3 Week Masterclass for Embodied Bliss

A *brand-new* livestream intensive to create a loving, joyful and ecstatic relationship with your body

Module 1: Tuesday, November 28
Module 2: Tuesday, December 5
Module 3: Tuesday, December 12

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“Igniting Your True Sovereignty”

2-Day Event in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona, January 15-16, 2022

How do you move away from the traumas of the past and the stressors of the present and reclaim your Divine Authority?

By stepping out of the Ego’s ‘About Universe’ and learning to never unconsciously play the victim again!

This is the key to setting yourself free from the matrix and Reclaiming Your True Sovereignty!

Join me IN PERSON, in community, where we are going to take a deep dive into Reclaiming Your Sovereignty during a powerful 2 days together in stunning Sedona, Arizona, January 15-16, 2022. (Can’t travel? No worries, this event will be broadcasted via Livestream!)

At this moment, we don’t have a full understanding of the power of Source that we are missing; but what if we could begin to peel away the layers and experience it now?

What if there is a Universe of YOUR choice that is just waiting to be created by YOU?

And, what if I could guide you to reclaim your Sovereignty, step into your Divine authority and choose from Source’s Infinite Menu…

Would you accept? I hope so, because this choice is available to you right now!

This 2-day event is going to be out-of-this-world! We will create massive energetic shifts that you will then build on each month when we meet online during our group coaching sessions.

This is a chance to gather in community at the beginning of the year and connect with our amazing Life Transformed coaches. A special time to embrace your Soul Family and create relationships to support you on your journey home to Source.

With this Special Bundle of the Yearlong Life Transformed Group Coaching & “Reclaiming Your True Sovereignty” 2-Day Event in Sedona:

You Will Also Receive

Incredible Bonus Programs Valued at $4,291!

Bonus # 1

Accessing Your Consciousness Beyond The Ego

9-Week Livestream Masterclass

(Value: $2997)

Most people are not aware they are in the throws of the Ego’s automatic program. They believe that the Ego voice in their head IS their inner voice. When you believe that the Ego is WHO you are, you are instantly a victim to it and your consciousness is not yet empowered enough to freely create the life of your choice.

During this Livestream Course You Will:

  • Raise your awareness and knowledge of the Ego’s presence and layers of programming so that it can no longer automatically take over
  • Know how to no longer become a victim to the Ego and claim the power back to create your life experience just as you design it
  • earn how to consciously reprogram your Ego so that it has no choice but to work for you instead of against you

What’s Included:

  • 9 powerful modules that consist of a 2-hour teaching on the Ego to raise your level of awareness and understanding
  • A powerful Activation to bring you into the integration and vibration of the truth of each lesson
  • Weekly Tools & Processes Workbook to integrate these teachings into your life and help you stay focused

Bonus # 2

Take Your Life To The Next Level 4 Day Intensive
(Value: $997)

(Recorded from my 2019 Fall Retreat in Mount Shasta, CA)

  • Discover The Six Principles and learn how to align with Universal truth to attain lasting happiness, freedom and fulfillment
  • Experience powerful processing that will rewrite your past & align your future to match your deepest desires
  • Uncover the difference between your Divine Self and your Human Self so you can begin operating from your Divine self each and every day
  • Re-write your core programs to open up to infinite love and possibility
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the way limited reality works and learn valuable tools that you can use in any moment to shift the patterns that have been subconsciously limiting you
  • Be guided through powerful releasing activations to get rid of negative patterns for good
  • Release the illusion of judgment and embrace radical self-love
  • Reclaim your amazing talents and abilities

Bonus # 3

Life Transformed™ Manual
(Value: $297)

(In conjunction with the Take Your Life to The Next Level 4 Day Intensive Course)

A Powerful Life Transformed Manual with Rikka’s proven tools and processes (from 10 years of facilitating thousands of people) that work to transform anything in your life. You keep this manual forever!

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