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You’re joining us LIVE for Rikka's Spotlight Session Group Coaching on August 10, 2023!
Please check your email inbox for all the details to join us. Check your spam and junk folders and your promotions folder if you have Gmail.

Rikka's Spotlight Session Group Coaching will be LIVE via AUDIO PHONE ONLY.
August 10, 2023 from 10am- 1pm and 3pm- 6pm Pacific Time Zone.
Below are the details to book your 15 minute session and to join the call.


1. Book your Spotlight Session HERE NOW for the August 10th Spotlight Group Coaching. The sooner you book the more choices you have to book. Once you book, the scheduler system will send an email confirmation of your session time and the below details.

NOTE: You may choose what name you want to use if you would like a private name. Simply use the private name when you click the above link to book your Spotlight Session.

2. You get to join the entire call and listen and receive the awesome transmissions from ALL the callers who are receiving. This is more powerful than you may think- so we highly encourage you to join. There will be NO open forum Q&A on these calls.

3. These calls will be via Instant Teleseminar phone conferencing. All sessions will be 15 minutes long. Please call in at least 5 minutes prior to your time. Please try to attend the entire call; you will be glad you did. It will be powerful!

4. Please push *2 five minutes before your session begins to show us you are here in the room.

5. The CALL-IN number for those in the USA
Dial: (425) 440-5010
Conference Pin: 549092#
Password: 54448# (light#)

6. Please note the above call in information is strictly for your Spotlight Session Call. Your 6 Principles Masterclass call in information is different. So please be sure to refer to that email for that info.


Should you have any issues please email Alison at: [email protected].

If possible, please plan to come to the call LIVE in its entirety to get the most out of the call.
Rikka will be as diligent as possible to stay on time with the 15 minutes sessions, however if we get behind, attending the entire call will help keep the sessions moving should your scheduled session time be slightly delayed.

We cannot wait to gather in community on August 10, 2023 starting at 10am PT. Be sure to add the full event to your calendar and plan to come LIVE.