy. It brings my heart such joy and angel bumps that this divine feminine energy is being reawakened by Rikka. Imagine if all women on this planet knew the divine truth that they are all beautiful goddesses with flowing divine feminine energy. - no harm could or would be able to occur when you are that aligned with what is. I know in the depth of my heart that this is possible as I am living it right now.”

Lauren Ann, Infinite Pure Bliss and Joy Activating Facilitator

Yes, Rikka!

Don’t wait--this is your chance to fully awaken your Divine Feminine so that you can finally experience your ecstasy-filled, dream come true life that is your birthright!

Choose just the Livestream 7 week course, or add-on the Live 2 ½ day Goddess Initiation.

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Adventure in Oneness® does not offer program refunds for any reason. There is no drop-out option. To protect the integrity and quality of the course experience for all participants, participation in the program is nontransferable.

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