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Intuitive Prosperity Activation

At Last: Learn How to Tap into Your Intuitive Prosperity Universe and Awaken Your Wealth Magnet – So You Can Effortlessly Attract Wealth and Abundance into Your Life!

Do you wish you could stop struggling to make money?

Do you ever feel like you “miss the boat” when it comes to financial opportunities, because you are full of doubt and fear?

Do you dream of ways to expand your wealth, easily?

If any of this sounds familiar, join me for my live 3-hour “Activating Your Intuitive Prosperity” Activation Sunday, October 26th from 10am to 1pm Pacific.

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Previous Activation Series Testimonials

“Awakened me with new possibilities that I hadn’t ever imagined!”
“This class filled me with JOY and MAGIC and LOVE of who I am!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my complete soul.”
“I’ve already gotten 5 of my friends to buy this video and they all LOVED IT!!!  It’s changed our lives!”
“OMG!  After this class I can truly say “I LOVE MYSELF!”  Thank you Rikka for yet another cutting edge download from the Universe!”
“I’ve always been very critical and have had a hard time loving myself, during this class I fell in love with me again!”
New Jersey
I have worked with Rikka for years now and her work truly gets more and more powerful. The Abundance Activation was not only life changing but a game changer for my business.  After doing this activation in November my holiday sales went up over 100% from what they were last year!

Intuitive Prosperity Activation Introduction